Is Bajheera on Steroids or Natural? (Revealed)

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Last updated: July 17, 2024
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Jackson Bilton, aka Bajheera, is a YouTuber and Twitch gamer. He’s grown a strong base of fans and viewers for his gaming content. He’s also a fitness enthusiast and frequently posts workout videos.

Even as a full-time gamer, he has made some incredible gains and won two bodybuilding competitions.

I’ve trained many people who’ve desired to have a body like Bajheera’s. And based on Bajheera’s lifestyle, I suspect his training regimen may have involved steroid use.

As a certified personal trainer, I’m going to analyze his physique and pick out some observable signs that could indicate his potential use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Quick Summary

  • Bajheera, a YouTuber and Twitch gamer known for his fitness enthusiasm, appears to be natural, having won bodybuilding competitions that conduct drug tests.
  • Speculations about Bajheera using steroids arise from his extremely shredded abs and hair loss, common indicators often associated with steroid use.
  • Bajheera's daily diet includes 3,500 calories, comprising 475g of carbs, 80g of fat, and 200g of protein, to maintain his lean physique.
  • Personally, I believe Bajheera's dedication to fitness and his consistent training and diet regimen are key factors in achieving his impressive physique naturally.

Bajheera’s Stats

  • Age: 33 (born on 16 January, 1990)
  • Height: 6'5" (1.95 m)
  • Weight: 90 (198 lbs)


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On September 3, 2018, Bajheer placed first in the tall class of the Muscle Beach Championship.

He also won first place and became pro-qualified at the 2018 Musclemania California Championship.

Having achieved Rank 1 as a World of Warcraft competitor and winning bodybuilding content, he holds the status of one of the fittest gamers on the planet.

Since Bajheera is more famous in the gaming community than he is in the fitness community, there isn’t much official information about his body stats. Perhaps once he gets a stronger following in the fitness community, we’ll have more information on this.

Can You Obtain Bajheera’s Strength and Physique Naturally?

Yes, you can obtain Bajheera's strength and physique naturally by following three basic principles: lifting heavy, eating clean, and managing macros. If one has the genetics to build lean muscle and shred fat, achieving a physique like Bajheera's is feasible, especially with natural supplements, which avoid the adverse effects of steroids.

If you have the genetics to put on a good amount of lean muscle and shred fat, you can look like Bajheera. And it’s better to do so with natural supplements so you don’t suffer the adverse effects of steroids.

The best way to do this is by taking a natural bulking stack. It’s a clean and natural way to enhance your muscular and strength development.

Signs That Bajheera Might Be On Steroids

shirtless man and a man with hair loss

Extremely Shredded Abs

I closely observed Bajheera’s physique during his 2018 bodybuilding contest. His highly shredded abs stood out to me. They look like abs found on a professional bodybuilder who takes steroids.

Getting a set of abs like that requires maintaining a very low level of body fat while bulking your ab muscles.

According to a study from the WebMD website, steroids like clenbuterol have powerful fat-burning effects and raise your metabolic rate [1]. They’re usually taken alongside other PEDs or anabolic steroids to build lean muscle while burning fat.

Bajheera’s abs seem to raise questions as to whether he possibly took PEDs to develop such a shredded look.

Hair Loss Over the Years

One of the first things you’ll notice about Bilton (other than his jacked physique) is his baldness. If you look at his videos before he began bodybuilding seriously and compare them to his current ones, you’ll notice that he’s lost more hair on his head.

According to the Wimpole Clinic website, steroid misuse can lead to hair loss [2]. Perhaps, Bajheera’s hair loss over the years could be a result of taking steroids. But it could also be genetic, so we cannot say for sure.

What Would It Take To Bulk Up Like Bajheera?

man eating a salad bowl shirtless, close up image of medicine pills

It would take being on a specific diet and supplement regimen to bulk up, like Bajheera. He consumes 3,500 calories daily, including 475g of carbs, 80g of fat, and 200g of protein.

Diet & Supplements

Bajheera consumes 3,500 calories a day to get lean. He consumes 475 grams of carbs, 80 grams of fat, and 200 grams of protein.

He begins the day with a pre-workout and BCAA for men. After his workout, he takes one scoop of protein powder, followed by a meal.

Bajheera generally keeps his meals simple with chicken, rice, and vegetables. He recommends that you track your calories and macros. Also, he ends with a pint of ice cream at night as a treat.

Tough Training

Bajheera weight trains three times a week, with the remaining days being rest days. The first day focuses on the legs, the second on the chest and back, and the third on the arms and shoulders. He works each exercise with different rep ranges, leaving one to two reps in the tank for each set. In other words, there is no weight training until failure.

For cardio, he goes for a 35–40 minute walk with his wife.

You can find more detailed videos on his workouts and fitness training advice on his YouTube channel.

Was Bajheera Ever Tested for Steroid Use?

There is no official statement confirming that Bajheera tested for steroid use. However, given his participation and success in bodybuilding contests, it is likely that he may have undergone such testing.

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How Does Bajheera Make Time for the Gym and Gaming?

Bajheera makes time for the gym and gaming by setting his health and fitness goals as his daily priority. This approach allows him to balance both activities effectively.

Does Bajheera Claim to Be Natty?

No, Bajheera claims not to be natty. He has even shared a video titled to assert that his transformation was achieved naturally.

Does Bajheera Have Health Issues Due to Steroids?

No, Bajheera does not have health issues due to steroids. He appears to be quite healthy.

What Are the Key Elements of Bajheera's Workout Routines?

The key elements of Bajheera's workout routines include a mix of high-intensity strength training and cardio exercises. His focus is on compound movements, varied rep ranges, and consistent progression to maximize fitness results.

How Does Bajheera Approach Nutrition for Muscle Gain?

Bajheera approaches nutrition for muscle gain with a structured plan balancing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. He emphasizes consuming a calorie surplus of nutrient-dense foods and maintains a disciplined meal schedule to fuel his intense workouts.

How Does Bajheera's Physique Compare to Other Fitness Influencers?

Compared to other fitness influencers, Bajheera's physique is distinguished by its balanced muscle development and definition, achieved through natural bodybuilding techniques. His fitness and body composition approach mirrors other influencers who focus on natural methods and holistic wellness.

What Role Does Genetics Play in Bajheera's Bodybuilding Progress?

Genetics plays a significant role in Bajheera's bodybuilding progress, affecting muscle growth potential, metabolism, and body composition. However, his training and nutrition commitment also greatly influence his physique development.

How Does Bajheera Balance Fitness and Gaming?

Bajheera balances fitness and gaming by prioritizing time management, setting clear goals, and maintaining a disciplined routine. His success in both fields highlights the importance of mental focus and dedication in achieving multiple goals.


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