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5 Fruits You Should Avoid To Burn Fat (From A Nutritionist)

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
Last updated: October 5, 2022

As a personal trainer, I’m always in close contact with dietitians and nutritionists to help my clients get in the best possible shape.

And our conversations often lead to discussing different food sources like fruit and vegetables that will help people lose weight.

Many folks falsely think that a diet rich in fruit will work extremely well for weight loss goals because fruit counts towards your five a day.

In reality, you have to be very careful with the fruit you eat, and there’s extensive literature to support that.

Let me show you what I mean.

Quick Summary

  • Fruit can be a nutrient-dense and healthy snack, but there are many types of fruit that deliver more calories as sugar than would be helpful for weight loss.
  • When you’re trying to lose weight, you have to look at the overall macro and micronutrient profile as well as the sugar content.
  • There are many types of fruit that fall into the unhealthy category and will negatively affect weight gain.

5 Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

Mango, banana, and dried fruits with raisins

Here are some fruit sources that won’t help you lose weight. These may also have an impact on your digestive health because of the high concentration of simple carbohydrates.

1. Canned Fruit

Most canned fruit is stored in a liquid to stop the fruit from drying out. That liquid has added sugars making these very high-calorie foods [1].

“A 15-ounce can with light syrup contains about the same volume of peaches (10 ounces) and a little over 1/2 cup of syrup, tacking on about 85 calories.”

- Carrie Madormo, RN,

2. Dried Fruit

These are also high-calorie sweet treats. The drying process breaks down the sugar, which turns them into simple carbohydrates that cause blood sugar spikes [2]. Look at dried fruit the same way you would look at a candy bar.

3. Banana

Yes, while bananas are generally classed as healthy, eating them in large quantities won’t help you lose the flabby stuff. A medium-sized banana will have over 100 calories and lots of simple carbs [3].

4. Mango

Mangos have a very high sugar content, and that means adding more calories from simple carbs to your diet. A typical mango contains over 40 grams of sugar, which is high when compared to other fruits [4].

5. Avocado

One cup or about 100 grams of avocado contains 160 calories [5]. Even though there are plenty of healthy fats in these fruits, eating large quantities won't do much for your weight loss efforts.

Why Is It Bad For Losing Weight?

A woman holding an orange

Most fruits are bad for losing weight because they are high in calories and sugar.

And when you’re trying to lose weight, you should be eating fewer calories and avoid calorie-dense foods.

For example, a medium-sized apple will have about 95 calories, no fat, 1 gram of protein, and 25 grams of carbs. And of the 25 grams, 19 grams are sugar [6].

And the problem is that sugar is a simple carb that fuels hunger rather than curbing it [7].

What you’ll experience is blood sugar spikes and snacking on more sugary fruit, making it very difficult to succeed with weight loss.

Are There Any Good Options For Weight Loss?

First up, I would suggest adding super healthy strawberries and raspberries to your meal plans as they are packed with fiber [8].

And if you add nuts and whole grains to the serving, then you can balance the simple carbs as well.

And don’t shy away from eating more tomatoes. Although considered a vegetable because of the savory taste, this low-fat fruit has also been linked to increased carnitine production, which can boost fat burning process [9].


Do Bananas Make You Fat?

Yes, bananas can make you fat because they are a high-calorie food. While they can help to make you feel full for longer, regularly eating bananas won’t help with weight loss efforts.

Should You Avoid All Fruit On A Weight Loss Diet?

No, you shouldn’t avoid all fruits on a weight loss diet. Nutrient and vitamin-dense berries have significant health benefits that balance the sugar and simple carbs contained in them. Just don’t pile on too many of them as you plan your weight loss meals.

Choose The Right Fruits For Weight Loss

There is definitely room for fruits in a healthy diet, but you should avoid eating those that contain too many calories and don’t contribute to your weight loss and general health.

And if you’re trying to lose weight in the shortest possible time, then I’d advise you to consider adding the next fat burners to your supplement stack:

These aren’t magic pills to make you slim overnight, but as we’ve confirmed during our testing, added calorie and fat-burning effects will add up over the weeks and months ahead and amount to a significant fat loss.


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