Is Eddie Hall Natty or on Steroids? (His Confession)

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Eddie Hall, the world’s former strongest man titleholder, is best known for his record-breaking 500-kilogram deadlift, which he set in 2016.

Ironically, this incredible feat led to speculation, and Eddie Hall stands at the crossroads of admiration and controversy.

As a fitness expert who has studied various strongmen and athletes, I have decided to look deeper into Eddie’s story.

With a record-shattering deadlift that pushes the boundaries of human strength, one wonders: could there be some form of “enhancement” at play?

4 Reasons Why Eddie Hall Might Be On Anabolic Steroids

Is Eddie Hall on Steroids

Hall's progress throughout his strongman career was stunning. Although we cannot make a definitive claim that Eddie Hall used anabolic steroids, some observations may suggest so.

1. Unnatural Recovery Before Deadlifting Record

Some would argue that no one would be naturally strong enough to jump from 465 kgs to 500 kgs on the same day without hormone therapy.

Given that his first lift that day was a record Eddie Hall pulled off, and he still had the strength to lift 500 kgs only later that day could indicate possible use of PEDs.

After a contest, most athletes and bodybuilders break from hitting the gym (around one week).

The reason is that extremely heavy lifts put a massive strain on your central nervous system (henceforth, CNS), requiring your body to take a heavy breather before going into more-than-average strenuous activities.

2. Abnormal Shoulder Strength

Eddie Hall boasts some of the strongest shoulders among his strongmen. I noticed something very peculiar about his Axle Press in the 2017 Europe’s Strongest Man.

Other strongmen used a knee jerk to get the loaded axle bar above their shoulders for the initial push. But Eddie Hall performed a strict press with all his attempts (including his record-breaking attempt of 216 kgs).

Some say his height could have given him an advantage. Yet, such shoulder power without a knee jerk could indicate the use of PEDs to tackle this event. You can watch the video here.

3. Abnormal Physique

man showing off his sweaty body muscles

In my years of bodybuilding, I’ve admired many physiques, but Eddie’s is a standout. His wide frame and large chest, even post-weight loss, echo the questions that often buzzed in the locker rooms - is it all natural, or is there a secret sauce?

Most bodybuilders who have achieved such hypertrophy have taken anabolic steroids.

Given Hall’s weight loss, he has still maintained a relatively large chest, indicating excessive steroid use.

His current workout focused mainly on cutting weight, yet Eddie Halls seems to have kept his chest size.

4. Nose Bleed During 500 kgs Deadlift

A common indicator of anabolic steroid use is nose-bleeds when lifting a heavyweight [1].

During Hall’s world record 500 kgs deadlift attempt, I noticed that he almost immediately suffered from a nosebleed at the top of his deadlift.

Given that nosebleeds are a sign of testosterone use in many athletes, I’d say that it could indicate possible PED use [2].

Despite the controversy surrounding his physique and performance, it's important to note the role anabolic-androgenic steroids play in enhancing muscle protein synthesis and strength gains, along with their associated health risks.

Eddie Hall's History and Training

eddie hall portrait image

As a teenager, he played rugby and participated in competitive swimming.

He claims that the most significant change in his life came about in 2008 when he started lifting heavy at the gym.

His diet required him to consume 12,000 calories a day, and during his peak, he trained six times a week [3].

He used explosive training to build his fast-twitch muscle fibers, something he claims helped with his overall strength [4].

After his deadlift record, according to the latest news, he decided to retire from the annual World's Strongest Man contest and focus on boxing.

"I can honestly say, in all my time as a sports scientist, I've never worked with an athlete quite like him. He's unique.”

- Dr. Peter Jones, Scientist at Staffordshire University

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Eddie Hall's Best Feats

In July 2016, Eddie Hall pulled off the world record deadlift of 500 kg at the World Deadlift, a lift most would consider impossible without performance-enhancing drugs.

In a YouTube video, he explained that he had to mentally picture himself in a situation that would lead to an adrenaline rush, enabling his body to perform at its peak capacity—this is what enabled him to pull 500 kgs.

Breaking world lifting records without steroids is possible. However, finding the right workout roadmap is key to making this happen. To naturally maximize your full potential, watch our Free "Saiyan Unleashed" Masterclass. In this video, Total Shape coach Benedict Ang reveals exactly how to get incredibly shredded and insanely muscular without being a slave to the gym or using steroids.

Eddie Hall was also 2017’s reigning world’s strongest man but could not defend his world's strongest man title in future events.

Having watched this one on YouTube, I noticed that he was neck to neck with Brian Shaw and Hafþór Björnsson, but he won. He dominated the following events: Atlas Stones, Plane Pulls, Deadlifts, and Viking Press.


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