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Does Cucumber Water Burn Belly Fat? (From a Dietician)

Michael Garrico
Published by Michael Garrico | Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Last updated: August 12, 2023

Cucumber water is becoming more popular these days as a weight loss drink because it’s delicious, easy to make, and could help you lose weight.

I recently came across some clients who asked me if drinking cucumber water could help them burn off stubborn belly fat. So, I spoke to a dietician and spent a week going through research studies on the health benefits of cucumber water.

Here’s what I found.

Quick Summary

  • Cucumber water can help burn belly fat through reduced appetite, keeping you hydrated, and it contains zero calories.
  • Some benefits linked to cucumber include; supporting healthy skin, lowering blood pressure, containing antioxidants, and preventing cancer.
  • To prepare cucumber water, you require water, cucumber, lemon, and black salt.

Can Cucumber Water Burn Belly Fat?

A fit person measuring her belly

Yes, cucumber water can burn belly fat. However, it does this in the context of overall weight loss.

There is no such thing as spot fat removal. This means you cannot target a specific body part for weight loss.

Belly fat burns away when your body decides to.

Consuming cucumber water regularly can help you with weight loss in the following ways:

  • Reduced Appetite: Eating cucumber reduces appetite and prevents you from overeating [1]. Adding it to your water produces a similar effect.
  • Keeps You Hydrated: Staying hydrated makes you feel full. So your likelihood of snacking on extra calories is reduced.
  • Zero Calories: Cucumber water has almost zero calories. So, it’s an excellent replacement for sugary beverages and other high-calorie drinks.

Other Benefits

Apart from having all the weight loss effects of drinking water, here are some benefits of cucumber water.

Many of these were reported by clients who consumed them daily.

  • Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants: Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, beta carotene, manganese, and essential nutrients like vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus [2].
  • Lower blood pressure: Cucumber is rich in potassium, which can control blood pressure by regulating the amount of sodium retained in your kidneys [3].
  • May support healthy skin: A cup of sliced cucumbers has around 5% of your daily vitamin B5, a nutrient used for treating acne [4].
  • May prevent cancer: A study found that the dietary flavonoid fisetin (found in cucumbers) might help slow the growth of prostate cancer [5].
  • More palatable: Not many people like the plain taste of water, but you need a sufficient amount of water to drink to lose weight. The taste of cucumber in water works as a motivating factor for some people to drink plenty of water.

They help stabilize your cholesterol by helping reduce LDL, increasing HDL, and decreasing triglycerides. Also, they're a good anti-inflammatory; they're loaded with antioxidants.

- Dr. Eric Berg, DC, Ketogenic Expert

How to Prepare It

Cucumber and lime on a chopping board with a knife and a bowl of vegetables on the side

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare the cucumber water:

  • One cucumber
  • One glass bottle of water
  • One lemon (optional)
  • Black salt for flavor (optional)

Here’s how you make the water:

  • Thoroughly wash the cucumber under clean tap water. If desired, you can peel off the skin. Cut it into thin slices. If you like, you can cut the cucumber down the middle and de-seed it before cutting it into small semi-circular pieces.
  • Place all the cucumber pieces into the empty glass bottle (you can also add lemon slices and black salt at this point). If you want a stronger infusion, I suggest putting a layer of ice on top of the cucumber to keep it below the water's surface.
  • Gently pour clean water into the bottle and fill it up to half an inch below the brim.
  • For the best results, let the cucumber steep in the water for one to two hours. For a more strongly flavored drink, let the cucumber water marinate overnight.
  • Gently stir it before serving.
  • If you’d like to make more, simply refill the bottle with ice and water. When the water becomes less flavorful, it’s time to replace the cucumbers.

Note: A good serving ratio is one medium cucumber to 2 quarts of water.

Here are some useful tips:

  • If you refrigerate the water, replace the cucumbers every two days.
  • If you’re not going to refrigerate the water, don't leave the cucumber in it for more than 12 hours because it will soften. A good rule of thumb is to refrigerate any leftover cucumber water after being out for a day.

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Does Belly Fat Burn Fast by Consuming Cucumber Water Daily?

Yes, belly fat can burn faster by consuming cucumber water daily. To better reduce belly fat, you should eat a healthy diet and exercise daily.

Can I Add Anything to Cucumber Water to Improve Weight Loss

Yes, you can add lemon and mint leaves to cucumber water to improve weight loss. Lemon-cucumber detox water can boost digestion and rid the body of toxins, helping you lose weight in the process.

When Is the Best Time to Drink Cucumber Water for Weight Loss?

The best time to drink cucumber water for weight loss is in the morning on an empty stomach and between your meals. You can also drink it at night to help curb hunger pangs.

Burn Fat with Cucumber Water

Adding cucumber water to your weight loss diet can definitely help with reducing body fat. For better results, it has to be done alongside a healthy diet, exercise, and quality supplements.

To boost your fat loss, we recommend taking natural fat burners with your cucumber-infused water to really speed up your weight loss:

Natural fat burners can help you burn stored fat, reduce your appetite, and boost your overall energy. Check out lists of the products we tested ourselves and see which one best suits your fitness goals.


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