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Last updated: May 20, 2024
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Are you curious about the secret to Conor McGregor's incredible success in the ring?

It's a well-known fact that his dedication, hard work, and unique approach to training have led him to become one of the world's most respected and feared fighters.

As a certified personal trainer and after conducting 23-hour research, I compiled the Conor McGregor supplements list that he relies on, his workout routine, and his notorious diet plan that fuels his body for peak performance.

After reading the article, you will know exactly what to eat, how to train, and which supplement to take to perform similarly to one of the most popular octagon fighters.

Quick Summary

  • The two main supplements Conor McGregor can't live without are high-quality whey protein powder and RYSE BCAA + EAA amino acid supplement to aid in muscle growth, reduce soreness, and decrease workout fatigue.
  • RYSE Loaded Whey Protein is a staple in his diet, providing essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth while being available in various flavors.
  • Conor McGregor's workout routine consists of dynamic and flexibility routines, static stretching and flexibility routines, locomotion conditioning, and bodyweight circuit training.
  • A notorious diet consists of a well-structured meal plan, primarily made of whole foods and avoiding fast food.

Conor McGregor Supplements

A variety of supplements of Conor McGregor

To maintain his status as a top-tier MMA fighter, Conor McGregor relies on a combination of supplements, including whey protein and BCAAs, to support his intense training and recovery needs.

These supplements help him achieve muscle growth, improve his cardio workouts, maintain his performance during sparring sessions and minimize recovery periods.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into these essential Conor McGregor supplements and find out why they are crucial to his success.

"The desire to build stronger and faster athletes is never ending, and this has led to a never ending desire to unravel the science behind building better athletes. In addition, the science behind over the counter sports nutrition continues to move forward in the hopes of legally boosting athletic sports performance."

- Dustin Elliott, Certified Personal Trainer

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Whey Protein

Conor McGregor trusts RYSE Loaded Whey Protein for his protein needs, even when he indulges in a cheat meal occasionally.

This particular protein powder contains:

  • 25g of high-quality instantized whey protein per serving
  • Organic prebiotics
  • Amino acids
  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)

These added healthy fats ensure your body is supported by the right nutrients.

These ingredients support muscle growth, repair, and overall health, making RYSE Loaded Whey Protein a vital component of McGregor’s supplementation routine [1].

Not only does RYSE Loaded Whey Protein provide an excellent source of protein, but it also comes in a variety of delicious flavors, making it a tasty treat after an intense workout.

By incorporating this protein powder into his daily routine, McGregor ensures that his body receives the necessary nutrients for optimal performance, whether in the gym working on his gains or preparing for his next UFC fight.

The benefits of whey protein go beyond just muscle growth and repair; it also helps with weight loss and overall health [2].

RYSE Loaded Whey Protein powder offers the following benefits:

  • Provides essential amino acids for muscle growth and repair
  • Contains healthy fats for overall health
  • Suitable for anyone looking to improve fitness and health, including MMA fighters like McGregor


Close up shot of BCAA supplement pills of Conor McGregor

In addition to whey protein, McGregor also takes RYSE BCAA + EAA amino acid supplement to aid in muscle growth, reduce soreness, and decrease workout fatigue.

What sets this supplement apart from most great amino acid supplements is its unique combination of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs) with organic coconut water.

EAAs are critical for muscle development, and their absence in traditional BCAAs can lead to dehydration.

By incorporating RYSE BCAA + EAA into his supplementation routine, McGregor ensures that his muscles get the proper support they need for growth and recovery after an intense workout.

This supplement also helps to keep him hydrated during his training sessions, which is crucial for maintaining peak performance.

If you’re looking to improve your own fitness and performance, consider adding a BCAA + EAA supplement like RYSE into your regimen.

Here are some benefits of using this supplement:

  • Helps you develop muscles
  • Reduces soreness
  • Decreases workout fatigue
  • Keeps you hydrated throughout your training sessions

Conor McGregor Celebrity Stats/Career Highlights

  • Age: 34 years
  • Height:  1.75 m
  • Weight:  71 kg
  • Waist:  33 inches
  • Chest:  42.5 inches

His Workout Routine

Muscular man doing his regimen a gym

Conor McGregor’s workout routine is a holistic approach that includes dynamic and static stretching, locomotion conditioning, and bodyweight exercises to improve flexibility, mobility, and overall fitness.

His dedication to training at least 5 to 6 days a week and the variety of exercises he incorporates into his routine have undoubtedly contributed to his impressive UFC title fight history and fighting styles.

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A Notorious Diet for a Notorious Man

Close up shot of a healthy meal

Conor McGregor follows the Conor McGregor diet, a clean and well-structured plan, avoiding fast foods and focusing on nutrient-dense meals to fuel his body for optimal performance.

Working closely with diet expert George Lockhart, McGregor’s diet emphasizes the importance of consuming good quality meats, fish, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates, while using simple carbohydrates sparingly and only for post-workout recovery.

Some of the nutritious meals that McGregor enjoys include sweet potatoes, rice, green beans, and butternut squash, along with protein sources such as chicken breast and fish.

To satisfy his sweet tooth, McGregor opts for healthier options like dark chocolate and green tea instead of junk food, ensuring that his body receives the necessary nutrients for peak performance.

If you’re looking to improve your own fitness and performance, adopting a clean and well-structured diet plan like McGregor’s can be a game-changer.


What Supplements Does McGregor Use?

McGregor uses BCAA supplements and protein powder, which enhance his post-workout recovery and allow for greater athletic performance. BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are essential for muscle recovery and growth, making them the perfect supplement for anyone looking to get in shape quickly and efficiently.

How Did Conor McGregor Gain So Much Muscle?

Conor McGregor gained so much muscle by following a rigorous diet of 6 meals a day with protein shakes and plenty of chicken and veggies. This strict nutrition plan, combined with the right workout routine, enabled him to become the most successful MMA fighter today.

What Brand of Whey Protein Does Conor McGregor Use?

The brand of whey protein that Conor McGregor uses is RYSE Loaded. This is his go-to protein supplement for being in top shape and allowing for the fastest recovery.


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