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22 Sexiest Female Boxers (2023 Updated)

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson
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Last updated: June 7, 2023
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Women's boxing has become a major international sporting stage. And one thing is for sure: the female boxing world has never been more packed with hot and sexy boxers.

Unfortunately, debates in the Total Shape team about who are the sexiest female boxers always end up in heated discussions and absolutely no agreement.

So, we turned to our readers and subscribers to vote on who they thought the hottest female boxers were.

And we now have a full list of some amazingly talented and sexy women.

Quick Summary

  • Laila Ali, Gina Carano, Shannon Courtenay, Paige VanZant, Hollie Dunaway, Amanda Serrano, Avril Mathie, and Ana Julaton are some of the hottest female boxers.
  • These boxers are not only beautiful, but also have amazing bodies.
  • Regular exercise and eating the right foods can give you beautiful bodies, and looks similar to those of these hot female boxers.

The 22 Hottest Female Boxers

22 - Christina Hammer

Christina is the final one of our hottest boxers and another hot female from Germany.

She has an absolutely amazing figure and isn't afraid to show it off to her fans through many different magazine photoshoots. You definitely want to do a search through her profile pictures.

21 - Shannon Courtenay

Shannon is from the UK and has been called The Baby Face Assassin. She’s fast and furious in the ring, but wait until you see how hot she is in magazine photoshoots.

Between the long blonde hair, the sexy body, and an amazing smile, she has captivated the attention of many fans.

20 - Ebanie Bridges

Also known as the Blonde Bomber, Ebanie is from Sydney, Australia, and is one of the latest stars of the female bantamweight division.

She has built up a huge following on Instagram and regularly shares training and motivational advice for people to get and stay healthy.

19 - Gina Carano

GIna is a successful fighter on the boxing and MMA stages, and she has now branched out into modeling and acting.

She's starred in the Fast and Furious movies, and her appearances on the catwalk and magazine covers have wowed her fans as well. There's no shortage of great photos showing off her amazing figure.

18 - Laila Ali

It would definitely make sense to have the daughter of the most famous boxer of all time. And Madame Butterfly definitely has the looks in and out of the ring.


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A post shared by Laila Ali (@thereallailaali)

At 5'10", she's the tallest female boxer, and with that sexy body and amazing smile, she's able to keep heads turning even in her 40s.

17 - Eva Wahlström

With the power and stare of a Finnish Viking, Eva is one of the hottest Scandinavian boxers who held the European super-featherweight title from 2012 to 2015.


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A post shared by eva wahlström (@eva_wahlstrom)

She has now built up a lot of followers on social media and isn't shy about showing off her amazing body.

16 - Paige VanZant

Paige has dabbled in Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing, and you definitely don't want to underestimate the innocent smile.


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A post shared by Paige VanZant (@paigevanzant)

She also has such an amazing body that she's been hired as a fashion model where she often wears very revealing swimsuits.

15 - Hollie Dunaway

Hollie might look like an innocent girl from Arkansas, but you wouldn't want to mess with her in the ring.


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A post shared by Hollie Dunaway (@hollie_dunaway)

Her career went straight to the professional arena, and she never registered as an amateur boxer. She's also shown off her sexy body and amazing looks as a model and actress.

14 - Mia St. John

One of Mia's biggest accomplishments was knocking out Angelica Villain in less than one minute.


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A post shared by Mia St John (@miastjohnboxer)

She also had one of the longest careers, and while now in her 50s, she is still as hot as she ever was. She has amazing long legs and a figure that could compete on any catwalk.

13 - Amanda Serrano

Amanda holds the record for holding nine world championships and achieving this within just ten years.


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A post shared by Amanda Serrano (@serranosisters)

She's won in seven different divisions, and that definitely makes her the most successful hottie from Puerto Rico with probably the most athletic body in the sport.

12 - Jessica McCaskill

Jessica McCaskill is a fierce American boxer who has had a successful career in the welterweight division. Her nickname is "CasKILLA," and that's due to her long reach and powerful punch.

But that fierce look in the ring transforms into a soft and captivating smile that makes her look quite innocent outside a boxing match.

11 - Avril Mathie

Avril Mathie is from Australia, and while she doesn't have the same professional record as other female boxers, she has made quite an impact on Instagram.


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A post shared by AVRIL (@avrilmathie)

Some of the posts she shares are about fitness and boxing, but there's also plenty to keep the eyes staring at many bikini images.

10 - Yesica Bopp

Here's our first female boxing champion from Argentina, and this blond bombshell has an impressive record of over 40% KO wins. Yesica held the female light-flyweight title and female light-flyweight title, making her a two-weight world champion.


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A post shared by Yesica Tuti Bopp (@yesicatutibopp)

She's also increasingly popular in magazine photoshoots where she's not afraid to show off her amazing body.

9 - Ana Julaton

Ana is a female boxer and martial arts fighter from San Francisco, California, and she's the first woman to accomplish the Women's WBO Super Bantamweight as well as the IBA Super Bantamweight titles.


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A post shared by Ana Julaton (@anajulaton)

But it's her physical strength and dark eyes that keep men captivated when watching her.

8 - Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia is a former Norwegian female boxer and Muay Thai fighter born in Columbia. That makes her quite an international beauty with one of the most decorated careers and world title fights to her name.

In addition to her outstanding performance, it's the combination of an amazing smile and hot body that keep fans glued to the screens.

7 - Monica Henao

Monica Henao is from Columbia, and she's had a great career as a professional boxer and MMA fighter [2].


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A post shared by Mónica Henao 🥊📸 (@mo_henao)

And while you wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of one of her martial arts moves, you can see why she's built up a large fan base on Instagram.

Some of the photos she shares convinced us that she’s definitely one of the hottest female boxers out there.

6 - Mariana Juarez

Mexican boxer Mariana has had a long successful career that includes holding the flyweight title from 2011 to 2012 and then the bantamweight title from 2017 to 2020. And she isn't the first female boxer in Mariana's Family. Her sister Lourdes is also a world champion and just as hot.


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A post shared by Mariana Juarez (@barbyjuarez)

That extremely sexy and ripped body has male fans throughout the world in aw

5 - Ina Menzer

Ina deserves a space on this list as possibly one of the most innocent-looking boxers on the professional stage. Ina was born in Kazakhstan but is a German national with quite a long history of wins as well as being crowned boxer of the year at the World Boxing Council.

And she's started to appear in sexy photo shoots, making her one of the hottest boxers from Europe.

4 - Ava Knight

Ava is a professional boxer from Chico, California and this dark-skinned beauty has some serious sex appeal.


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A post shared by AVA KNIGHT ™️ (@a.v.a.knight)

Along with being a serious contender in women's boxing, she's also a mixed martial artist. That smile and sexy body have convinced a lot of fans, and she could easily be on magazine covers.

3 - Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is the most famous Irish professional boxer and is probably more of a household name than many male boxers. When you hear her in interviews outside the ring, you'd never imagine her being such a fierce boxer with an amazing professional record [1].


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A post shared by Katie Taylor (@katie_t86)

That innocent smile and soft Irish accent have won the hearts of millions of fans.

“With amateur boxing, you're just entered into a competition. And to be the best, you've got to beat the best. You're not waiting around to get these fights organised.”

- Katie Taylor

2 - Marlen Esparza

Marlen Esparza is from Houston, TX, and is a world champion boxer and a gold and bronze medal winner.


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A post shared by MarlenEsparza (@marlen_esparza)

She might be one of the smaller women in the boxing world at just 5'3", but she has an amazing body with strong muscles to show off. And her smile outside of boxing matches is captivating.

1 - Lauryn Eagle

We got caught by surprise with Lauryn, but this Australian beauty has quite a sporting career. She started off in water skiing and then turned to a professional boxing career in 2010.

But what has really made her stand out for our readers is the blond bombshell looks and amazingly ripped body. And while she might knock you out in a professional boxing ring, she has an amazing smile to make up for any pain caused.

Who's Your Favorite Boxer?

I'm sure this list will change in the coming years, and we look forward to having another vote coming up, as it seems like not a month goes by without another hot female boxer making headlines.

All these women should also serve as inspiration for our readers to get into the same kind of shape. With the right diet and dedication to a tough workout routine, this is possible for all women.

You can also speed things up a bit with a good fat burner for women that triggers some additional calorie burning. It's not a magic pill, but when you combine these natural supplements with the right workouts, you can get to your weight goals considerably faster.

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