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Can You Snort Pre-Workout? (Are There Any Benefits)

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: June 29, 2022

For some reason, a lot of people are asking their search engines if they must snort their pre-workout powder.

Perhaps the theory is that taking the powder through your nostrils brings it to the bloodstream quicker. A bodybuilder may also get a stronger effect from it.

In this short article, we’re going to answer why you shouldn’t turn to your nose instead of a shaker.

Summary of the Key Findings:

  • You shouldn’t snort pre-workout. It can have dangerous consequences. 
  • It’s not known if Piana died from snorting pre-workout.
  • There are several other ways of taking pre-workout which are also harmful.

Should You Snort Pre-Workout?

preworkout powder

There is no reason for you to snort your pre-workout powders.

It is designed for traditional ingestion and so taking it in any other way is not only dangerous but also offers no additional benefits.

On top of this, the residue left in your nose may slowly find its way into your respiratory system, where it doesn’t belong.

Bypassing the digestive system process means you are effectively removing any filtration from the product.

Did Rich Piana Die From Snorting Pre-Workout?

rich piana

When news of celebrity bodybuilder Rich Piana’s tragic death broke, it became widely said that he snorted pre-workout as part of his routine. [1]

A large pile of powder was found at his home, which was later identified by the media as Piana’s chosen brand of pre-workout supplements and caffeine.

As a bodybuilder, he had always been very open about his drug use. He said that he felt he had to use steroids to be competitive.

It’s still not clear what exactly caused the massive heart failure that led to Piana’s death, as the hospital destroyed any chance at a toxicology report.

What’s clear though is that steroids, other drugs like cocaine, and snorted powdered supplement are harmful to your health.

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Other Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Powders

Hopefully, this has answered your questions about whether you should be snorting pre-workout or drinking your boosters for some imagined energy enhancements.

Here are some other related but terrible ideas that would also be horrible for your body and almost certainly will lead to medical issues down the line:

  • Taking your powder rectally
  • Smoking your powder in a cigarette
  • Injecting it directly into your bloodstream
  • Dry scooping pre-workout

Taking your supplement in ways and dosages other than directed may trigger potential side effects that can be harmful to your body.


Pre-workout is not a drug and is designed to be taken a specific way to be sure of its effects on your body. Snorting pre-workout powder might lead to health issues over time, and abusing any substance in this manner is harmful. [2]

You have to really look at the effects on the nose itself, not just the effect of the medication.
- Dr. Richard Lebowitz Professor of Otolaryngology, NYU

I have never had the urge to try the said method myself, so I can’t speak to what the perceived benefit might be.

But given that the obvious one would be quicker delivery, just how fast and powerful do you need the supplements to be?

Is it worth the health risk to your life as a bodybuilder?



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