Is Tyler1 On Steroids or Natural? (The Truth Revealed)

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Last updated: November 23, 2023
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Tyler Steinkamp, aka Tyler1, is one of the most popular online streamers on Twitch. He's most famous for playing Riot Games' League of Legends, but he has attracted quite a bit of controversy.

What I was more interested in was his physical shape, which has led a lot of League players in the Legends community to accuse Tyler1 of using anabolic steroids.

He certainly is a big man for a gamer, but I had my suspicions that accusations of verbal abuse and player harassment had more to do with him being labeled as a steroid user.

So, our team spent a couple of weeks going through his social profiles to see if I could find any evidence.

Quick Summary

  • Tyler1 isn't on steroids despite numerous people accusing him of taking steroids, but no positive drug tests turned up.
  • The large breast tissues, extreme vascularity, and fast bulking process are some things that made people suspect Tyler1 is on steroids.
  • Tyler1 states that tough training, eating a nutritious diet, and some muscle-building supplements.

Does Tyler1 Take Steroids?

The one thing that a lot of League of Legends gamers say about Tyler1 is that he would flip into anger and rage within seconds if things didn't go his way.

They labeled him a toxic player, and Riot Games banned him several times for having multiple accounts, account sharing, and harassing other teammates.

And that’s where a lot of people jumped to the immediate conclusion that his testosterone was too high, leading him to struggle with mood swings.

Then there's the solid shoulder muscle mass and impressive biceps that a lot of folks are jealous of.

It also seems like he completely ignores the accusations of taking banned drugs, which has further fueled the rumors.

Why Do People Believe He Takes Steroids?

man with muscles

When athletes take controlled substances like injectable and oral steroids, there are a few common symptoms that are also common in medical steroid treatment.

Extreme Vascularity

Bodybuilders are always looking for those popping veins, and when you get full pumps, it's a great look to aim for. But taking steroid drugs on a regular basis can influence vascularity resulting in those popping veins even when you're not working out [1].

Having reviewed dozens of videos and photos of Tyler1 over the past few years, I couldn't find any that show such vascularity.

Large Breast Tissue

Don't mistake this for the visual impact of large pecs. Men that take large steroid drug doses on a regular basis can end up with soft and fatty breast tissue [2]. Since Tyler1 almost always wears a tank top or a tight t-shirt, such man boobs would be quite obvious. But I couldn't find any such evidence.

Fast Bulking Process

Tyler1 has talked a few times about spending a lot of time at the gym and doing workouts at home. With steroid use, there can be a drastic increase in muscle mass [3]. But this popular streamer seems to have gone through a more gradual bulking process that lasted many years.

"Honestly... it's fine he'll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids... then we'll be gucci."

- Aaron Rutledge, Riot Games Employee, & Developer

Tyler1's Stats

  • Born: March 7, 1995
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 127 lbs

What Would It Take To Bulk Up Like Tyler1?

man holding a bowl of salad and another holding dumbbells

There are two important parts to bulking up without resorting to banned substances.

Diet & Supplements

Some say that you build muscles in the kitchen, and there's a lot of truth to that. You'll need to eat a lot of healthy carbs and consume a lot more protein than normal to fuel your workouts and recovery [4].

Beyond just taking protein shakes after training, you can also fast-track your progress a bit with good natural T-boosters formulated for men. These are based on minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and herbs that trigger natural processes in your body for higher T-levels.

It's entirely possible to get into that kind of shape with the right combination of diet and exercise. It’s also possible to get results faster with natural and legal alternatives to anabolic steroids for men.

Tough Training

Tyler1 isn't a huge bodybuilder, but it would still take working out four to five days a week for five or more years to get into that kind of ripped shape.

And that's why so many athletes try to take shortcuts with anabolic drugs.

Was He Ever Tested For Steroid Use?

I couldn't find any evidence that Tyler1 ever got tested for steroids. But that shouldn't come as a surprise.

Riot Games and other gaming companies don't have rules in place like professional sports, and since he's not a professional athlete who competes in official events, there wouldn't have been any need for him to get tested for drugs.


Did tyler1 Ever Admit to Taking Steroids?

No, Tyler1 didn't admit to taking steroids. There have been plenty of accusations, but he seems to ignore the majority of them, making it difficult to tell if he's got hard feelings towards those accusations.

Does tyler1 Have Health Issues Due to Steroids?

No, Tyler1 doesn't have health issues due to steroid use. Health problems like kidney and liver damage or testicular cancer would become obvious, and he still looks very fit and healthy.


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