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By Isaac Robertson 4 months ago
Sparkpeople Review
Our Honest Thoughts on This Diet & Fitness App
SparkPeople is one of the latest online programs that promises to make it easier for people to get fit, eat healthily, and lose weight. But let’s be honest and say that every other app and service that has come out over the past couple of years has been promising the same. Unfortunately, many of them don’t live up to those promises, and users end up wasting a load of time, effort, and... Read more >
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By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
Lumen Review (2023 Upd.) Does It Work For Weight Loss?
The Lumen Metabolic Tracker may be useful for health-conscious individuals who wish to be guided on making healthier food choices and engaging in more physical activity. Over the last five years, the Lumen device and app have been a great investment for me as a fitness trainer in helping my clients understand how their body is burning fats and carbohydrates to stay healthy. Today, I'd like to... Read more >
male and female workout
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Pact App Review: Could You Really Get Paid To Work Out?
Ever since we first heard about the Pact app a few years ago, we have been suspicious of the concept that you could get paid to work out. But we have a few clients who have used it and said they earn cash every week. So rather than completely dismiss the concept, we had everyone on our team sign up with the app and give it a try for a month. In this Pact App review, we’ll tell you exactly... Read more >
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Fooducate Review: Does This Nutrition App Get Our Approval?
In my years as a fitness instructor, I often used the wellness app Fooducate with my clients to guide their diet and nutrition. I have personally used it for five years as well, and it proved useful to record and track my own calorie intake as well as that of my clients. In this Fooducate review, I will share my experience in great detail, so read on to learn what the app can do for you, how it... Read more >
woman leg squats
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Daily Burn Review: Do These Workout Programs Help You Lose Weight?
As a group of personal trainers and fitness instructors, we’re often asked by clients about apps and services that would help them work out at home and shed some excess pounds. One of the more recent apps and services to arrive is Daily Burn. In general, we’re in favor of using such services if it means that you could achieve your training and fitness goals more quickly. But before you... Read more >
Noom Diet Plan Review
By Isaac Robertson 1 month ago
Noom Diet Plan Review
What You Should Know Before Buying
The Noom app is designed to help you achieve healthy weight loss goals by guiding, structuring, and monitoring your macronutrient intake, and providing personalized diet coaching. I've been a fitness instructor for nearly a decade, and have been using the Noom app since it first became available. It also helped me in developing discipline in my clients' weight loss routine. In this Noom review,... Read more >