David Goggins Workout Routine & Diet Plan (Revealed)

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I've learned from observing David Goggins' ultramarathon achievements and his world record attempt for pull-ups.

My intrigue has only deepened as I’ve delved into Goggins' speeches, each word, each pause, each expression, painting a vivid tapestry of a man whose ability to inspire transcends the ordinary, offering a glimpse into a soul forged in the fires of relentless challenges.

Goggins' story reveals a man who overcame tough military training with a strong belief in the power of mental endurance.

I've thoroughly researched Goggins' fitness routine and diet from various sources to ensure accuracy.

The David Goggins Workout Routine

A man flexing his biceps

David has gone into a lot of detail about how he approached his training and daily routine in books and interviews.

Having a routine is crucial, and Goggins' detailed approach resonates with my own.

I've crafted a regimen that's part military discipline, part personal innovation, always pushing the envelope just as he does.

It's about finding what works for you, and for me, it's a blend of early morning runs and late-night lifting sessions.

Here’s what it would take to copy his approach, which might explain his superhuman achievements.

1 - Timing The Amazing Workout Routine

He gets up very early.

At some stages of his military career, he would get up at 3 am for a 15-mile run. After a quick shower and breakfast, he would get on his bike and cycle 25 miles to his base.

And that meant cycling the same distance back home at the end of his day.

2 - Weight Training

My research unveiled a paradox; Goggins, a man synonymous with unparalleled endurance, harbored a disdain for running, cycling, and swimming. Yet, amidst this aversion, the sanctuary of the gym and the silent dialogue between muscle and iron forged a warrior.

In his early military days, he was a hulk of a man with huge muscles from spending hours at the gym.

He needed to change that a bit for the endurance sports and the special forces training he did.

He doesn’t head to the gym daily because he wants to limit how much his body bulks up.

Usually, it’s in the evening time when he goes through a grueling workout routine and diet where he pushes his body to the limit.

He believes that most people stop at 40% of their capacity and could achieve so much more if they pushed their bodies the extra distance.

3 - Focusing On The Core

A man wearing a blue shirt working out in the gym

As I sifted through visual chronicles of Goggins’ journey, a narrative emerged from the silent eloquence of imagery.

Each photograph, a testament to an unwavering focus on core strength, a silent narrative of a man sculpting resilience from the crucible of discipline. His belief is that if your core is weak, then the rest of your body cannot be strong.

He does this through a lot of cardio work. In some interviews, he mentioned that this focus on cardio brought his resting heart rate down to 32 beats per minute. No, that’s not a typo.

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4 - Regular Stretching

Goggins has spoken a lot about stretching and that he spends several hours every day on an extensive stretching routine.

He firmly believes that stretching is the key to recovery, both from exercise and possible injuries.

5 - Run, Cycle, Swim

While these are the very exercises he hates the most, he clocks up 150 miles or more every week. It’s like he’s in constant preparation for a triathlon or the next ultramarathon race over 100 miles.

“If you’re willing to suffer, and I mean suffer, your brain and body once connected together, can do anything.”
- David Goggins

Now that we’ve checked out the David Goggins workout routine, let’s take a look at the David Goggins diet plan.

How Does David Fuel His Training?

Goggins' diet evolved significantly, even before receiving professional guidance, as he recognized the need for healthier choices.

Fueling the body is as much a part of training as the workout itself. My own diet transformation mirrors Goggins', a self-taught journey towards what nourishes and empowers. It's about listening to your body and feeding it the right way, whether that's protein-packed meals or the strategic use of fasting to sharpen both body and mind.

1 - David’s Own Transformation (Pre-Navy Seals)

A man sitting in the gym while working out

As a severely overweight man, David one day decided he didn’t like where he was going.

While watching a documentary about the Navy Seals, he decided that was his goal, and from there, he started a fitness routine that was little more than running.

But since weight loss is 70% down to what you’re eating, he also made some drastic changes on his diet.

It may have been by accident, but he cut out lots of carbs and unhealthy fats and lost over 100 pounds in just 3 or 4 months.

2 - David’s Approach To Ketosis

While his initial weight loss was down to adopting a low-carb approach, he took things a step further with a more planned approach when he needed to lose weight to get into the Seals.

A high-fat ketogenic diet approach was his solution, and he still regularly cycles through Keto phases even while his weight isn’t an issue.

It’s possibly one of the key parts of his endurance and fitness levels.

3 - Foods He Avoids

The ketogenic diet is very strict when it comes to all types of carbs, but most especially sugar. He regularly says that fruit and starchy veg are never part of his daily meal plans.

And things like cereals, pasta, and bread are a no-go area as well.

This is also the case when he’s not in ketosis.

4 - Foods He Recommends

A bowl of a healthy diet meal

In the realm of extreme physical exertion, the symbiotic relationship between workout and nutrition is paramount. Goggins’ extraordinary feats are not just a testament to his physical prowess but also to his meticulous attention to nutrition and diet.

Now, you’d think that the David Goggins diet without carbs is going to leave you with very few options.

But that’s not the case at all. He’s often spoken about his typical daily meals, which are full of:

  • Meat and poultry
  • Fish and seafood
  • Leafy greens
  • Plenty of cheese
  • Eggs
  • Butter and cream
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy cold pressed oils

It’s a diet high in fat and protein that, according to him, fuels his endurance more efficiently.

5 - Intermittent Fasting

Along with the ketogenic diet, he follows regular stints of intermittent fasting.

He often skips breakfast and rarely eats anything until after he has run 10 to 15 miles.

By extending the time he spends fasting to 12 or more hours, it seems like he makes more efficient use of the energy he gets from fat and protein.

It certainly would explain why he can maintain maximum levels of endurance pretty much every day [1].


How Much Weight Did David Goggins Lose?

David Goggins lost 100 pounds during his initial transformation. This was done in preparation for being able to join the military and achieve his dream goal of joining the Seals. He later lost more weight again in order to be able to compete in ultramarathons.

How Many Pull-Ups Did David Goggins Do in 24 Hours?

David Goggins completed 4030 reps of pull-ups in 24 hours to set a new record. It took him a few attempts, but it was another one of his ultimate performance goals that he had started thinking about many years before.

How Far Can David Goggins Run?

David Goggins can run over 100 miles, and the longest he has run is 135 miles. At various times, his fitness routine consisted of running 15 miles every single day in addition to cycling more than 50 miles.

How Many Books Has David Goggins Written?

David Goggins has written 1 book titled “Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.” it has become a bestseller with over 1 million copies sold.


  1. https://www.dietdoctor.com/intermittent-fasting
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