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A person holding a medical apparatus for testing blood for diabetes
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
Can Low Testosterone Cause Diabetes? (Backed by Science)
Diabetes is common in the United States, and so is low testosterone, and over many years as a fitness coach, I have had quite a few clients managing both, and they often wonder if the two are directly connected. To better understand if low testosterone can cause diabetes, I dove into tens of hours of research, and I consulted with a medical colleague for additional insights. Here is a quick... Read more >
A bottle of saw palmetto pills spilled on a table
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
Does Saw Palmetto Increase Testosterone? (From A Dietitian)
If you have spent as much time as I have in the gym as a fitness trainer, you’ve probably heard it all when trying to increase testosterone. Saw palmetto still comes up in conversations as a great way to boost T levels. To build upon my existing knowledge, I spent hours on the internet examining research, and I sat down with our dietician to have a candid discussion about this curious fruit... Read more >
A woman doing yoga with Force Factor Forebrain on the side
By Connor Sellers 4 weeks ago
Force Factor Forebrain Review (2023) Is It Effective?
Most of our clients inquire about the best nootropic supplement among the many available brands, and Forebrain is the one we've seen getting advertised a lot. With the help of my dietitian, I spent a week learning about the contents of the product and reading about the potential risks and benefits each of them may contribute to. Finally, to determine whether this product is worth your money, I... Read more >
Man holding a syringe hovering on his chest
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
How Long Do Steroids Stay In Your System? (From a Doctor)
As a bodybuilding coach with over twelve years of experience, I'm familiar with how steroids are used to sharpen-up body physique and boost gym performance. But before using steroids, it's crucial to know precisely how long their effects last in the system. I had a lengthy conversation with a doctor friend who shared great insights on how steroids work and some factors that can affect how long... Read more >
Pieces of chocolate in white background
By Connor Sellers 2 months ago
Does Dark Chocolate Increase Testosterone? (The Answer)
The health benefits of dark chocolate are widely studied, so I set out to explore if this sweet treat affects testosterone levels. When I hear my clients talking about how frustrated they are about how their low testosterone affects them, it leads me to wonder if something as simple and delicious as dark chocolate could be the answer. So I sat with our dietician to go through the scientific... Read more >
A woman checking her phone with exercise equipment around her
By Connor Sellers 2 months ago
How to Increase Calorie Burn (4 Easy Ways)
As a fitness coach, I know that most of my clients’ questions revolve around muscle building and increasing calorie burning. I always advise them on what I know from my decade-long experience, and my methods and techniques have proved to be quite effective in my practice. Today, I decided to share some of these methods and tips on how to burn more calories. I also consulted a physical... Read more >
Eric Burris weight loss difference side by side
By Connor Sellers 2 months ago
Eric Burris Weight Loss Journey (His Secrets Revealed)
Eric Burris is a household name in Florida, where he has been one of the longest-serving weather forecasters. But in 2021, it seemed like there was a new Eric on TV, and he looked an awful lot healthier than before. There was immediate speculation about whether he was dealing with serious health issues. But it turns out that he just decided to lose weight because it started to jeopardize his... Read more >
Natalie Mordovtseva posing as a model
By Connor Sellers 3 weeks ago
Natalie From 90 Day Fiancé Before and After Weight Loss
Natalie Mordovtseva, from 90 Day Fiancé, surprised a lot of people with a turbulent relationship timeline as well as a sudden weight loss journey. Looking at photos and videos of the first few episodes, it doesn’t look like she had a lot of weight to lose. But looking at some of her comments since those first public appearances, she didn’t have a particularly healthy... Read more >
Brooke Ence leaning on
By Connor Sellers 3 weeks ago
Is Brooke Ence on Steroids? (Revealed)
Brooke Ence is one of the most famous CrossFit athletes. After seeing her before and after pictures, workout routines, and coaching tips, I’ve noticed that she has Wonder Woman-like abilities that I’ve rarely witnessed before with my clients. It certainly makes some people wonder if it’s all down to steroids. I spent weeks watching her interviews, listening to her podcasts, and tracking... Read more >
Top view of a bowl with chopped up leeks
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Does Leek Soup Help You Lose Weight? (From a Dietician)
If you liked the Netflix show ‘Emily in Paris’ like some of my clients, and you watched the scene when they make ‘magical leek soup’. Apparently, the soup can help you lose weight, and it’s the secret to French women’s slim figures. Being skeptical about all those mono diets (with one miracle food), I decided to review available literature and speak with a registered dietitian, as... Read more >
A person holding a pill bottle of Vitamin E
By Connor Sellers 3 months ago
Does Vitamin E Increase Testosterone? (3 Things to Know)
As a seasoned fitness trainer, I sometimes experience a lack of mental and physical vitality during my workout. I found that a lack of testosterone in the body can lead to a decrease in strength and cause brain fog and, thus, an absence of focus. I consulted with my dietitian, and he recommended vitamin E as a remedy, so I decided to test it. In this vitamin E review, I will discuss its... Read more >
A man holding his bald head
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
Do Bald Men Have More Testosterone? (Based on Science)
While male pattern hair loss is extremely common for men over 50, it can also happen in younger men. And one of the common theories of young bald men is that hair loss is due to higher levels of testosterone. But I was always curious if there was any significant association between testosterone and hair growth. So, I spent a day going through research on the subject, and I discussed the... Read more >