Seth Feroce Leg Workout (Build a Bodybuilder Legs)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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With 27 years of experience, Seth Feroce has become one of the most recognized names in the bodybuilding industry.

He has won numerous accolades, including the Pittsburgh Championships and NPC Nationals, earning his pro card in 2009. In 2010, he won yet another victory in the 202 division at the Europe Super Show.

While Seth Feroce doesn’t participate in bodybuilding competitions today, he owns a supplement company and has a YouTube channel and podcast.

As a personal trainer, I dove deep into Feroce's leg training and diet regimen to ignite a flame of motivation within my clients.

His Stats

  • DOB: November 21, 1984
  • Height: 5’41”
  • Weight: 203 lbs

Seth Feroce’s Leg Workout Routine

Seth Feroce’s showing his leg workout

In his youtube channel, Seth explains that for all his workouts, primarily on a leg day, he warms up with the exercises below before delving into an intense leg workout:

  • 5 sets of leg extensions - 20 rep sets
  • 5 sets of leg curls - 20 rep sets
  • 5 sets adductor machine - 10 rep sets
  • 5 sets abductor machine - 10 rep sets

After that, Seth proceeds with:

  • Leg press - 6-8 sets of 15,15,15,12,10 reps
  • Power squat - 5 sets of 12 reps
  • Smith machine lunges - 4 sets of 12 reps
  • Stiff-legged deadlifts - 5 sets of 12 to 15 reps
  • Superset with lying leg curls - 5 sets of 10 to 12 reps
  • Front squats - 6 sets of 12,10,10,10,8,8 reps.

Seth Feroce’s Workout principles

Seth Feroce’s workout principles are characterized by pushing his limits with high-volume workouts.

He goes all out with 50-100 reps per exercise.


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A study from the School of Kinesiology, Auburn University, showed this method could stimulate more significant improvements in Vastus Lateralis, the largest part of the quads [1].

In one of his Youtube videos, the fitness enthusiast explains that every exercise he includes in his leg workouts is chosen to help him achieve the exact look and growth he’s aiming for.

Leg press with high feet placement on the footplate works the glutes and the low feet placement targets the quads [2].

According to Seth, the most recurrent mistake gym-goers make when they train legs is fixating on how much weight they can lift.

He emphasizes the importance of focusing on form over weight. While it's tempting to strive for heavy lifts, perfecting your form will ultimately yield better results in terms of muscle growth and avoiding injury.

“For all my workouts, I like to warm with leg extensions and leg curls. I also like to do the adductor and abductor to warm everything up and push all the blood. If you have a difficult time getting your legs to grow, you need to prioritize the training. You can’t train your legs more than once a week, so whenever you go to train them, make sure to train them very hard but also effectively”.

- Seth Force, Bodybuilder

Diet Plan of Seth Feroce

White rice with whole egg
  • Meal 1 (523 calories) - Cup of white rice, four egg whites, three whole eggs
  • Meal 2 (845 calories) - Five Santa Fe chicken bowls
  • Meal 3 (533 calories) - Chicken and rice
  • Meal 4 (571 calories) - Iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken marinated in teriyaki, three tomatoes, garlic stuffed olives, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and cheddar gruyere cheese
  • Meal 5 (523 calories) - Two peanut butter and jelly rice cakes, one and a half scoops of Farm Fed protein shake, and oat milk
  • Total (3047 calories) - 301g of protein, 95g of fat, 247g of carbs

Nutrition principles

Seth Feroce’s approach to nutrition is simple; he claims he tries different foods and sticks to what works for him, even if it means not getting too caught up in the constant weight game.

Seth’s calorie intake is high to promote muscle growth; he eats six meals daily (as mentioned above) and avoids sugar and regular milk.

Does Seth Feroce Take Supplements?

Supplements scattered around

Yes, Seth Feroce takes supplements.

He does it to boost his performance, accelerate his recovery, and improve his overall well-being. And as a personal trainer, I can say this is an important factor in bulking up.

The supplements are the quality non-stimulant pre-workout Hydraulic, Demo Day peri-workout Carbohydrate powder, and Farm or Grass Fed protein powder similar to Onnit.

Make sure to also incorporate a healthy regimen and one of the T-boosters below to get the best results:

Seth's Recovery Techniques Post-Leg Workout

Seth Feroce emphasizes the importance of recovery after intense leg workouts.

Key techniques include stretching to enhance flexibility, foam rolling for muscle relaxation, and utilizing recovery tools like massage guns to alleviate soreness.

These methods not only aid in muscle recovery but also prepare the body for future training sessions, ensuring consistent performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Integrating these recovery strategies is crucial for anyone following Seth's rigorous leg workout regimen.


Which Exercises does Seth Feroce Include in His Leg Day?

Seth Feroce includes leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses, power squats, deadlifts, smith machine lunges, and front squats.

How Many Times Does Seth Feroce Train His Legs Per Week?

Seth Feroce trains legs three times per week, utilizing the pull, push, legs split method to train all muscle groups in the same workout.


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