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Alexis Ren Workout Routine & Diet Plan
How To Train Like a Supermodel

Alexis Ren Featured Image
Written by Tracy Thompson

Alexis Ren is a 22-year-old model from California who hit the modeling world by storm in 2017 when she became Maxim’s cover girl for the August edition.

Her incredibly slim and well-defined body shape also resulted in her appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for 2018, which is a notoriously difficult achievement even for models like Alexis Ren.

Just looking at photoshoot images, you notice that she must be paying a lot of attention to her core and abs in order to have no sign of fat at all.

After listening to a TV interview with her, I decided to dig a little deeper into her diet and workout routine to see how it can help the average person with weight loss goals.

Let’s dive right in.

Alexis Ren’s Sample Weekly Workout Routine

Alexis Ren workout routine

If you follow Alexis on social media, then there are a few things you notice about her exercise and fitness routine.

First of all, she works out at least 5 days a week, but in most cases, it’s multiple times a day. It’s not surprising, as that kind of figure doesn’t come without putting in the work.

However, most of the workouts don’t involve weight training at the gym. Instead, she focuses on a very clever combination of dedicated ab exercises and cardio routines including pilates, hiking, running, boxing, and yoga.

Her Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube feeds are full of updates on her daily routine, and one of the most popular things she has ever posted is her 10-minute ab workout.

To help you prepare for it, I’ve listed out the different exercises, and you should definitely watch her YouTube video as well.

​The basic idea is to do every one of these exercises for 30 seconds without a break in between.

  • 1
    Sit-ups: with knees bent lift your body halfway.
  • 2
    Knee touch crunches: with knees bent and hands on thighs, lift up until your hands touch the knees.
  • 3
    Heel touches: slightly lift your body and move from side to side until your hands touch your heels.
  • 4
    Bicycle crunches: laying down move your legs in a cycling motion without touching the ground.
  • 5
    Russian twists: with knees bent, raise your body half way and twist from side to side.
  • 6
    Reach through crunches: Similar to knee touch crunches, but start with your hands above your body.
  • 7
    Legs to ceiling reaching crunches: Legs pointing straight up, lift your body until you touch your toes.
  • 8
    Toe tap leg lifts: similar to bicycle crunches, lift your legs off the ground and alternate each toe touching the ground.
  • 9
    Flutter kicks: lay flat on the ground and lift straight legs halfway, then alternate a kicking action.
  • 10
    Scissor kicks: Similar to flutter kicks, but cross your straight legs over each other.
  • 11
    Leg lifts: start with straight legs just off the ground, lifting them to the top and back again.
  • 12
    Leg up alternating toe crunch: similar to the leg to ceiling crunches, but alternate right hand to the left foot and left hand to the right foot.
  • 13
    Crunch kicks: start in a seated position with knees bent, then lift feet off the ground and stretch them out and back in again.
  • 14
    Mountain climbers: from a plank position alternate each knee pulling it up to your chest.
  • 15
    Plank: Hold an elbow plank with a dead straight body.
  • 16
    Right side plank: balance on right arm with body straight.
  • 17
    Left side plank: balance on the left arm with body straight.
  • 18
    Plank (again): Hold an elbow plank with a dead straight body.
  • 19
    Plank twists: in a plank position twist your torso and bring your hip towards the ground.
  • 20
    Spider climbers: Similar to mountain climbers but with knees moving out and away from your body.

10 minutes might not sound like much, but I bet you’ll struggle to keep up with it the first few times. Watch this video and be inspired!

Alexis Ren Diet Plan

healthy food

Alexis is constantly posting new ideas she has to maintain her amazing figure. She leads a very health-conscious life, and while she isn’t vegan, she does limit a lot of meat and dairy products.

She also doesn’t stick to a strict 3 meal a day diet, but rather spreads her nutrition needs out over 6 or more smaller meals.

If you exercise a lot and are aiming for some drastic fat loss, then that is a very important tip to follow.
It helps with keeping hunger at bay and maintain motivation at the same time.

Here are just a few ideas and recipes that she has shared over the years covering everything from breakfast to snacks.

1. Breakfast​​​​

  • Coffee, rather than tea, is a must first thing in the morning.
  • Smoothies with mixed fruits and berries.
  • Gluten-free pancakes with no sugar and just a few eggs.

2. Lunch

  • Kale and chicken salad: basically plenty of protein and vegetables to maintain the muscles.
  • Mixed bowl of fruit after lunch.

3. Dinner

  • Veggie burgers with lettuce bun and organic avocado.
  • Banana ice cream: essentially banana blended with almond milk, which is surprisingly delicious.

4. Snacks

  • Mixed fruit salad with papaya, pineapple, mango, strawberries, and watermelon.
  • Raw carrots
  • Trail mix without chocolate
  • Kale chips (no hummus though)
  • Rice crackers with almond butter.

As you can tell, it’s not just a simple workout to count calories alone, but rather all about eating good and clean food in limited amounts. 

On top of all this, Alexis makes sure she takes in at least 2 liters of water per day. It’s not just about hydration but detoxing as well. The more you can flush out your system, the better your overall well-being will be.

But her diet doesn’t end there, as she relies on a few supplements to make her look and feel great. You can also watch this video from Youtuber Sanne Vander where she tried Alexis' diet plan for a day.


Having a balanced and clean diet will give you the majority of the nutrients your body needs. But when you need to get the absolute most out of your body in order to look your best, then make sure you take some supplements as well.

Here’s what I have heard her talk about in interviews and on social media:

1. Collagen

Alexis takes collagen daily, and this side-effect free supplement is vital for nourished skin and hair.

Because of the added strain from exercising, it will also help to maintain and repair connective tissue on joints and muscles. (1)

What we like about collagen is that it also boosts metabolism and energy which is essential in performing workouts. Aim to take this at least once a day for best results.

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2. Biotin

Biotin is also vital to strengthening your hair and nails, as well as for rejuvenating your skin.

This supplement is important for cell growth and converting fat into amino acids.

While Alexis is only 22, and she doesn’t have any signs of aging, her busy lifestyle will put some strain on her appearance. Take biotin once a day, either in the morning or evening.

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3. Probiotic

Her lifestyle requires her to travel a lot, and that can put a strain on the stomach.

Disrupted eating patterns and different foods can cause upset, and probiotics are a fantastic way to keep your gut flora balanced. (2)

With over 1 billion organism, it keeps your tummy healthy. Take these first thing in the morning, especially on very busy days.

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4. Digestive Enzyme

Eating different foods than normal can also disrupt your digestive system causing some bloating.

This is not something she can afford to encounter on a photoshoot, so she takes digestive enzymes with every meal.

Digestive enzyme can also ​relieve you from having gas and constipation. (3)

You can get these over the counter, and they are great when you are making some drastic changes to your food intake.

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5. Vegan Protein Powder

She has stated numerous times that maintaining muscle mass can be a challenge when you’re aiming to keep every gram of fat off your body.

One of the most important things to support this is a vegan protein powder, which has the advantage of being highly bioavailable.

It has a lot of benefits to those who want to build lean muscles while working out and eating a healthy diet. Take some after every training session for best results.

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Final Thoughts on Alexis Ren's Workout

As you can see, Alexis fully understands that importance of diet and workout in combination. You should never aim to make up for a bad diet with more work at the fitness center, as that will just lead to disappointment.

And even if you stick to the Alexis Ren diet plan and exercise regime, you will need a few supplements to get you to your goals. Fortunately, there are a lot of great products available that are perfectly healthy.

Let us know how you get on with the ab routine above and if you found some clever hacks to improve it.


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