Is Chad From Bachelorette On Steroids Or Natural? (Revealed)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Chad Johnson has become one of the most famous reality TV contestants. And while his good looks and charm have a lot to do with that, it's his ripped body that seems to have caused the most controversy.

Many other contestants on Bachelor In Paradise believed he was taking steroids, but I wanted to find out if there is real evidence and not just some guy-talk on a reality TV show.

As a certified personal trainer, to see if there are signs that Chad has been taking steroids, I spent a few weeks researching his body transformation in photos and videos.

Here's what I found.

Does Chad Take Steroids?

Chad Johnson isn't on steroids but has attained a toned body through protein shakes, healthy eating, and intense workouts.

From my experience as a fitness coach, I can say that Chad Johnson's physique, similar to many of my clients, is achievable without steroids. It involves a disciplined regimen of protein shakes, healthy eating, and intense workouts.

Chad, a real estate agent, made waves on The Bachelorette with his aggressive behavior and participation in group date moments, but it's time to set the record straight about his physique and whether he was able to secure the final rose naturally or with the use of steroids.

Chad Johnson was asked by Bachelorette host Chris Harrison whether the rumors about him taking steroids were true.


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It was probably Chad's vocal and threatening reaction towards Evan Bass and others on the show that then fueled the speculation [1].

He said that unless Evan and other people stop talking about the topic and spreading lies, he will chop them up.

Not surprisingly, that got him kicked off the season, and it’s understandable why people question his overreaction. In another later interview with Andy Cohen, he said this had nothing to do with roid-rage [2].

"I'm gonna have some protein shakes, keep working out, keep eating the food, and continue to do what I do.”

- Chad Johnson

Why Do People Believe Chad Takes Steroids?

man showing his back muscles

I wanted to look beyond the Bachelorette accusations to see if there was any evidence that Chad had been on steroids to get in shape.

And there are three main areas you need to look at.

1. Extreme Vascularity

Based on one of the studies found on the PubMed website, men who take anabolic drugs on a regular basis can develop very vascular veins [3]. Even when these guys are relaxing, it looks like their veins are popping out through their skin.

Having watched many videos from the different shows where he's relaxing at a pool or beach, it doesn't look like this is a problem he's dealt with.

There are also supplements for pump and vascularity that can improve the shape of his hands and make veins pop up while training.

2. Large Breast Tissue

Gynecomastia is another common issue for men on anabolic drugs, and it's essentially soft and flabby tissue around the pecs [4].

Drawing from my expertise in body transformations, I scrutinized Chad's photos from his early weightlifting days and found no signs of gynecomastia, a common side effect of steroids.

3. Fast Bulking Process

Suppose you ever see someone at the gym suddenly pile on several pounds of muscle over a few months with no major change in routine. In that case, it's a good indication that they're using performance enhancers, according to another study found on the PubMed website [5].

Reflecting on my own journey in fitness, rapid bulking can sometimes be natural. When I compared Chad's early photos to his current physique, his progress, though fast, didn't necessarily scream steroid use to me.

Chad's Stats

  • Born: August 11, 1987
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 195lbs

What Would It Take To Bulk Up Like Chad Johnson?

plate with apple, tape measure, spoon and fork, and stack of capsules

Speaking from personal experience as a fitness instructor, achieving a physique like Chad Johnson's naturally is definitely possible. It requires a dedicated approach to diet, supplements, and training.

Here's what it takes

Diet & Supplements

The first thing you need to focus on is eating a lot more healthy carbs and protein [6]. The idea is to fuel your workouts with carbs and provide the building blocks for new muscle tissue with protein. You can also add whey protein to your diet.

In addition to that, you should also consider speeding up your progress a bit with a legal steroid stack based on natural ingredients.

These are natural ingredients that aim to boost your testosterone, energy levels, and stamina enough to speed up your progress significantly.

Tough Training

The next thing you'll need to do is plan a 90-minute workout session five or six days a week. Not only that, but you'll want to plan on doing this for the next five to six years.

That's what it takes to get ripped, and it's also the main reason why so many people tend to fail and look for an easy way out.

Was Chad Tested For Steroid Use?

man using a syringe on himself

I couldn't find any evidence that Chad was tested for steroids.

He hasn't taken part in competitive sporting events, and he's not a professional bodybuilder, so there wouldn't have been a reason for testing.

And the reality shows he's featured in don't have such testing requirements either.


Is Chad from Bachelorette a Fitness Instructor?

No, Chad from Bachelorette isn't a fitness instructor. He's a real estate agent and TV personality who has made a career on reality TV shows in America and the UK.

Does Chad Have Health Issues Due to Steroids?

No, Chad doesn't have health issues due to steroids. Regular use of anabolic drugs can lead to serious issues from severe acne to kidney failure, and those would have been very noticeable in his physique.

What Is the Historical Perspective on Steroid Use in Sports?

Steroid use in sports has evolved significantly, with its origins tracing back to the 1950s when synthetic testosterone began to be used by athletes for performance enhancement. Key moments include the introduction of drug testing in the Olympics in the 1970s and the ongoing battle against doping in professional sports.

What Are the Legal and Ethical Implications of Steroid Use in Athletics?

Athletes using steroids face serious legal consequences, including bans from competitions and potential legal action, as well as ethical dilemmas related to fairness and integrity in sports. Additionally, there are significant health risks associated with steroid use, which further complicates the ethical landscape.

How Does Natural Bodybuilding Compare to Steroid-Enhanced Bodybuilding?

Natural bodybuilding focuses on building muscle and strength without the use of performance-enhancing drugs, emphasizing diet, exercise, and genetics. In contrast, steroid-enhanced bodybuilding can lead to more rapid muscle growth and recovery, but it carries significant health risks and ethical concerns.

What Is the Psychological Impact of Steroid Use on Athletes?

Steroid use can lead to psychological effects such as dependency, altered self-image, and, in some cases, mental health issues like aggression or depression. These psychological impacts are often overlooked but are crucial in understanding the full scope of steroid use consequences.

What Are the Latest Advancements in Drug Testing for Steroid Use?

Recent advancements in drug testing include more sensitive and specific methods for detecting a wide range of banned substances, including steroids. These improvements help in more effectively identifying and deterring steroid use in sports, ensuring fair play and athlete safety.


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