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Homemade Fat Burner - Simple & Quick Recipe

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Last updated: July 30, 2023
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Weight loss can seem like a dream to so many people. When you add the price tag of high-quality weight loss pills on top of frustration, it's a nightmare.

But does your weight loss project have to be expensive to bring you the desired outcome?

According to some fitness instructors and some of our clients that have tried natural fat burners, you can effectively shed pounds without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Our team has done a ton of research on ingredients that can help you whip up a perfect fat burner in your kitchen.

Quick Summary

  • To make homemade fat burners, mix the following ingredients, caffeine, CLA, 5-HTP, L-Carnitine, green tea extract, yohimbine, fucoxanthin, ginger, lemon water, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, pure coconut water, chia seeds, and cumin seeds.
  • A perfect fat burner should promote thermogenesis, increase your metabolism, and eventually help you burn fat in the body.
  • Homemade fat burners are better because some brands contain harmful substances like synephrine.
  • Patience is essential when using your homemade fatburners. Results take time to manifest.

Homemade vs. Store-Bought Fat Burners

a white pill on top of a gold spoon

Store-bought fat burners come in all shapes and sizes, from fantastic to downright dangerous.

Supplement companies combine some of the most powerful ingredients on today's market to cater to the growing number of health-conscious folks.

While some of them can undeniably aid weight loss, these supplements may not be suitable for everyone.

Some blends even contain harmful stuff that's been nabbed by the FDA (e.g., synephrine).

A good fat burner promotes thermogenesis, increases your metabolism, and helps you get rid of body fat faster.

An excellent fat burner will achieve this without the heavy dose of stimulants and harmful chemicals.

The great thing about natural fat burners is that you can mix and match the ingredients at home to make the formula for your unique fitness and fat loss goals.

To lose weight and target stubborn belly fat can be challenging. However, incorporating effective strategies like homemade fat-burning recipes can accelerate your progress.

A customized burn fat formula can be created by combining natural ingredients that promote thermogenesis and boost metabolism.

Unlike store-bought fat burners, these homemade concoctions provide a healthier alternative without synthetic stimulants and harmful chemicals.

If you have tried store-bought fat-burner pills before but had trouble getting them to work, read on to find out how you can make your own fat-burning bomb.

15 Ingredients You'll Need

1. Caffeine

blue mug filled with hot coffee

A cup of coffee is low in calories and has the potential to improve your mood, enhance brain function and, according to some studies, suppress appetite.

It's no wonder that so many supplement companies resort to caffeine as their main stimulant.

This omnipresent ingredient in almost every fat burner has the power to boost your energy and endurance, give you more strength, and promote weight loss.

Simply put, "Caffeine doesn't cause you to burn a lot more calories from a workout. But it does shift your calorie burn to use more fat."

- Emmie Satrazemis, Certified Sports Nutritionist

But the problem with caffeine is that high doses, which may be required for weight loss, can give you jitters and increase your blood pressure.

According to the FDA, 400 milligrams of caffeine – about 4-5 cups of coffee a day is a safe consumption level. Still, even these caffeine levels can trigger side effects in some people.

If you're not a fan of stimulants and caffeine-powered fat burners, don't worry, there are a number of widely available herbs and spices with impressive fat-burning properties - more on that below.

2. CLA

yellow pills in a container with a water in a glass

CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid, a natural fat found in many healthy foods.

Fatty acids are essential for proper functioning of every cell in your body, and CLA is one of those fatty acids that can help us lose body fat and maintain healthy weight.

Although its effectiveness as a fat-burning supplement has not been thoroughly examined, CLA proponents believe that taking 3 to 5 g of CLA per day in divided doses can enhance the body's fat-burning capacity. [1]

The risks of taking high doses of this supplement may involve bloating, nausea, and fatigue. So, before you take out your wallet and purchase CLA diet pills, try obtaining your daily dose through nutrition.

3. 5 HTP

yellow background with white pills on it

5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a by-product of L-tryptophan - the protein building block.

Although it's a chemical that our bodies naturally produce, people take it for its potential to improve mood and sleep and help with weight loss by boosting serotonin levels.

Protein-rich diets can help maintain healthy body weight, while 5-HTP may help with weight loss by reducing food cravings.

It's a generally safe supplement, but it can cause side effects when taken with medications for depression.

The recommended dosage for fat loss is 250–300 mg, 30 minutes before a meal.

4. L-Carnitine

white pills filling a grey bowl

As an amino acid, L-carnitine is responsible for moving fatty acids into the mitochondria, the power plants in our cells that make energy.

L-carnitine supplements can boost the transport of fats into the mitochondria and expel toxins produced by our metabolism.

According to one study that used 3 g of L-carnitine per day, with diet and workouts, the participants in the L-carnitine group lost 10 lbs, whereas the control group, which didn't use it, lost 7.5 lbs.

Luckily, you can rely on your body to produce L-carnitine in your liver and kidneys, but if you want to supplement the amount, take 1 to 4 g of L-carnitine in separate doses per day, with one serving prior to exercise.

5. EGCG Green Tea Extract

EGCq green tea extract container with a bowl of green powder

Just like caffeine, green tea extract is another fat burner found in many weight loss products.

One of its active ingredients is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a substance praised for its numerous health benefits.

Together with other ingredients in green tea, EGCG helps with numerous health problems.

It can regulate blood sugar levels, reduce fat levels in the blood, promote exercise recovery, and even keep your skin healthy.

Some studies show that green tea also works as a fat burner. It has the potential to increase your energy expenditure, which leads to the increase of fat you are burning.

It usually comes in capsules or as powder, but brewed tea has the highest concentration of EGCG. The longer the brewing time, the higher the content of EGCG.

To increase the EGCG content, pour boiling water over green tea leaves or powder and let it sit for 10 minutes before drinking it.

It's best to drink your home-brewed cup without adding a sweetener to maximize the effects of EGCG.

Green tea also contains a small amount of caffeine, so it can be a great energy drink to kick start your day.

To avoid nausea and harming your liver, stick to the recommended doses and don't drink it on an empty stomach [2]. Taking it between breakfast and workout would be ideal.

6. Yohimbine (Pausinystalia Yohimbe)

yohimbe extract in a white bowl

If you need a fat burner that's more potent than caffeine, Yohimbe may be the right choice.

Many weight loss supplements contain yohimbine in one of two forms: yohimbine HCl or Yohimbe bark extract.

Yohimbe works by stimulating a part of your nervous system responsible for controlling processes like digestion, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

So, if you are looking for a performance-boosting fat burner, this is a promising choice.

One study confirmed that yohimbine showed significantly better fat loss results than placebo among well-trained soccer players. [3]

Research involving women shows that yohimbine can be a very beneficial tool when it comes to shedding stubborn body fat.

"Yohimbine inhibits the action of the alpha 2 receptor. By blocking these receptors with yohimbine, the negative feedback caused by norepinephrine is reduced and fatty acid liberation is increased."

- Derek Charlebois, Bodybuilder, & Personal Trainer

According to researchers, most people see benefits from Yohimbe when they consume around 0.2mg per kilogram of body weight, which would equal about 14mg for a 150-pound person.

7. Fucoxanthin

cooked seaweed in a plate

This natural substance, known for its antioxidant effects, is naturally present in some foods, like brown seaweed, but it also comes in the form of supplements.

Although it may take more than a month to see results with fucoxanthin, we should mention that it is the first marine algae-derived fat burner with clinically proven effects. [4]

Aside from its ability to stimulate your body to use fat for energy, fucoxanthin is also used as a natural immune system booster and a remedy for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.

The recommended dose for fat loss is 2.4mg-8mg per day.

8. Ginger

slices of fresh ginger on a tray

The antioxidant qualities of ginger help control free radicals and damage caused by oxidative stress (oxidation).

As a plus, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger, raw or ground, is the perfect base for healthy homemade fat-burning beverages.

You can combine it with green tea, lemon juice, honey, or coconut water to dilute the spicy taste of pure immune-boosting properties themselves.

A squeeze of lemon added to your ginger drink might help you drink more liquids to stay hydrated and feel fuller.

You can even combine it with coconut water to maximize the weight-loss potential of both ingredients.

9. Lemon Water

fresh lemon and a glass filled with water

Lemon water is one of those simple, everyday ingredients that can be easily thrown into a number of healthy recipes, but to get the most out of its fat-burning potential, just mix it with warm water first thing in the morning.

Foods rich in vitamin C have promising fat-burning potential, according to many studies.

This simple fat burner that so many people swear by also works great as a detoxification beverage. You can add a couple of mint leaves for extra freshness.

10. Turmeric

two spoons with filled with turmeric powder

The great news for all turmeric-lovers is that recent studies suggest that curcumin may suppress inflammation and help you lose weight. [5]

This bright-colored plant is a natural source of curcumin, a potent compound that gives turmeric its antioxidant features.

Spice up your lemon water with turmeric powder and throw a spoon of honey into the mixture to make a pre-breakfast detox drink.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

two shots filled with apple cider vinegar

There's a reason why so many people call it the ultimate fat-burning detox drink.

A lot of weight loss products are based on ACV for its potential to reduce food cravings, especially when combined with starchy meals.

ACV dissolved in a glass of warm water is great for your digestive system and removing toxins from the body.

It's available in the form of pills and gummies - which is great for those who cannot stand its acidity and flavor (see best apple cider vinegar gummies).

12. Cinnamon

fresh cinnamon in a glass jar

Cinnamon has been shown to reduce some of the bad effects of high-fat diets by regulating insulin levels in your body, helping you burn fat and ultimately lose weight.

Just like a couple of other ingredients we mentioned earlier, cinnamon acts as an antioxidant that helps protect the cells in your body caused by free radicals.

If you love cinnamon, there are plenty of ways to use it in your diet. You can spice up healthy recipes and jazz up your fat-burning drinks.

13. Pure Coconut Water

sliced coconut juice coming out

The list of natural fat-burning ingredients wouldn't be complete without coconut water.

Pure coconut water is low in calories and easy on the gut. It is loaded with enzymes that can boost metabolism and support digestion.

The faster the metabolism the more fat you burn. As a plus, it's a great base for mixing with other ingredients on the list.

14. Chia Seeds

close up image of chia seeds in a jar

You may have heard that diets high in fiber have been linked to weight reduction. That is why chia seeds are one of the best seeds for weight loss.

Only two tablespoons of these small but powerful seeds have almost 10 grams of fiber, which is around 40 percent of the recommended daily intake.

Mix chia seeds with water, let them sit in the fridge overnight, and make it your first meal the next day, or mix them in a blender with other ingredients for your morning smoothie.

15. Cumin Seeds

cumin seeds on a spoon

Cumin is a great addition to natural fat burners since it helps burn calories faster by speeding up metabolism and improving digestion.

Cumin seeds are a source of thymoquinone, a natural compound that acts as antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Thymoquinone can target free radicals in your body, assisting your body in a detox process by reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress.

Cumin seeds also help your cells respond to insulin and glucose, keeping your blood sugar stable.

The effects of cumin work best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise to decrease fat storage and reduce inflammation in your body.

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How To Mix the Ingredients

There are many different ways you can combine these ingredients to get a potent fat burner without emptying your pockets for branded products that will have the same effect. The best way to go around this is to experiment with different combinations to see what will be the best fit for your body.

One of the most basic and effective recipes is mixing 200 mg caffeine with 300 mg EGCG. If you suffer from stimulant sensitivity, try mixing decaffeinated EGCG with CLA and L-carnitine to get the same results.

Another way of avoiding caffeine is using Coleus forskohlii extract instead that can speed up your metabolism without any side effects.

How To Make Fat Burners More Effective?

blue measuring tape on a weighing scale

Throwing vitamins and minerals into the mix will support the absorption of nutrients and improve your overall health and wellness.

For example, iron plays a role in supplying all of the cells in your body with oxygen, including your muscles, helping them burn fat.

You can also consider adding calcium, which is associated with reduced rates of being overweight.

As for the diet, studies show that protein-rich foods in combination with fat-burning products can help reduce body fat.

And let's not forget hydration. This is the key to both fat loss and your overall health, so make sure to drink a lot of water to make the most out of fat-burning ingredients.

Pairing all of this with regular workouts should speed up the process and set you up for success.

But remember - If you're shedding pounds too quickly, on a fat burner or not, you risk losing lots of lean muscle mass as well, so take one step at a time.

Would You Try Our Homemade Fat Burner?

All of these ingredients bring the best results in combination with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Of course, the outcome will depend on your body composition, lifestyle, and your fitness goal.

Have you tried any of these natural fat burners? Which natural fat burner do you think would work best for you? Share your experience in the comments below.


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