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15 Sexiest Male Gymnasts of All Time/In the World (2023 Updated)

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
Last updated: June 7, 2023

Gymnastics is an exciting sport, primarily due to the performance of attractive male gymnasts.

Muscular guys, regularly seen in this sport, are a real treat for the eyes.

Their bodies show the effort they put in to be successful, and we thank them for that.

To encourage you to enjoy watching gymnastics, we have created a list of the 15 most attractive gymnasts.

Let's have a look at them.

Quick Summary

  • The hottest male gymnasts of all time list include Danell Leyva, Josh Dixon, Luke Strong, Paul Ruggeri, Arthur Nory Mariano, Sam Mikulak, and Kohei Uchimura.
  • All of the hottest gymnasts on this list spend hours working out, and have adopted different healthy diets.
  • Some have gone the extra mile to take some healthy supplements.

15. Arthur Zanetti

Arthur Zanetti is an athlete who won the gold medal in the rings exercise back in 2012.

Zanetti is originally from Brazil, a place called São Caetano do Sul. He turned 31 in April, although one could never guess from his youthful-looking body and face.

Dear ladies, as you may have guessed, Zanetti has already managed to settle down with Jessica Coutinho.

He found his love at a very young age.


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14. Alexander Naddour

Known by his nickname Alex, Naddour is a former American artistic athlete.

Before retiring, Alex Naddour had a successful career with various medal wins.

Alex Naddour, with his team, won a bronze medal at the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship.

Today he is happily married to the beautiful Hollie Vise, with whom he has a beautiful girl Lilah.

13. Brinn Bevan

Brinn Bevan is one of the youngest gymnasts on our list, but he certainly deserved his spot on our page.

Bevan was part of the British team that participated in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

They were the first men's team to win a medal at World Gymnastics Championships in 2015 for Great Britain.

Brinn Bevan participated in the Northern European Championship held in 2019, where he won the gold medal on the pommel horse and a silver medal in the team event.

12. Deng Shudi

Deng Shudi doesn't perform well in gymnastics and sports; he excels at it. He is a Chinese artistic gymnast living in Beijing.

There are many reasons to mention his name. Some of them are related to his incredible body figure, while others are related to his many sporting successes.

His muscular body, strong arms, and beautiful facial features attracted a large number of female audiences.

He played for the Chinese national team at the World Championships in 2014 and 2015 [2].

11. Max Whitlock

Max Whitlock is a very famous British professional gymnast. He devoted his life to sports and won Olympic medals six times - three gold and three bronzes.

In addition to being a six-time Olympic medalist, Max excelled at the world competition, where he won three gold and two silver medals.

Many women have been attracted to his stunning brown eyes and unique blonde hairstyle.

No wonder that at the age of 28, he is already happily married to the lovely Leah Hickton.

Leah was his childhood sweetheart, and now they have two-year-old son Willow.

10. Louis Smith

A British gymnast nicknamed Lou-Lou won a bronze medal in 2012 in London at the Olympic Games.

He was the first British to win Olympic medals in three games.

Although Louis often seems serious, he fails to hide a flirting smile in photos.

Too bad that the handsome Louis Smith no longer adorns the scene.

Louis retired from gymnastics even though he was only thirty-two years old.

9. Francisco Barretto Jr.

Francisco Barretto Junior was one of the participants in the Summer Olympics. Francisco participated in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship held in Glasgow in 2015 and qualified in 2016 again.

"Everything is about your movements and precision and timing, which is what gymnastics is about."

– Shawn Johnson, American Professional Gymnast

Besides being a Brazil national team player, he's also a dedicated husband.

8. Donnell Whittenburg

American gymnast Donnell has become a valid synonym for a muscular and defined body.

He is originally from Baltimore and recently turned 27. In 2014, he won the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship as well as the U.S. National championship.

His flawless complexion and tattoos further contribute to his sexy appearance.

Women love watching his performances and photography shoots.

7. Kohei Uchimura

Kohei Uchimura is a Japanese artistic gymnast who won seven Olympic medals - three gold and four silver.

If you think that was his most tremendous success, you are wrong.

Born and raised in Japan, Kohei won the World Medal 21 times.

He also influenced the Olympic Games held in Rio when he won two gold medals [1].

Kohei Uchimura is known for his spectacular body, exceptional hair, and gorgeous face.

6. Sam Mikulak

One of the best gymnasts in the world is Sam Mikulak. Originally from Colorado Springs, he is a six-time U.S. national all-around champion.

Sam Mikulak also won the Olympic medal three times, and in 2018, he won the world bronze medal.

It is easy to think that someone of his appearance and success does not have any life issues.

Unfortunately, he struggled with anxiety and stress.

Many people consider him extremely brave for speaking about his personal life and problems so openly.

5. Arthur Nory Mariano

Arthur Nory Mariano is a member of the Brazilian national team.

This 5.41 tall and handsome gymnast proved that he deserves a spot on our list of sexiest male gymnasts.

In 2016 in Rio at the Summer Olympics, he showed that he is more than just a good-looking gymnast - he also won a bronze medal.

4. Paul Ruggeri

Paul Ruggeri is known for his sporting successes but also his great smile. Paul competed for the University of Illinois, and he was on the national team from 2010 to 2016.

Many people are also familiar with his wife, Mia Akins. If you've ever heard of "Charlotte Today," then surely you know who she is.

These guys radiate with their beauty and charm. Paulo even stated that their dogs Lilly and Marshall will start a new life together after the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

3. Luke Strong

Luke Robert David Strong was a British bronze medal winner in the 2014 European Championship.

He is a trampoline gymnast with an enviable body.

Unfortunately, he announced his retirement from trampolining, but we hope that there will be another opportunity to watch his performance and stunning looks.

If not, you can always find Luke's stunning photos on his Instagram blog page.

2. Josh Dixon

Josh Dixon is another award-winning athlete who undoubtedly deserves a spot on our list.

He discovered his love for sports when he was just a young boy.

His older sisters were also practicing different sports, which aroused his curiosity.

Three years in a row - 2014, 2015, and 2016 Josh won bronze medals at Winter Cup (first two mentioned years in vault and last year in floor exercise).

1. Danell Leyva

Danell Johan Leyva is a 29-year-old Cuban-American gymnast known for competing in the Olympic games in the United States.

Although he seduced many ladies with his amazing body, he showed that it was not his only attribute.

In addition to winning silver and bronze at the Olympics, he also devoted himself to motivational speaking, acting, and writing about sports.

Final Thoughts on The Hottest Gymnasts

We hope you enjoyed reading about these handsome athletes.

It is a great honor for us to write about such attractive but also successful athletes.

These guys deserve all the attention they get on social media and television because of their stunning looks and appealing personalities.

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