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Can Boron Boost Testosterone? (Benefits & Side Effects) 

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
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Last updated: June 7, 2023
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One thing we get all of our clients over 30 to assess is their testosterone levels.

Most of the time, we get reactions about their sex life being fine and that they don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction.

But testosterone does so much more for your health, including impacts on your body fat, bones, and muscles.

An interesting concept that I heard people talk about was that boron supplementation could be an effective way to increase testosterone production.

It seemed almost too simple, so we did some research with a nutritionist to see if we could find scientific backing.

Quick Summary

  • Boron is a very effective testosterone booster as it blocks the transformation of excess estrogen by SHBG.
  • Decreased inflammation markers, improved bone health, enhanced joint health, and improved muscle coordination are other benefits of taking boron.
  • The boric acid powder is recommended for boosting testosterone levels.

How Does Boron Boost Testosterone Levels?

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Boron boosts free testosterone levels by blocking excess estrogen transformation.

I know, when I first heard that, I was struggling to understand how the impact on estrogen levels would solve low testosterone problems.

But it all comes down to what happens to boosted testosterone levels over time.

Let me explain.

Testosterone Production

The male body produces testosterone at varying levels throughout the day and night.

Peak production happens when you’re asleep, which also explains why, generally speaking, male sex drive peaks first thing in the morning.

But various activities and your diet will influence how much testosterone you produce, and from the age of 30, there is a natural drop of 1% per year.

Testosterone Transformation

The body also produces SHBG, which captures testosterone cells and transforms them into estrogen. And when this process is out of balance, even an increased testosterone release will simply end up in too much estrogen.

And the effects of that can be significant for sex life, bone health, fitness levels, and fat storage.

Here are some of the best testosterone boosters we've reviewed.

The Boron Block

But an increased boron intake may help bind it to SHBG and thereby reduce the transformation process. It’s like a basketball shot block where you put the brakes on a natural process [1].

Incorporating boron supplements into one's diet can profoundly affect overall health. This often underestimated trace mineral, gaining recognition as an essential nutrient, plays a vital role in binding with SHBG, facilitating the release of additional free testosterone.

Moreover, boron contributes to optimizing various bodily processes, including the efficient absorption of calcium, earning its reputation as the element that promotes intelligent and efficient body functioning.

“Boron is a very important yet widely unknown trace mineral that is now being classified as an essential nutrient. Boron binds to SHBG, or the sex hormone-binding globulin, and allows for more free testosterone. Testosterone levels can more than double when boron supplements are given. It also aids in assisting certain processes to perform optimally in the body such as calcium absorption, making it known as the element that helps the body work smarter, not harder.”

- Dr. Carrie Lam, MD, DABFM, ABAARM, FAAMFM at

Does Boron Provide Other Benefits?

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Our nutritionist also pointed out several studies that highlighted how boron deficiency had impacted health. Here are the main benefits you might see from boron supplementation [2].

  • Bone Health: Along with an increased intake of calcium fructoborate and higher vitamin D levels, boron may lead to higher mineral concentrations to support stronger bone health.
  • Improved Muscle Coordination: Together with magnesium, boron may also play a role in supporting muscle function and coordination during athletic activities.
  • Decreased Inflammatory Markers: Boron has also been linked to limiting proinflammatory cytokines that have been linked to breast cancer, lung cancer, insulin resistance, and obesity.
  • Joint Health: Boron may also have anti-inflammatory benefits for joints, and it’s one reason it’s often recommended for people with arthritis [3].

The overall health benefits of boron are still going through a lot of research. Still, it’s becoming increasingly evident that not normal health conditions may be tied to low boron levels.

Does Taking Boron Have Side Effects?

man experiencing head pain

Generally speaking, boron is classified safe to take by the Food and Drug Administration and shouldn’t produce adverse effects.

However, high levels of boron consumption are not recommended and can lead to some unpleasant side effects.

In most cases, the actual symptoms will mainly be down to headaches and feeling weak, along with bloating, stomach cramps, and vomiting. These would generally only happen with very high doses above 10 mg per day.

If you have selected cardiovascular risk factors like heart disease or a prior heart attack, then you have to speak to a doctor about boron administration.

When Is The Best Time To Take Boron?

There is a reason why male sex drive peaks first thing in the morning, and that’s down to it coinciding with peak levels of sex hormones.

So, because male free testosterone production mainly takes place during the night, it’s generally best to take boron first thing in the morning.

As boron increases in the human body, it may bind to SHBG and limit the impact of testosterone levels dropping by a natural transformation into estrogen.

As a result, you should have sustained higher T-levels throughout the day.

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What Type of Boron Is Best for Testosterone?

The boric acid powder is best for testosterone as it’s one of the fastest to absorb. However, many supplements tend to use boron citrate as it’s cheaper. The long-term effect may be the same; it just comes down to the speed of absorption.

How Many MG of Boron Should You Take Daily?

You should take between 1mg and 10 mg of boron per day [4]. If you’re dealing with a very low T-count, taking a dosage closer to 10 mg may be ideal as this may also be a more effective dose for bone formation.

Are You Going To Supplement With Boron?

Who would have thought that adding a simple boron supplement could ultimately lead to a significant increase in T-levels?

We had a few clients test this out, and along with addressing zinc and vitamin D deficiency, they all improved their free T-levels.

Vitamin D's crucial role in testosterone production is worth noting. Research suggests that maintaining adequate vitamin D levels can positively impact testosterone levels.

Therefore, along with boron and zinc, incorporating vitamin D supplementation into your routine could further enhance your T-levels. It's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the correct dosage and ensure it aligns with your specific needs.

Now, you could take just a regular boron supplement if you’re sure that other deficiencies aren’t a problem.

But you may also want to consider a testosterone booster supplement that combines several ingredients.


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