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A man working out at a home gym
By Tyler Sellers 5 days ago
10 Best Home Gym Equipment (2023 Review) Buyer’s Guide
Home gyms are one of the most effective ways to keep a weight loss journey alive, especially for people who struggle to find the time to travel to a gym and allocate enough time to make a difference. Our team got together with a group of 12 personal trainers to see if we could agree on a list of exercise machines that could speed up a fitness journey. We tested out over 50 different pieces of... Read more >
A journey picture of Chaz Bono's weight loss
By Tyler Sellers 7 days ago
Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Story (Diet and Exercise Revealed)
The famous American actor, author, and singer Chaz Bono recently had a remarkable weight loss journey and lost almost 60 pounds, which caught my attention. As a personal trainer, I enjoy learning about the weight loss journeys of celebrities because they serve as motivational and inspirational examples for my clients. So, my team and I took several weeks studying his progress and comparing his... Read more >
bodyblade featured
By Tyler Sellers 5 days ago
Bodyblade Review (2023) Does This Device Work?
Quite a few of my clients come to me after having completed some physical therapy due to injuries. And in recent years, I saw many of them use the Bodyblade Classic as part of their physio training. I was quite intrigued by it and decided to spend a bit of time with a physical therapist to see whether and how the Bodyblade could be used as part of normal fitness workout routines. Now, before... Read more >
A patient consulting a doctor for nootropics on his ADHD
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
Can Nootropics Help With ADHD? (Based on Medical Research)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, is a complex issue. And while there’s no cure for it, people control it with counseling, therapy, and medications. One set of medications used for controlling ADHD is nootropics. But the question arises if these medications are potent enough to help with symptoms of ADHD. To answer this, I teamed up with a psychiatrist and... Read more >
A couple doing yoga outside with nootropics
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
10 Best Nootropic Mushrooms For Brain Health (2023 Review)
Cognitive function and brain health should be a high priority for everyone. And while diet can provide great improvements, there are some dietary mushroom supplements that are proving to be critical for healthy brain cells. Such nootropic mushrooms have been around for a while, and some ingredients have been common in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. So, we decided to team up with a... Read more >
A creative woman painting with the help of nootropics
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
10 Best Nootropics For Creativity (2023) Which Works Best?
The world of nootropic supplements has changed a lot in the last year. And one thing that I have noticed is that more and more companies are introducing nootropics for specific goals. One of these trends has been that you can now get supplements that can help boost your creative process, which can be very helpful for work and study-related activities. So, our team got over 30 clients to help... Read more >
The graphic for noopept with white pills on the side
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
What Is Noopept? (Everything Explained)
As a fitness trainer, I spend a lot of time guiding clients in a whole-body fitness approach. Many of them find declining cognitive functions much harder to manage than physical health and, as such, turn to nootropics like Noopept to boost cognitive health. I have been asked several times about my opinion on Noopept pills, so to help my clients form an informed opinion, I decided to study... Read more >
Side by side image journey of kevin belton's weight loss
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
Kevin Belton Weight Loss Journey (Workout & Diet Revealed)
Kevin Belton is an American celebrity chef and WWL-TV personality, well known for his big character and love of food. However, being constantly surrounded by food led to him carrying extra weight. For health reasons, he had to eliminate unhealthy pounds and drastically change his eating and exercise habits. So, our team spent several days researching Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey, hoping... Read more >
A person drinking water in the gym with Vigor Smart Pills on the side
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
Vigor Smart Pills Review (2023) Does This Brain Pill Work?
Many of my fitness clients are targeting their mental health and physical health simultaneously. As a result, there have been many conversations about nootropic dietary supplements, and Vigor Smart Pills is a name I recently started hearing more often. We have an extensive network of fitness fanatics that help us test products, so I solicited the help of a dozen of them to test Vigor Smart over... Read more >
A woman doing yoga stretches outside with Provasil on the side
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
Provasil Review (2023) Read This Before Buying
Many of my fitness clients worry about cognitive impairment and physical decline as they age. As such, we take a multi-faceted approach to the fitness plan, including taking a nootropic supplement like Provasil. To see if Provasil is an effective nootropic to suggest to my clients, I had our nutritionist examine the ingredients. I also tested it out with a group of clients who submitted a... Read more >
Rare Rhondiola Rosea flowers
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
4 Rhodiola Rosea Side Effects to Watch Out For (Explained)
Rhodiola Rosea is a high-altitude plant that is commonly used in dietary supplements and nootropics for improved mood and mental stamina. But a nutritionist recently highlighted a few side effects associated with the bioactive compound in Rhodiola Crenulata and Rhodiola Algida. So we decided to research the available scientific literature and studies to see what you might need to look out... Read more >
A person holding nootropic pills with a big red X on it
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
Do Nootropics Have Side Effects? (Everything Explained)
Nootropics can have many positive effects on your cognitive performance and mental health, which begs the question: does all that come with a price? To answer this, I teamed up with a couple of dieticians, read through the available scientific literature on these cognitive enhancers, and analyzed various clinical trials. I’ll share all my findings in this article. Let’s begin. Read more >