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Does Spearmint Tea Lower Testosterone? (From a Doctor)

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers
Last updated: December 29, 2022

As a certified fitness coach, I’ve had clients who suffered from increased testosterone levels. And on my quest to find the best remedy to lower testosterone, I came across the notion that spearmint tea can lower T levels.

So, I decided to do extensive research and consulted with a doctor friend of mine to shed some light on the topic.

In this article, I will discuss in detail the effects of spearmint tea on testosterone, its side effects, and how it relates to polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Quick Summary

  • Spearmint decreases free testosterone levels within the blood when consumed as an essential oil or tea.
  • Foods like soy, alcohol, processed foods, and nuts may be another factor in lowering levels of testosterone.
  • Spearmint tea may benefit PCOS patients by bringing testosterone to healthy levels and lowering follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

How Does Spearmint Tea Lower Testosterone?

Close up shot of spearmints that lower testosterone

Spearmint tea lowers testosterone by addressing the underlying causes that lead to increased testosterone, such as insulin resistance

This condition exacerbates the symptoms of hyperandrogenism (excessive occurrence of the male sex hormone testosterone).

Multiple studies have shown that spearmint reduces free testosterone levels in the blood

when consumed as a herbal tea or essential oil [1,2].

These studies also demonstrate that spearmint tea can lower hirsutism in women.

Hirsutism is a condition that causes women to present overly male characteristics, such as having excess facial hair.

While the testosterone-lowering capabilities of spearmint may be good for those with high levels of testosterone, they are detrimental for those trying to build muscle mass or strength.

Studies show that testosterone promotes muscle growth, so if you’re trying to bulk up, you might want to consider cutting spearmint tea [3].

Research has replicated this effect using peppermint as well, suggesting that these properties may be inherent in all variations of mint [4].

Other Foods That Lower Testosterone

Close up shot of soy beans on a glass bowl

Herbs in the mint family are not the only plants that reduce testosterone. Here are some foods that kill testosterone you should be wary of if you’re watching your levels of testosterone.

Soy Products

One study showed that consuming soy protein isolate daily decreased testosterone levels [5].

On the other hand, a clinical review study found that soy and soy products do not affect testosterone levels [6].

Further research is required to gain a full understanding of the effects that soy products may have on hormones.

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Most people know that alcohol can be extremely harmful to the liver in high quantities, but research suggests that alcohol can also lower levels of testosterone in men [7].

Excessive alcohol use is also associated with an increase in sex hormone-binding globulin (SHGB) [8].

SHGB controls the levels of hormones delivered to tissue, and its elevation can cause a decrease in levels of testosterone [9].

It’s important to moderate alcohol consumption to reduce these risks and maintain normal hormone levels.

Processed Foods

Close up shot of processed can food being opened

Highly processed foods often include high levels of trans fats, which have many known adverse health effects [10].

In a cross-sectional study, researchers linked trans fatty acid intake to lower testosterone levels and decreased testicular size.

The same study showed that fatty acids increased luteinizing hormone levels (LH), which controls the menstrual cycle in women, and testosterone production in men [11].

“Processed foods are often high in trans fats, which have been shown to decrease testosterone levels and impair reproductive performance in human and animal studies.”

– Rachael Link, Master of Science, R.D.


Several components in nuts can affect androgens (sex hormones), primarily testosterone.

A randomized controlled trial showed that walnuts affect testosterone in women with PCOS [12].

This study also showed that walnuts might decrease testosterone and increase androgen levels.

Nuts also contain high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can have significant anti-androgen effects [13].

Spearmint Tea and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Iced spearmint tea in front of a yellow background

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone regulation disorder that affects women during their reproductive years.

Women with PCOS often have high levels of androgen, especially testosterone.

This hormone imbalance can result in facial or body hair and irregular or painful menstruation.

PCOS patients who drink spearmint tea may find some symptom relief as it brings about healthy testosterone levels and decreases follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

This hormone is partially responsible for irregular hair growth.

However, consult a healthcare provider before attempting home remedies if you believe you may have a hormone disorder or PCOS.

Are There Any Side Effects to Drinking Spearmint Tea?

Yes, there are some side effects to drinking spearmint tea. These may include sleepiness, relaxed breathing, and lowered testosterone levels.

While these side effects are minor for most people, you should not mix mint tea and sedatives.

Mint tea combined with sedatives compounds the effects and may cause breathing problems [14].


Does Spearmint Tea Reduce Testosterone in Men?

Spearmint tea may reduce testosterone in men. However, while many studies have shown the effects in women and male rats, more research is needed to know if these effects transfer to men.

How Long Does Spearmint Tea Take to Lower Testosterone?

Spearmint can typically lower testosterone at a noticeable level after a month of drinking two cups per day.

Does Spearmint Tea Increase Estrogen?

Yes, drinking spearmint tea may increase estrogen levels in women, according to recent research.

Will Spearmint Tea Harm Your Testosterone?

Several studies have shown that spearmint herbal tea decreases testosterone and increases estrogen in women. Women suffering from PCOS can use this side effect to their advantage, mitigating some of the disorder’s symptoms.

However, low testosterone can cause reduced muscle mass, low sex drive, and obesity.

If you’re looking to increase your testosterone, it’s best to avoid spearmint tea, soy, processed foods, and alcohol. For optimal results, you can add a testosterone booster to your routine.

I have tested many testosterone boosters and compiled a list of the ones made of pure ingredients that have been clinically proven to work. Consider trying them out and find the one that works best for you.


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