Is Chris Hemsworth on Steroids? (Revealed)

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Last updated: January 10, 2024
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Among American fitness enthusiasts, Hemsworth's use of steroids is contested, as many individuals see the signs of someone taking steroids.

The hunky star of blockbuster movies like Marvel Studios “Thor” and “Avengers: Endgame” has been the subject of intense speculation in recent years.

Over the past four weeks, I delved deep into every available resource, drawing from my extensive experience in fitness and bodybuilding, to uncover the truth behind the rumors of Chris Hemsworth using steroids.

Does Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids?

Doctor holding syringe

No, Chris Hemsworth doesn't take steroids.

Having been in circles where the use of banned substances is a common accusation, I can confidently echo the sentiment that Chris Hemsworth has remained untainted, never testing positive for any banned substances, a reflection of his commitment to natural bodybuilding.

Navigating the world of bodybuilding and physical enhancement isn’t just about the physical changes; there are legal and ethical landscapes to consider. The DEA outlines strict penalties for the illegal possession and use of steroids, raising crucial ethical questions about performance enhancement in competitive sports.

Instead, I always advise my clients to use only these recommended legal steroids for men.

That said, to prepare for filming Thor, Hemsworth had to gain a significant amount of muscle and reduce his body fat percentage.

There are a few pieces of evidence that suggest Chris Hemsworth is not on steroids.

Intense Workout Routine and Nutrition

First of all, there's the fact that his training routine is incredibly grueling and intense.

Much like my own regimen, Chris dedicates five days a week to intense training sessions. Under the guidance of Luke Zocchi, a name I hold in high regard, he lifts heavy, echoing the sweat and effort I’ve poured onto the gym floor.

For his first Thor movie, his workouts focused on compound exercises like squats and deadlifts, known for building muscle, according to Healthline [1].

Hemsworth claimed that, particularly during the shoots, maintaining his bulk was more difficult than attaining it.

He would start the movie at his largest, but he simply wouldn’t be able to stay that enormous during shoots.

Basically, he would spend the day performing on camera for 12–14 hours and then be too tired for a challenging workout.

Drawing parallels to my own rigorous dietary regimen, I can attest to Hemsworth’s 7–10 meals a day and a 4,500-calorie diet, a strategy I’ve found essential in sculpting and maintaining muscular definition.

Because of his inherent height and thinness, he must consume much more calories when preparing for his roles.

Progressive Overload

Man on a rowing machine

When my clients initially begin exercising, almost any form of training will result in strength and the build-up of lean muscle gains.

However, the early, rapid pace of "newbie gains" will slow once their body adjusts.

In order to continue making improvements, you must modify your workouts so as to gain muscle twice as much; this is known as progressive overload [2].

In addition, everyone ultimately experiences a plateau. If you continue doing what you're doing, you'll reach a point where you can no longer change, based on research published in Healthline [3].

That’s why professional bodybuilders increase weight over time which is one of the ways to achieve an athletic body. It is a straightforward approach to gradually overload.

So, if you find that you can no longer add weight and aren't seeing improvements, maybe it's time to play with volume or the total number of sets and reps you perform in a workout.

I advise my clients to try doing the opposite of what they've been doing. Change to a lighter weight and more repetitions if you've been using heavy lifts.

Realistic Muscle Gains

Another critical point is that Hemsworth wouldn't have put on only 20 pounds of muscle if he'd taken performance-enhancing drugs.

With a diet composed of the best muscle-building foods, training, recovery, and good sleep, an average person can add 1–2 lbs of lean muscle mass per month.

On the other hand, steroid users can gain 30–50 pounds a month and thus become swole. However, he was already jacked. So, he was undoubtedly naturally gifted with genetics as well and destined to play Thor.

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Newbie Muscle Mass

Man doing deadlift form

We must admit that getting results like that without using steroids is not unheard of for a newbie weightlifter.

Many of my clients experience this. However, the phase typically lasts for 6–12 months.

Hemsworth stated that he began weightlifting and bodybuilding for Thor.

It is, therefore, evident that his change was the outcome of newbie gains.

So while it's true that he probably isn't gaining muscle growth at the same rate as when he first started working out, it's entirely possible that his hard work and dedication are paying off and allowing him to maintain his impressive physique.

Why Do People Claim Chris Hemsworth Uses Steroids?

Chris Hemsworth in formal attire

People use a few key points to support their claim that Chris Hemsworth is on steroids.

Fast Results

Having undergone my own metamorphosis in the realm of fitness, I can’t help but marvel at Chris Hemsworth’s astounding body transformation, a journey that resonates deeply with my own.

Though he has always been fit, he gained immense amounts of muscle mass in such a short time.

In an interview for Men’s Health, Hemsworth revealed that Chris Hemsworth’s physique was skinny growing up and that he didn’t start working out until he was about 20 years old.

In just a few short years, he transformed his body from that of a scrawny teenager into an Adonis-like figure, which made many people wonder if it was due to taking steroids.

Joe Rogan recently defended Hemsworth on a show and talked about how much muscle mass he could gain.

The chief color commentator added that Hemsworth was able to achieve great results naturally thanks to hard work. “For sure, USADA is not knocking on Chris Hemsworth’s door.”

Drastic Body Transformation

Chris Hemsworth in the premiere of Thor

Additionally, gym-goers usually compare Hemsworth's appearances in certain movies and use that as evidence that he is taking steroids. Chris had to lose a considerable portion of his Thor mass for the movie "Rush".

Fitness expert Derek from "More Plates More Dates" thinks that the fact that Chris mentioned how challenging it was to shed muscle mass for the part was seen as a warning sign and proof that he was taking steroids while filming this movie.

On the same line, according to many people in the fitness industry, the majority cannot maintain their current level of body fat while gaining, losing, gaining, and losing back and forth 20 lbs of lean tissue.

They believe that the degree to which Chris changes between characters and between his Thor performances is highly suggestive of exogenous hormone use.

Was Chris Hemsworth Ever Tested for Steroid Use?

Doctor writing prescription

No, Chris Hemsworth was never tested for steroid use. Unlike some other Hollywood A-listers who have been caught red-handed with steroids in their possession, there is no smoking gun when it comes to Hemsworth.

In any case, in the circles I’ve moved in, transparency is a gem. Chris Hemsworth’s openness about his workout and diet mirrors my own journey, where every rep, every meal is a testament to our commitment to natural bodybuilding.

He has said that he trains for about 2 hours per day, five days per week, so it's clear that he puts in a lot of effort to maintain his impressive physique.


Did Chris Hemsworth Admit That He Is on Steroids?

No, Chris Hemsworth did not admit he is on steroids to bulk up his muscles. Hemsworth said that he has put on the muscle gradually over a period of several years through hard work and dedication in the gym. He also attributed his muscular physique to genetics.

How Long Did Chris Hemsworth’s Transformation Take?

Chris Hemsworth’s transformation took 12 months. After Thor, he claimed that he was perhaps the biggest and fittest he had ever been. He spent the entire year at home training his body.


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