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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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A lot of inspiring bodybuilders would probably have stopped when faced with an injury or a setback, but not Calum Von Moger.

Dubbed a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, Calum made his big comeback on the competitive stage for the love of his fans.

I wanted to learn more about the workout routine that allowed him to achieve this, so I spent days going through his interviews and social media.

Let's take a look at Calum Von Moger’s workout routine, diet, and supplements.

Stats And Career Highlights

Calum Von Moger began lifting weights at the age of 14.

Born and raised in Australia, he probably didn’t know that working on a farm might take him to the big screen.


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Growing up with a strict focus on daily routine exercise and diet gave him the discipline that has helped him become one of the biggest names in bodybuilding.

He got his first award in his sports career in 2011 when he bagged the Nabba Junior International Championships, First Place [1].

In 2015, Calum won the WFF Pro Mr. Universe, followed by two acting roles.

He portrayed himself in Generation Iron 2, in 2017, and as a young Arnold in the movie, Bigger, in 2018.

His huge return came with a surprise when he won the IFBB Pro Card at the 2020 NPC (National Physique Committee) Universe Championships.

Calum’s name is earning a big following on social platforms where he shares intense workout routines and daily fitness lifestyles.

Calum Von Moger’s Statistics

Age: 33 years old
Height: 6'2" or 188 cm
Weight: Approx. 245 - 255 lbs or 111.1 - 115.7 kg
Waist: 32 inches or 81.28 cm
Chest: 48 inches or 121.92 cm

Calum Von Moger Workout Routine

shirtless man doing chest dip at a park, man doing incline bench press

Calum’s workout routine includes up to three hours of training, with a 5-day body part split focusing on his chest, back, shoulders, legs, and arms.

I tried a similar workout routine to Calum's and found that focusing on different body parts each day, just like Calum does, allowed me to target muscle growth and recovery more effectively.

Here’s what his weekly workout plan looks like:

  • Monday - Chest Workout
  • Tuesday - Back Workout
  • Wednesday - Rest
  • Thursday - Shoulders Workout
  • Friday - Legs Workout
  • Saturday - Arms Workout
  • Sunday - Rest

You can follow this full workout routine to train like Calum.

Monday - Chest Workout

Calum Von Moger's chest routine includes six different exercises of four sets and 12 reps on average.

Here's Calum Von Moger's chest workout:

Pec Deck/Fly Machine 3 15-20
Incline Bench Press 4 12
Flat Machine Chest Press 4 12
Dips 3 15
Dumbbell Flys on a Slight Incline 4 15
Dumbbell pullovers 4 12

Thuesday - Back Workout

Calum Von Moger's back routine includes five different exercises.

Here's Calum Von Moger’s Back routine:

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown (SS1) 3 10-12
Low Cable Pulley Rows (SS1) 3 10
Machine Row 3 10-15
Seated Cable Row 3 10-15
Rack Pulls 3 10

SS1 means superset #1. Perform these exercises continuously.

Thursday - Shoulders Workout

Calum Von Moger's shoulder routine includes five different exercises.

Here's Calum Von Moger's shoulder routine:

Standing Barbell Press behind the neck 6 8-12
Standing Dumbbell Press 4 8-12
Upright Barbell Row 3 8-12
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 8-12
Cable Rear Delt Fly 4 8-12

Friday - Legs Workout

man doing a leg press, and a another man doing preacher curls

Calum Von Moger's leg routine includes four different exercises in four sets and 15 reps on average. Here's Calum Von Moger’s leg routine:

Leg Extension 5 15
Front Squat Machine 4 15
Leg Press 4 15
Hack Squats 3 15

Saturday - Arms Workout

Calum Von Moger's arm routine includes six different exercises.

Here's Calum Von Moger's arm routine:

Straight Bar Biceps Curl 4 10-15
Alternating Dumbbell Curls 4 8-12
Easy Bar Preacher Curl 4 8-12
Triceps Cable Pushdown 4 8-12
EZ bar skull crusher 4 8-12
Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension 4 8-12

His Workout Principles

The Calum Von Moger workout routine lasts up to three hours of training, six days a week.

He practices a four-day split and strict adherence to the exercise routine while working on each part of his body.

He does cardio exercises for one hour and weight training for up to two hours. Calum devotes more time to heavy lifting to maintain his massive build.

Other training regimens:

Psychological Approach to Training

Here's how Moger approaches his training from a psychological standpoint:

  • Mental resilience and motivation techniques: Calum Von Moger doesn't just lift weights; he lifts his mental spirits too. He sets both short-term and long-term goals, visualizes success, and maintains a positive mindset, all of which are essential for pushing the boundaries of physical capabilities.
  • Overcoming mental barriers: On days when motivation dips or self-doubt emerges, he employs specific strategies to overcome these challenges. He draws inspiration from past successes, engages in mental relaxation techniques, or pushes through with disciplined determination.
  • Balancing stress and recovery: This balance is not just physical but mental too. Moger uses techniques like mindfulness, meditation, or even engaging in hobbies outside the gym.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

In bodybuilding, prevention is key. Calum employs a variety of strategies to avoid injuries, including meticulous warm-up routines, listening to his body to prevent overtraining, and incorporating physiotherapy and regular medical check-ups into his regimen.

These preventive measures are essential for ensuring his body remains in top condition, ready to tackle the rigors of intense training.

Returning to training after an injury requires a well-thought-out strategy. Calum carefully modifies his workouts to accommodate his body's needs, ensuring a balance between recovery and continued progress.

He adapts his training regimens and uses gradual progression techniques to recover.

Calum Von Moger Diet Plan

sweet potato slices in a plate, and another plate of chicken and rice

Calum Von Moger prefers to eat a pre-workout meal full of protein and carbs to energize his workout routine.

I started incorporating a protein-rich meal into my routine, and the difference in my energy levels and performance was noticeable. It's a game-changer for intense training sessions.


He maintains his muscle mass by eating more healthy and plentiful food, considering his super-fast metabolism.

He switches his diet plan according to his fitness goals.

Weight-Reducing Diet

When cutting down on weight, he eats seven to nine ounces of carbs and combines this with nine ounces of protein per meal.

Here's the list of Calum’s reduce-weight diet:

  • Meal # 1: Chicken and Rice
  • Meal # 2: Lean Ground Beef and Sweet Potato
  • Meal # 3: Tuna and Rice
  • Meal # 4: Whey protein (post-workout)
  • Meal # 5: Chicken and Sweet Potato

Weight-Increasing Diet

Calum follows a very high-calorie diet in the off-season. Calum's high metabolism enables him to eat an ample amount of food to fuel his heavyweight lifting and support his massive physique.

Here's the list of Calum’s increase in weight diet:

  • Meal # 1: Smoothie with four eggs, one glass of milk, one banana, three scoops of ice cream, one tablespoon of honey, two scoops of protein powder, and a high-carb bowl of cereal coco pops
  • Meal # 2: Chicken with pasta
  • Meal # 3: Steak with one cup of white rice
  • Meal # 4: Tuna with one cup of white rice
  • Meal # 5: Steak with mashed potatoes and salad
  • Meal # 6: Oatmeal and milk or Nutella and toast with a protein shake

In addition, Calum drinks three to four liters of water a day to energize his muscles and perform at the highest level.

His Diet/Nutrition Principles

Calum’s upbringing earned him knowledge of the importance of diet.

As a result, he has a definite idea of what he needs to stay in shape.

He maintains a high-calorie diet to grow and retain his massive physique.

But, battling to keep putting on weight due to a fast metabolism, he knew he needed to compensate for this with a lot of eating.


container and scooper filled with protein powder

Calum Von Moger takes supplements before and after his training.

He drinks BCAA supplements throughout his routine. According to Science Direct, BCAAs increase muscle growth [2].

Von Moger also takes a scoop of whey protein after a workout routine. According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, whey protein also helps increase muscle mass and improves overall body composition [3].

Here's the list of Calum Von Moger’s supplements:

Following Calum Von Moger's lead, I also integrated BCAA supplements into my routine and noticed a marked improvement in muscle recovery and endurance.

Taking whey protein post-workout has been essential in my muscle-building journey and has made a noticeable difference.


“You have to set a goal for yourself and work towards that. It may be difficult, at times, to stay motivated when you know you have difficulties and not everything is in line, but you have to be patient and wait it out. You have to have a stable mindset to come back. The bottom line, you only have to want it”.

- Calum Von Moger



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