Is Scooby On Steroids Or Natural? (Revealed)

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Last updated: November 24, 2023
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Scooby Werkstatt is a social media star who has entered the motivational bodybuilding niche to encourage people to achieve their fitness goals.

He has spent the majority of his life immersed in the bodybuilding world, and many people have concluded that he's on steroids because of the fact that he has maintained his physique for so long.

To find out what the truth is about Scooby's possible steroid use, I spent a month researching his YoutTube and Instagram pages. After watching endless hours of videos and interviews, I had what I needed to come to a conclusion.

Quick Summary

  • Scooby Werkstatt has never been on steroids, but boosts his toned body with testosterone replacement therapy, and working out since the age of 21.
  • Post-workout, and pre-workout supplements have also boosted Scooby's exercise performance, and muscle building at large.
  • To remain in good shape like Scooby, you must regularly eat a healthy diet, and be consistent with workout routines.

Does Scooby Take Steroids?

Scooby has been bodybuilding for 30 years and has talked a few times about his testosterone replacement treatment.

This is a medical treatment that aims to bring men's T-levels back up to the normal range, especially as men naturally age and produce less testosterone [1].

This can be a sensitive subject in the fitness industry, as TRT can improve exercise performance when it's increased beyond just replacement.

You could probably argue all day long whether someone with low testosterone due to age or medical conditions is guilty of doping if he legitimately goes through TRT [2].

Why Do People Believe Scooby Takes Steroids?


Beyond the fact that he has said that he is on TRT in numerous video interviews, I had a look if there was evidence that he took other drugs in the past.

1. Extreme Vascularity

This is one of the ways I find the easiest to tell if guys have taken performance enhancers. When you see a person walk into the gym and their veins are popping before they have even looked at a set of weights, then that's likely due to the vascularity effect of anabolic drugs [3].

Scooby tends to post photos after he has completed exercises, but watching videos in his home studio doesn't reveal an extremely vascular body. Maybe he is taking supplements for vascularity while training for better pics.

2. Large Breast Tissue

Another common issue with anabolic drug use is that guys can develop soft breast tissue [4]. The more you take, the more obvious it becomes, making it almost impossible to hide.

To get a sense of how Scooby's chest area changed over the years, I got a few photos from as many years back as I could. Overall, I would point out that his pecs were always ripped and never flabby.

3. Fast Bulking Process

With the right cocktail of performance enhancers and hormones, it's possible to start bulking up muscle mass in a matter of months [5].

I had a look through Scooby's social media photos, as well as forums where people have shared old photos, and I would say that Scooby didn't bulk up particularly fast.

And in recent years, it looks like he's actually lost some muscle mass.

Scooby's Stats

  • Born: July 3, 1961
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 205lbs

What Would It Take To Bulk Up Like Scooby?

man using dumbbells and a stack of supplements

If you want to look even remotely as ripped as Scooby Werkstatt now in his 50s, you'll need to prepare yourself for a serious diet and fitness routine.

Diet & Supplements

No matter how hard you're training, if you don't have the right diet and supplements, your efforts could be wasted.

First of all, that will mean eating a lot more protein and carbs. If not, take whey protein supplements to fill out the gap.

The carbs can help fuel your muscles during workouts, and the protein helps them recover faster [6].

If you need to fast-track your progress without compromising your health, you should also consider taking a bulking stack of natural steroid alternatives.

There are more supplements based on natural and completely legal ingredients that specificaly aim to boost your testosterone, strength, and stamina. You can check our in-depth testosterone boosters review.

Tough Training

You'll need to make maximum use of your gym membership by lifting weights 90 minutes or more a day for at least five days a week. Not only that, but you'll also have to continue doing that for the next five years to approach a body like Scooby's.

It's not easy, and many people fail, which is why I recommend a bulking stack to speed up things a bit.

"You can lose fat, gain muscle, and become fit regardless of your age!" - Scooby Werkstatt.

Was Scooby Tested For Steroid Use?

man with a syringe

Based on all of my research, I couldn't find any information that Scooby Werkstatt was tested for anabolic substances in a competitive event.

It seems like he's always stuck with being a fitness coach and influencer rather than becoming a professional bodybuilder.

And in the last ten years, he's mainly focused on social media and YouTube.

So, I would say it's very unlikely that he's had to submit a sporting drug test.


Does Scooby Still Work as a Fitness Coach?

Scooby still works as a fitness coach, but not with individual clients. He mainly provides free fitness advice on his YouTube page Scooby's Workshop, where he gives tips for dieting and choosing the right exercises.

Does Scooby Have Health Issues Due to Steroid Usage?

No, Scooby doesn't have health issues from steroid usage. Long-term users can often have problems with kidney and liver damage, which would result in very visible health deterioration.


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