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Dolph Lundgren Workout & Diet (Unveiling His Secrets)

Michael Garrico
Published by Michael Garrico | Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Last updated: August 13, 2023

Hans Lundgren, better known as Dolph Lundgren, is an icon in Hollywood and the bodybuilding world, and it’s probably his appearance as Ivan Drago in the movie Rocky IV that really brought him to fame.

Even all these years later, he’s still an extremely fit and muscular man, and as a personal fitness coach, I was intrigued to find out how he handled his training over the years.

So, our team spent a day going through interviews and social media videos to see how we could structure Dolph Lundgren's workout routine.

Quick Summary

  • Dolph Lundgren's workout routine these days involves strongman-style exercises like sandbag shoulder tosses and sandbag clean and jerk moves.
  • Bulking up like Dolph also involves eating a load of lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats to support muscle development.
  • You’ll also need to rely on some key supplements in addition to Dolph Lundgren’s diet to ensure that your body has critical nutrients for recovery and bulking.

Dolph Lundgren Stats

  • Born: November 3, 1957
  • Height: 6’5”
  • Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Waist: 30”
  • Chest: 47”

The Dolph Lundgren Workout Routine

The Dolph Lundgren workout routine used to involve highly targeted weight training, especially for movies like Rocky and Universal Soldier.


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But these days, he takes more of an old-school strongman approach to weightlifting.

Here is what his typical workout routine looks like:

1. Bosu Sandbag Chest Press (3 sets of 12–15 reps)

For this, you will lie down on the ground with your shoulders on a bosu ball and a sandbag on your chest.

You then do the standard bench press movement, and you’ll notice that your body will constantly try to correct the balance.

This activates more muscles, making it an even more effective compound exercise [1].

2. Spiderman Plank (3 sets to failure)

For this, you’ll get into the standard plank position and then pull your knees up to your chest one at a time.

An alternative to this is to bend your knee and do a leg curl movement. Both versions will force your core to work harder.

3. Heavy Sandbag Carry (3 sets of 30 yards)

Carrying heavy sandbag

This is a great full-body workout, as you’ll target your core and upper body for lifting the sandbag and then your legs for moving it 30 yards.

You’ll need a very heavy bag to make this count, and the more awkward it is to lift off the ground, the better.

4. Light Sandbag Clean and Jerk (3 sets of 15 reps)

This is a great exercise for people who don’t feel comfortable doing a clean and jerk with a barbell.

Use a sandbag that has handles, and aim to get your buttocks down low for a squat movement.

5. Side Plank (3 sets to failure)

The side plank is an excellent exercise to target the obliques, which can be tough to isolate with other core exercises [2].

You can make this more difficult by having your support arm fully stretched out.

6. Heavy Sandbag Toss

Tossing heavy sandbag

This is an over-the-shoulder toss that will work wonders for your core and back.

You don’t need to lift the heavy bag up high; just bring it up to your shoulder and let it roll down your back.

7. Sandbag Shoulder Carry (3 sets of 30 yards)

You can use the same or a heavier sandbag for the shoulder toss, and ideally, you want a long bag that you can rest across your shoulders and upper back.

I wouldn’t recommend using a medicine ball, as it will be difficult to hold in place.

8. Martial Arts Training

Dolph is also a martial artist with a 4th black belt in ​​Kyokushin karate.

While he doesn’t take part in demanding karate competitions anymore, he still practices the art multiple times a week.

“I try to keep the martial arts up. It's a good thing, not just physically but also for your mind.”

- Dolph Lundgren

What’s His Diet Plan?

Top view of salad with chicken breast

The Dolph Lundgren diet plan is quite similar to that of a bodybuilder, and he adapts his calorie intake to the volume of training he does each day.

It’s heavily focused on protein and healthy carbs, and he has given several interviews with nutrition advice.

From those, we picked a few simple ideas for a meal plan:

  • Breakfast: 3-6 scrambled eggs on toast with a bowl of fruit
  • Snack: protein shake or bar
  • Lunch: chicken soup with a large bowl of salad
  • Snack: protein shake and cup of nuts
  • Dinner: grilled fish or lean chicken with a large portion of steamed vegetables

Does He Take Supplements?

Spilled supplements

Yes, Dolph Lundgren takes supplements that help him achieve his strength and fitness goals as a martial artist and bodybuilder.

First of all, he’ll have a good whey protein shake multiple times a day to bring his calorie count from protein up as much as possible.

This has to be a top-quality protein to help Dolph Lundgren’s muscle recovery.

The other thing he’ll rely on is a high-quality pre-workout supplement for men. He’s not the youngest anymore, and age can have an effect on endurance and stamina.

And a pre-workout can help provide a boost to get more out of each workout.


How Much Did Dolph Lundgren Weigh in Rocky IV?

Dolph Lundgren weighed 248 pounds as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. He often speaks about the work he had to do to achieve that and how he felt a lot bigger than his training partners, who were heavier.

Was Dolph Lundgren a Bodybuilder?

No, Dolph Lundgren was not a professional bodybuilder, but he did train like one for many of his movie appearances. Looking at his physique in the 80s and 90s, there’s no reason he wouldn’t have been able to compete professionally.

Start Training Like a Hollywood Star

If you stick to the Dolph Lundgren diet plan and workout routine, you will see significant changes in your strength and physique.

And even if it won’t get you in shape like he was in Rocky IV, it’s still going to be impressive.

What you will need to support this effort is a top-quality whey protein supplement: 

By choosing one of the top-quality protein shakes we tested, which deliver the complete amino acids needed for muscle protein synthesis, you’ll speed up recovery times and build more muscle mass.


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