Is Conor Mcgregor On Steroids Or Natural? (Revealed)

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
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Last updated: May 20, 2024
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Conor McGregor is a highly controversial MMA fighter and not just for his outspoken "I don't give a crap" mentality. The Irishman has fought in some of the toughest battles across multiple weight classes in both UFC and boxing.

And the combination of that attitude and ability to bulk up muscle mass for different fights has led many critics to conclude that he must be on steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

To see whether there's any truth to that, our team spent a month researching everything we could find about his amateur fighting days all the way up to facing the toughest professional fighters.

Here's what we found.

Does Conor McGregor Take Steroids?

Conor has always claimed that he doesn't take steroids, and his physical shape, ferocity, and aggression in the octagon are all down to a work ethic that has been drilled into him since he was a teenager.

One thing that many critics highlight is his sudden success in UFC after his first amateur fight at 18.

But what that ignores is that he started going to a boxing gym when he was just 12 and spent his entire youth working on his strength and physique [1].

Why Do People Believe Conor McGregor Takes Steroids?

Back view of a muscular man doing lat pulls

In my time as a fitness trainer, I've come across many athletes who were wrongly accused of using steroids. Similarly, there's no concrete evidence suggesting that Conor McGregor, known for his fierce fighting style, is on performance-enhancing drugs.

To see if there was any physical evidence that McGregor took steroids, we went through thousands of photos and Twitter posts.

1. Extreme Vascularity

Steroids have a common side effect that causes veins to swell up even when you're not exercising [2].

When you watch UFC fighters like McGregor, Nate Diaz, and Dustin Poirier in the octagon, they are pumped up, and the veins are popping. But I couldn’t find any photos of Conor where he was just relaxing and still had that extreme vascularity.

2. Large Breast Tissue

Gynecomastia is another common side effect of long-term use of steroids [3]. This is soft and fatty tissue similar to female breasts and is difficult to manage.

One thing I'd have to say for sure is that UFC athletes like McGregor don't have that kind of flabby breast tissue. And I couldn't find any old photos before he turned pro where he showed signs of this.

3. Fast Bulking Process

This is one area where there might be some valid questions about his steroid use. He moved to a heavier weight division on numerous occasions, especially before the Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas [4].

And he achieved that in a relatively short space of time, which could be an indication of having taken steroids [5].

More on this shortly.

Conor McGregor's Stats And Accomplishments

  • Born: July 14, 1988
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 155 lbs

Ever since his very first fight, McGregor has attracted attention from everyone, including Dana White and Joe Rogan. And since that day in 2013, he has fought 28 times, won 22 fights, and knocked his opponents out 19 times [6].

That's quite a statistic for an Irishman who could have ended up being a plumber [7].

Is Conor McGregor's Transformation Possible Without Drugs?

A man doing bicycle workout

Yes. From my personal experience in the fitness world, I can vouch that achieving a physique like McGregor's without steroids is entirely possible. It's all about dedication, the right training, and nutrition.

But you have to be prepared for a long and hard road and a level of dedication that the majority of athletes don't have.

But if you're not planning to be at the center of a UFC fight in Las Vegas, then you can still take a lot of what McGregor does in and out of the gym to achieve an extremely high level of fitness.

And it all comes down to workout routine and diet.  Let me explain.

What Would It Take To Bulk Up Like McGregor?

Yellow pills scattered on the table

There are two parts to achieving a ripped body.

1. Diet & Supplements

First of all, you have to stick with a clean plant based diet that focuses on healthy complex carbs and plenty of protein [8]. The goal here is to provide enough energy for all the heavy weight lifting and the protein to help build up your muscle mass.

But there is a way to speed this process up a bit. Aside from taking whey protein shakes to recover faster, you could also use a bulking stack of legal steroids.

We recommend products containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs to trigger natural testosterone production. They don’t work as fast as traditional steroids, but they are legal and quite effective.

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2. Tough Training

This is something that most people underestimate. To become ripped like McGregor, you'll need to head to the gym for at least 90 minutes a day, five times a week.

Not only that, but you'll have to keep that up for five years without having major breaks from the workout routine and diet. And that's why so many amateur and professional athletes get tempted by steroids.

Conor McGregor's Training Regimen

Having trained alongside some top athletes, I've observed that many, like Conor McGregor, employ a multifaceted training regimen to stay in peak condition. It's all about mixing disciplines and keeping the body guessing.

His training incorporates a blend of disciplines, including boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and kickboxing, to develop a well-rounded skill set.

McGregor's striking prowess is honed through intense pad work and sparring sessions, where he perfects his precision, power, and timing.

McGregor dedicates significant time to his conditioning, utilizing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and plyometrics to improve his cardiovascular endurance.

Diet and Nutrition

Conor McGregor's diet is a key component of his athletic success and physical appearance. His nutrition plan emphasizes lean proteins like chicken, fish, and lean beef, complemented by a variety of vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals.

He also includes complex carbohydrates to fuel his demanding training regimen. McGregor is known for his meticulous weight management, adhering to strict portion control to stay within his weight class.

Was Conor McGregor Tested For Steroid Use?

Syringe filled with blue liquid

Yes, McGregor would have had to be tested for steroid use on many occasions, both in UFC and boxing.

And there have been a few fighters like Jon Jones who have had a positive result and faced disqualification and sanctions [9].

None of those tests that McGregor has submitted came back positive, so there is good reason to believe that he is a natural fighter.

Ahead of his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier, he was also highly critical of the Anti-Doping Agency and Nate Diaz, who blamed a failed drug test on a contaminated supplement [10].

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"Jeff Novitzky, how come the public isn't told about positive tests anymore? How after the Nate Diaz steroid debacle, where he produced his own nutrition companies tainted multivitamin, was instantly cleared prior to a mega-money fight, are we now in the dark on test results?"

- Conor McGregor


Has Conor McGregor Retired?

Yes, Conor McGregor has retired from UFC. However, he has done so over 50 times before through various ways of public announcements.

Does Conor McGregor Have Health Issues Due to Steroids?

No, Conor McGregor doesn't have health issues due to steroids. Some of these issues can be serious skin conditions like acne and problems with kidney function that would make staying fit very difficult.


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