6 Proven Benefits Of Taking Testosterone Boosters

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: April 30, 2024
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When I talk to clients about the supplements they take, I often find that they don't fully understand and appreciate the benefits of testosterone boosters.

What we’re looking at here are testosterone supplements, not testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone therapy requires the help of a doctor, but a natural testosterone booster may help most men deal with the multiple issues they’re facing.

And, to help you better understand why I think every man over 30 should be paying attention to their testosterone level, our team got together to research all the important benefits.

Quick Summary

  • Some renowned benefits of taking testosterone boosters are controlling fat reserves, increasing muscle bulking, building stronger bones, improving sex drive, and enhancing mental focus.
  • Some signs of low testosterone to watch out for are mood swings, and unexplainable low sex drive.
  • Research published by Reviews in Urology has linked low testosterone levels to low libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • In my view, the judicious use of testosterone boosters can be a key component in a holistic approach to men's health and fitness

6 Main Benefits Of Using Testosterone Boosters

shirtless man flexing his biceps, and a man holding his crouch area

Many people immediately think of the medication for testosterone treatment that sports organizations have banned. They also think of macho and aggressive behavior and automatically believe it’s tied to high testosterone levels.

And while testosterone therapy that results in very sudden spikes may cause such issues, living with testosterone deficiency could actually be doing a lot of harm.

Let’s find out what testosterone boosters do and what you can expect.

1. Control Fat Reserves

man using a measuring tape on his waist

One thing many men who are battling weight issues and obesity have in common is that their testosterone production has plummeted. It's a common pattern I've seen in my experience as a health coach.

Increased body fat reduces free testosterone levels, which reduces fitness levels and muscle mass, which further increases fat reserves.

See where I’m going with this?

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Now, you don’t have to resort to testosterone treatment, as boosting testosterone gradually will start to disrupt that cycle. It may also allow you to start losing weight more efficiently and build up a leaner body mass.

2. Fast Muscle Bulking

For athletes, this is one of the main attractions of producing more testosterone.

What the sex hormone does in conjunction with growth hormone is send powerful signals to the body that results in increased muscle mass.

Now, like I always tell my clients, this won’t turn you into a sudden Hulk, but when you produce testosterone more effectively and stick with a healthy diet and exercise routine, then muscle growth will be more efficient as well.

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3. Build Stronger Bones

shirtless man stretching his arms

Decreased testosterone in men gradually lowers bone density.

Initially subtle, this can be countered with testosterone boosters containing natural supplements, often yielding significant improvements in a few months.

As a fitness coach, I've seen clients enhance bone health by maintaining optimal testosterone levels in their 30s, using these boosters as a preventative strategy.

While calcium and vitamin D are helpful, testosterone is a key player in sustaining bone density.

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4. Improved Sex Drive

Studies in Reviews in Urology link low testosterone to reduced libido and erectile dysfunction [1].

As a fitness coach, I've seen clients who, when addressing general libido issues, found that naturally boosting testosterone markedly enhanced their sexual function.

However, for serious conditions like ED, it's crucial to consult a doctor.

Interestingly, emerging research also points to potential benefits of testosterone boosters in women, particularly for therapeutic use.

5. Better Sperm Quality

person holding a banana with cream on top

Along with better sexual performance, improving testosterone levels is also directly tied to sperm count and quality.

That’s an important factor for any couple trying to get pregnant, where it’s a combination of the number of sperm cells and their quality that influences the chances of conception.

And because more and more couples delay having kids until they are in their 30s, low testosterone has become an increasing obstacle for men to navigate.

So, if you want to give your chances a boost, then check your T-count with a blood test, and if it’s on the low side, then let a supplement help with improving sperm production as well.

6. Mental Focus And Concentration

Studies published in the National Library of Medicine have shown that low testosterone levels may also be linked to mental health issues, including anxiety and depression [2].

I've personally observed in some of my clients how low testosterone impacted their mental focus and mood.

Once we addressed their testosterone levels with natural boosters, they reported feeling more mentally sharp and focused. It was particularly evident in their work performance and general mood stability.

Tested and recommended t-booster: Testogen Review

“When you have lower-than-normal testosterone levels, these receptors are, quite literally, left high and dry, which can lead to: Mood swings.”

- Urosurgeryhouston.com


What Happens When You Start Taking Testosterone Boosters?

When you start taking testosterone boosters, your body reacts by producing a higher T-count. But these supplements may also help you deal with low testosterone by reducing how much testosterone is transformed into estrogen.

Do Testosterone Boosters Make You Bigger?

Yes, testosterone boosters may make you bigger. But to achieve more muscle growth, you have to also stick with a healthy diet and training routine. T-boosters are not some sort of magic pill to turn you into Mr. Universe.


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