Are Hodgetwins Natty Or Not? (Truth About Steroids)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Keith and Kevin Hodge, aka the Hodgetwins, are amateur bodybuilders who have built a huge online following around their YouTube channel.

Initially, they focused on entertaining fitness and health-related videos, but the channel is now more of a comedy outlet for quite literally any kind of topic.

The guys are very ripped, but when you see some of their video advice, especially about eating junk food, it does make you wonder if they use anabolic steroids.

As a fitness trainer, I wanted to find out the truth, so I spent two weeks going through YouTube videos and social media posts from the past 10+ years to see if we could find some evidence of anabolic drug use.

Quick Summary

  • The Hodgetwins might not be on steroids, but their bodies have toned up thanks to a strict diet and hitting the gym at least four days a week.
  • The Hodgetwins might be taking supplements that boost their muscle growth and enhance their performance while exercising.
  • A fast bulking process and vascular physiques, with reported steroid users showing a larger mean area for each fiber type than non-users (P < 0.05), are signs that make people think the Hodgetwins are on steroids.
  • While there's no evidence of the Hodgetwins taking steroids, they could have obtained their muscular physique by other medical means.

Hodge Twins Stats

  • Born: September 17, 1975
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 203 to 210 lbs

Other than their height and weight, the Hodgetwins don't seem to be public about the body measurements.


What Would It Take To Bulk Up Like The Hodgetwins?

woman using a gym machine, and a wrap of healthy food and measuring tape in a plate

To bulk up like the Hodgetwins, it's essential to focus on a clean diet, consistent and challenging training, and prioritize optimal recovery.

1. Diet & Supplements

The first piece of advice you need to follow is that what you eat will dictate your bulking success. Not only does your diet have to be 100% clean, but you'll also need to eat a lot more healthy carbs and protein [4].

And to get as much out of every single workout, you'll also need to consider taking natural pre-workout and testosterone booster supplements. These should give you enough of a boost in performance, recovery, and muscle-building to get you to your goals a bit faster.

You could also speed things up a bit in a natural and healthy way by taking a legal steroid alternative.

2. Tough Training

The majority of guys who start bodybuilding eventually give up on the natty approach because it's hard and takes a long time. To look like the Hodgetwins, you'd have to lift weights five times a week and plan to do that for at least five years.

And the truth is that many folks would rather spend money on steroids than exert effort at the gym.

3. Optimal Recovery

In my experience, one of the most ignored aspects of training among many people is recovery.

Your muscles need ample rest after every workout so they can perform at maximum capacity during your next workout.

Do The Hodgetwins Take Steroids?

It's unclear whether the Hodgetwins take steroids, as their physique doesn't appear to be at professional bodybuilder levels, and they've discussed safe steroid use in some of their videos.

At one point, the Hodge Twins focused their social media posts and advice a lot more on fitness and health than on entertainment.


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Looking at their physique from social media posts and YouTube videos, I don't see how their physiques are even close to professional IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness)  levels of bulking.

Nevertheless, you don't have to be built like Arnie to have taken banned substances. I've seen plenty of steroid users who don't look like they're taking any juice.

The YouTubers themselves have posted several videos about steroids where they talk about taking them safely.

Keith and Kevin also joke about taking different types of steroids, but in the same video, they also list out the reasons they are natty.

Why Do People Believe The Hodgetwins Take Anabolic Steroids?

An abdominal muscles

People believe the Hodgetwins use anabolic steroids based on physical signs, but these signs can have alternative explanations.

1. Extreme Vascularity

According to a review on PubMed, anabolic drugs may cause your veins to become a lot more visible even when you're not working out [1].

Looking at the Hodgetwins in their studio or other random posts that don't involve bodybuilding techniques, I wouldn't say they have extreme vascularity.

What they have is achievable by natural means and easy to obtain through exercise, diet, and supplements for vascularity.

2. Large Breast Tissue

According to the Cleveland Clinic, regular steroid usage can also cause most people to start developing soft breast tissue [2].

While the Hodge Twins have ripped pecs right now, I did see a few older photos from when they started bulking, and it does look like they might have dealt with these effects, at least for a while.

Some might say, this is a result of anabolic steroid usage, however, gynecosmatia (male enlarged breast tissue) can also be caused by various non-steroid medications [3].

3. Fast Bulking Process

One of the dead giveaways of taking anabolic drugs is a sudden increase in muscle mass and the ability to lift significantly more than before [4].

Now, once I watched a few of their training videos, I actually thought they might have taken steroids because they weren't lifting huge amounts.

But looking at photos from their twenties, they did get big quite fast. And to maintain their muscles now in their 40s would also be difficult even with the right genetics.

Were The Hodgetwins Tested For Steroid Use?


There is no available evidence to suggest that the Hodgetwins have been tested for steroid use.

They haven't competed in any major events where strict drug testing protocols would have been in place.

They also haven't spoken about taking a steroid test, but that doesn't mean that they didn't at some point in the past.

So, what could explain their muscle gain?

Did the Hodgetwins Go on TRT?

It is likely that the Hodgetwins went on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) to help them achieve and maintain their muscular gains, although we cannot confirm this with absolute certainty. That, combined with their genetics, helped them obtain lean and ripped physiques.

Unlike anabolic steroids, which pump high levels of testosterone into your body, TRT uses very tiny doses of testosterone to combat low levels.

So, based on my observation of the Hodgetwins' physique over the years, they most likely went on TRT at a certain point and continued it till this day. This explains how they're able to maintain their physiques at their current age.

"Do whatever the f*** you wanna do!"

- Hodgetwins Catchphrase


Are the Hodgetwins Identical?

Yes, the Hodgetwins are identical. They have mentioned this in several interviews, and looking at their physical shape and face is enough to prove that it would be difficult for you to tell them apart.

Do the Hodgetwins Have Health Issues Due to Steroids?

No, there isn't any evidence that the Hodgetwins have had health issues due to steroid usage. Skin conditions and even kidney failure are quite common with anabolic drugs, which would come to light one way or another.


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