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6 Proven Benefits Of Taking Testosterone Boosters

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Last updated: August 19, 2023
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When I talk to clients about the supplements they take, I often find that they don't fully understand and appreciate the benefits of testosterone boosters.

What we’re looking at here are testosterone supplements and not testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone therapy requires the help of a doctor, but a natural testosterone booster may help most men deal with multiple issues they’re facing.

And, to help you better understand why I think every man over 30 should be paying attention to their testosterone level, our team got together to research all the important benefits.

Quick Summary

  • Some renowned benefits of taking testosterone boosters are controlling fat reserves, increasing muscle bulking, building stronger bones, improving sex drive, and enhancing mental focus.
  • Testosterone boosters should only be taken by individuals with low testosterone levels.
  • Some signs of low testosterone to watch out for are mood swings, and unexplainable low sex drive.

6 Main Benefits Of Using Testosterone Boosters

shirtless man flexing his biceps, and a man holding his crouch area

Many people immediately think of medication for testosterone treatment that sports organizations have banned. They also think of macho and aggressive behavior and automatically believe it’s tied to high testosterone levels.

And while testosterone therapy that results in very sudden spikes may cause such issues, living with testosterone deficiency could actually be doing a lot of harm.

Let’s find out what testosterone boosters do and what can you expect.

1. Control Fat Reserves

man using a measuring tape on his waist

One thing many men who are battling weight issues and obesity have in common is that their testosterone production has plummeted.

It’s a vicious circle.

Increased body fat reduces free testosterone levels, which reduces fitness levels and muscle mass, which further increases fat reserves.

See where I’m going with this?

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Now, you don’t have to resort to testosterone treatment, as boosting testosterone gradually will start to disrupt that cycle. It may also allow you to start losing weight more efficiently and build up a leaner body mass.

2. Fast Muscle Bulking

For athletes, this is one of the main attractions of producing more testosterone.

What the sex hormone does in conjunction with growth hormone is send powerful signals to the body that results in increased muscle mass.

Now, this won’t turn you into a sudden Hulk, but when you produce testosterone more effectively and stick with a healthy diet and exercise routine, then muscle growth will be more efficient as well.

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3. Build Stronger Bones

shirtless man stretching his arms

One of the effects of gradually producing less testosterone is that bone density decreases in men.

It’s barely noticeable at first, and while calcium and vitamin D supplements may help with bone mineral density, T-levels could be your secret weapon.

The great thing is that natural supplements that you find in many testosterone boosters may counteract that problem with noticeable changes within a few months.

And when you boost testosterone levels from a young age, i.e., from 30 onwards, it could also be a preventative measure to maintain bone density.

You can positively impact bone health by supporting optimal testosterone levels through natural testosterone boosters. Gradually declining testosterone levels in men can decrease bone density.

While calcium and vitamin D supplements are beneficial, testosterone could serve as your hidden ace. The natural ingredients found in many testosterone boosters can address this issue, leading to noticeable improvements in bone density within a few months.

Initiating testosterone level optimization from a young age, specifically from 30 and beyond, can also serve as a preventative measure to sustain healthy bone density.

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4. Improved Sex Drive

They don’t call it the sex hormone for no reason.

Low testosterone levels are directly tied to low libido and even erectile dysfunction [1]. Now, ED can be a significant medical condition, and other factors may be at play. And typical herbal supplements might not be the best option.

If that’s the problem you’re trying to solve, then speak to your doctor.

But, if you’ve just not been feeling the same levels of libido, then naturally boosting T-levels is one way that you could make quite a difference in your sexual function and performance.

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5. Better Sperm Quality

person holding a banana with cream on top

Along with better sexual performance, improving testosterone levels is also directly tied to sperm count and quality.

That’s an important factor for any couple trying to get pregnant, where it’s a combination of the number of sperm cells and their quality that influences the chances of conception.

And because more and more couples delay having kids until in their 30s, low testosterone has become an increasing obstacle for men to navigate.

So, if you want to give your chances a boost, then check your T-count with a blood test, and if it’s on the low side, then let a supplement help with improving sperm production as well.

6. Mental Focus And Concentration

OK, let’s move away from sexual health and sex drive a bit.

Studies have shown that low testosterone levels may also be linked to mental health issues, including anxiety and depression [2].

But there’s also a link to boosting overall brain function, allowing you to focus on tasks more effectively. Whether that’s keeping motivation up at the gym or focusing better on solving problems at work or college, testosterone plays a significant role.

Tested and recommended t-booster: Testogen Review

“When you have lower-than-normal testosterone levels, these receptors are, quite literally, left high and dry, which can lead to: Mood swings.”



What Happens When You Start Taking Testosterone Boosters?

When you start taking testosterone boosters, your body reacts by producing a higher T-count. But these supplements may also help you deal with low testosterone by reducing how much testosterone is transformed into estrogen.

Do Testosterone Boosters Make You Bigger?

Yes, testosterone boosters may make you bigger. But to achieve more muscle growth, you have to also stick with a healthy diet and training routine. T-boosters are not some sort of magic pill to turn you into Mr. Universe.

Keep Your T-Levels Under Control

Whether you’ve noticed decreased muscle mass or sex drive or just want to prevent health issues in years to come, taking testosterone boosters from age 30 is a good idea.

Just keep in mind that if you have been diagnosed with chronically low levels, then you need to possibly discuss testosterone replacement therapy with your doctor and not just rely on natural boosters.

But if you don’t need testosterone therapy, the natural boosters may just do the trick, and we hope all the benefits we came up with could help you decide.

Take a look at these highly recommended testosterone boosters that we reviewed.

While testosterone boosters can help maintain optimal testosterone levels, it's important to assess your individual situation.

If you have been diagnosed with chronically low testosterone levels, it may be necessary to consult with your doctor regarding testosterone replacement therapy, as natural boosters alone may not suffice.

However, if you don't require hormone therapy, natural testosterone boosters can be a viable option. We hope that the benefits we have outlined in our review will help you make an informed choice.


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