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21 Hottest Male Soccer Players (2023) Sexiest Pics Ranked

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 30, 2023

Our team at Total Shape got into a bit of a social media debate with readers a while ago about who the hottest soccer players were and how much these lists have changed in the last couple of years.

Some of that is due to some exceptionally talented young players coming to fame, but we found that there are quite a few older players that still rank high with male and female fans.

So, we got our readers to vote on the most handsome soccer players to come up with an unbiased list.

Here's what you all told us.

The Hottest Male Soccer Players

Here's our list of the sexiest and most handsome soccer players in the world.

21. Dele Alli


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Dele Alli's athletic build, combined with a confident swagger, adds a layer of attractiveness that resonates with fans.

Whether he's masterfully maneuvering the ball in the midfield or casually interacting off the field, Dele's natural good looks and stylish flair shine through.

20. Alexis Sánchez


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Alexis Sánchez, a 31-year-old forward for the Chilean national team and Manchester United, has become a sensation not only for his fierce playing style but also for his striking appearance.

Known as a soccer stud, Sánchez possesses a charming smile that lights up the field and a beautifully sculpted body that adds to his allure.

19. Neymar Jr.

And the final one for our list is another Brazilian soccer star that probably requires no introductions.

He has had huge success with Paris Saint Germain and his national team, but he wows his fans with an exceptional sense of style that the French seem to have rubbed off on him.

18. Gerard Pique

Gerard is classed as one of Spain's best defenders, and he's had a lot of success with his national team and FC Barcelona.

And while he's had a long and successful career, he's no stranger to showing off his good looks in a business suit.

17. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

Here's one of the younger additions to our list of most handsome soccer players, and this Chelsea and England midfielder who has also had his UEFA Champions League success cut short after an injury in 2019.

That hasn't spoiled his smile, though.

16. Mathew Leckie

Matthew is our player from Australia, and you can see by his Instagram feed why he's so popular with females.

Unfortunately, he's happily married to a woman who could be a supermodel, and they have a daughter together.

15. Ola Toivonen

Ola is the tallest player on our list, standing 6'2" and making himself quite a forceful striker.

Along with that height comes a ripped body and an incredibly handsome face. Combine that with his blond hair and that Viking look, and you get why so many people voted for him.

14. José Carvallo

José is one of our most handsome soccer players from Peru and is the only goalkeeper on this list.

It's those piercing dark eyes along with a very strong build that has so many of our readers swooning over him.

13. Philippe Coutinho


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A post shared by Philippe Coutinho (@phil.coutinho)

Philippe Coutinho is a Brazilian professional footballer who made his international debut for the Brazilian national team in 2010 at just 18 years old.

Even though he's a few years older now, he still has those boyish looks and an amazing smile to attract attention.

12. Arkadiusz Milik

Arkadiusz is a Polish professional footballer, and any FIFA gamers might recognize him from the 2016 video game.

He's one of the taller strikers in the football world, and that has been one of his big attractions off the pitch as well.

11. Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez

Suárez is a professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder and is commonly known as Isco.

Having spent all his career in Spain and most recently with Real Madrid, it's no surprise a lot of our Spanish readers pushed him this far up the list.

10. Filip Kostić

Just making it into our top ten list is Filip from Serbia.

You might mistake his innocent looks off the pitch, but he has been extremely successful in the German Bundesliga and on the international stage.

9. Ignazio Abate

Here is the Italian stallion on our list of the most handsome soccer players. He has an exceptionally athletic build and physique that didn’t just help him become such a great defender. His career ended at quite an early stage, but he's now involved in coaching young AC Milan players.

Sorry to say for all those living in hope, but Ignazio is married with kids.

8. Lukas Podolski

Lukas is one of Germany's star players, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that he has started branching out into the world of fashion.

Being in great physical shape and with that smile, he manages to turn the heads of most fans on and off the ball [2].

7. Olivier Giroud

Olivier is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Chelsea.

At 33 years old, he's at the prime of his career for both Chelsea and his national team. Some say it's the beard, while others think it's a ripped body that is regularly on show.

6. Fabian Johnson

Fabian is the first American soccer player on our list, and he has made quite a name for himself at Borussia Mönchengladbach in Germany.

He was born in Germany but decided to represent the USA, much to the delight of American fans who were looking for more than soccer talents.

5. James Rodriguez

James is a professional footballer who plays for the Colombian national team and spent many years playing for Real Madrid before moving to Everton and then Al-Rayyan SC in Qatar.

Between his boyish smile and incredible physical fitness, we could see him moving up the ranks of the most handsome players.

4. Lionel Messi


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Argentina's Messi is another household name, and while he has gone through a few controversial situations on the pitch, he still carries exceptionally handsome good looks.

Fortunately for all fans, this handsome soccer player is young enough to entertain our eyes for a while longer. Even with age, we're pretty sure this man will age like fine wine and continue to be a sight to behold.

3. David Beckham


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A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham)

This English former professional footballer requires no introduction. While the saying always was "bend it like Beckham," he still has that impact on fans turning their heads in disbelief whenever they see him in public.

And despite having retired from the game, soccer fans from around the world still use his skills as a yardstick for newcomers.

“I don't have time for hobbies. At the end of the day, I treat my job as a hobby. It's something I love doing.”

- David Beckham

2. Sergio Ramos

Sergio is a Spanish professional footballer, one of the country's most accomplished goal scorers, and the most capped player in the history of the Spain national team.

Between the tan, the tattoos, and the chiseled abs, he has fully deserved a spot on this list of most handsome footballers.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


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A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

Cristiano Ronaldo is possibly the most recognizable soccer player in the world.

No matter where this Portuguese professional footballer goes, he draws the attention of thousands of people around him.

And it's not just his soccer skills that make him so popular. His ripped body has been under close scrutiny by his female fans [1].

Who Is Your Best Looking Player On The Soccer Pitch?

We weren't overly surprised that Cristiano Ronaldo ended up being our hottest soccer player because there was an overwhelming amount of votes from our readers.

As a personal fitness coach, I can say that all of the above men are exceptionally fit, but I'm sure younger players will come along to take some spots on this list.

For our readers who wish to achieve as ripped bodies as these sportsmen have, I can only advise you to supplement rigorous diet and exercise with some of the best fat burners on the market and be persistent.

They are not magic pills that will turn you into Christiano Ronaldo, but they can sure get that ideal a little more realistic and achievable.


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