Is Chris Bumstead Natural or on Steroids (Revealed)

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
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Last updated: June 22, 2024
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Chris Bumstead's physique sparks curiosity and speculation—is it the result of relentless effort, genetics, or something else entirely?

From my experience training with plenty of folks, I can tell you that a body like Bumstead's might look too good to be true.

Let's face it—those are just assumptions. We don't have concrete proof that Chris is using steroids, and it's entirely possible for someone to achieve that classic physique without any enhancements.

Read on to uncover the secret behind Bumstead's well-built physique. The truth might surprise you.

Does Chris Bumstead Show Any Common Signs Of Steroid Use?

I've been there, so I get it. Chris Bumstead shows signs that might make you think "steroids." But hey, only a blood test can really tell if someone's using performance enhancers.

Still, there are clues to spot if someone's likely using androgenic anabolic steroids for that classic bodybuilder look.

Here are the key signs that suggest steroid use.


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1. Huge Muscle Mass and 3D Shoulders

A guy in the gym with a good physique

Super-defined shoulders often hint at steroid use, as natural building takes much longer. Steroids, by boosting testosterone, can quickly enlarge bodybuilder shoulders. This is due to more androgen receptors in the delts, which respond to testosterone by enhancing muscle synthesis [1].

Steroids typically cause muscle striations and bloating, but take Chris Bumstead’s lean look – he has no bloating, just a classic bodybuilder physique with a small waist and prominent shoulders.

The size and shape of his 3D shoulders and clear signs of muscle striations (mostly on his chest) make Chris Bumstead suspicious of using steroids or at least their legal alternative, including additional testosterone.

For those aiming for a natural, steroid-free build like Chris, check out our "Saiyan Unleashed" Masterclass by Total Shape coach Benedict Ang, offering tips on getting fit without excessive gym time or strict diets.


2. Acne

A guy experiencing acne breakout on the face

Androgenic steroids often cause fluctuations in hormones, such as growth hormones, stimulating the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Oily skin commonly leads to pores blocked with dirt or bacteria, resulting in acne or blemishes [2].

If you take a closer look at his social media photos, you’ll probably notice that Chris Bumstead has mild acne breakouts on different body parts (commonly reported among Trenbolone users and other growth hormones).

Still, it looks far from the severe side effect steroid users may experience and doesn’t automatically mean he’s taking steroids. Plus, his young age and puberty might have caused acne.

3. Flushed Skin

A topless man with flushed skin

Another common side effect of steroids is flushed skin.

Steroids typically raise LDL cholesterol levels, increasing the core body’s temperature and blood pressure because the body’s struggling to cool down to its normal temperature [3].

It makes your skin look flushed and red as after a hot bath.

While the skin color of a natural bodybuilder is pink when in a sauna or working out, a bodybuilder using steroids often has a red chest and other body parts, even if not working out.

Still, it proves nothing since it doesn’t look so severely red as the skin of some other bodybuilders who undoubtedly abuse steroids.

4. Tests

A close up shot of a syringe used for testing

The only surefire way to know if someone's on steroids is a drug test. So, does the IFBB turn a blind eye to steroids?

The IFBB organization officially doesn’t allow steroids in its competitions. However, it does not have a strict drug-testing policy as some pros even admitted to using illegal drugs.

Here’s what he says about his passion for the “classic” look as the reigning Classic Physique Champion:

“Physique wise switching to the Classic division drove my passion through the roof, thinking now of symmetry aesthetics and portraying it all as a form of art through posing is such a different dynamic than just trying to be huge.”

- Chris Bumstead, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder 

Are you allowed to use steroids in Mr. Olympia's Stage? Participants in the Natural BB division of this competition get tested and aren’t allowed to use steroids. However, the competition doesn’t address the issue in the other categories.

According to the search results, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is responsible for harmonizing anti-doping policies, rules, and regulations within sports organizations and among countries [4].

Make sure to check out Chris Bumstead's workout routine and diet plan.

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