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A health professional holding a syringe
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Do WWE Wrestlers Use Steroids? (The Truth Exposed)
Like many pro athletes, there has been a lot of speculation lately about whether or not WWE wrestlers use steroids. It is not uncommon to see wrestlers suspended for misusing steroids, even though it can put them at risk. Common side effects of steroid use include high blood pressure, heart attacks, and increased risk of cancer. I spent two weeks analyzing multiple body transformations among... Read more >
Amanda Johnson's weight loss journey difference picture
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Amanda Johnson’s Weight Loss Story (Diet & Workout Revealed)
If you’ve ever followed the TV show Family By The Ton, you’ll know how many people TLC has helped with life-changing weight loss. In the case of Amanda Johnson’s weight loss journey, it’s still the one season that stands out the most for me. She achieved one of the most significant changes in weight you could imagine, and she has dedicated herself to a healthy life and inspiration. Our... Read more >
Holding two different pre-workout supplements
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Can You Take Pre-Workout Twice a Day? (Is It Safe or Risky?)
A recent client hired me to prep him for some special forces drill, and I designed a program that included two workouts a day. After a week of training, he asked me if he could take a pre-workout for both sessions on a daily basis to help keep his motivation high. Even though I told him taking a pre-workout twice a day was a bad idea, to drive the point home, I spent a few days going through... Read more >
A person lifting two dumbbells
By Connor Sellers 4 weeks ago
10 Best Supplement Stacks for Weight Loss (2023 Updated)
As a certified fitness coach, I’ve noticed that most of my clients reach out for fat-burning stacks when their goal is to lose pounds fast. With the help of my dietitian, I dedicated my time to researching the best stack to burn fat. I found a few stacks with ingredients that boost metabolic activity and energy and suppress appetite, among other important things. Keep on reading for our top... Read more >
A bearded guy pointing upwards, NooCube overlay
By Connor Sellers 4 weeks ago
NooCube Review (2023) Is It a Legit Brain Booster?
As a fitness trainer, I prioritize making sure that my client's mental health and fitness are at their best, and NooCube is a supplement that has been recommended to me for this purpose. After hundreds of hours of research and consultation with my dietitian on NooCube ingredients and benefits, we decided to put it into our routine test and find out if it really works. In this NooCube review, I... Read more >
Man flexing his biceps
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Does Testosterone Make You Stronger? (From An Expert)
With over a decade of experience in training young men to improve their strength and body composition, I’ve constantly been researching ways to increase their testosterone naturally. Low testosterone levels are often correlated with a decrease in muscle mass and strength, but I wanted to see what the scientific literature says about whether testosterone actually makes you stronger. So, I... Read more >
A beardad man in plain background
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
What Causes Low Testosterone in Your 30s? (From a Doctor)
Testosterone plays a key role in health and fitness, but even men in their 30s can end up with very low testosterone for several reasons. Some just put it all down to natural aging, but I decided to have a chat with an endocrinologist who specializes in men’s health issues and hormones. Together, we spent an entire day going through scientific papers that zeroed in on testosterone deficiency... Read more >
PhenGold vs. Leanbean graphic with a woman and man working out in the gym in the background
By Connor Sellers 4 weeks ago
PhenGold vs Leanbean (2023 Review) Which One Is the Best?
Ask anyone at the gym about the best fat burners, and you’ll likely hear about PhenGold and Leanbean as two of the most popular ones in today’s market. For years I have helped fitness clients navigate diet, exercise, and supplements to achieve their goals. To keep providing informed advice, I devised a four-week-long experiment and solicited the help of a dozen clients to test out PhenGold... Read more >
Close up shot of a couple's feet under sheets
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Does Sex Increase Testosterone? (4 Things You Need to Know)
In my decade-long fitness career, there almost hasn’t been a male client who, at some point, hasn’t asked for tips on improving testosterone. Recently at the gym, one of them wanted to know if something as simple as having sex can affect natural production in any significant way. Because testosterone plays a huge role in nearly every aspect of a man’s overall health, I decided to tackle... Read more >
diabetic man pouring pre workout supplement in his tumbler
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Is Pre-workout Safe for Diabetics? (What You Need To Know)
When I work with my fitness clients, knowing any health conditions they have allows me to tailor their diet, exercise, and supplement plan to their specific needs. Some of my clients have diabetes, and many want to know how supplements, specifically pre-workout, might affect them. Our dietician and I sat down and examined several popular pre-workout supplements and common ingredients to examine... Read more >
Muscular male with skeletal formula overlay
By Connor Sellers 2 months ago
Is Testosterone A Lipid? (3 Main Issues Answered)
As a personal fitness coach, I spend a lot of time working with nutritionists and doctors to come up with training programs for my clients. And in one recent discussion, my nutritionist friend kept referring to testosterone as a hormone and a lipid. The interesting thing about sex hormones is what they are made of, and most people don’t know that there’s a lot more to this hormone when you... Read more >
A woman getting massaged by the head
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Should You Get a Massage Before or After a Workout?
I have been recommending sports massages to my clients for many years to help them increase flexibility and blood flow to their muscles. Twice a week, I get a massage to get my body ready for the next workout and to speed up my recovery afterward. Recently, a client asked me if a pre-workout or post-workout massage is more beneficial, so I consulted a physical therapist at my gym to nail down... Read more >