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Fooducate Review: Does This Nutrition App Get Our Approval?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: August 23, 2021

If you search for health and fitness apps on the App Store or Google Play, you’ll end up with hundreds of choices and a lot of confusion.

One of the more advertised ones we’ve noticed is Fooducate, an app for nutrition goals tracking and dietary journaling.

A few of our clients were asking if we’d recommend it.

So we decided to put it through our usual testing and write a detailed review about it. We’ve done this for all of the most popular apps, and there is a lot of great competition that we could compare it to.

What Is The Fooducate App?


Fooducate is an app that allows you to track all the food you eat and provides you with information about the calories and macros you consume.

The idea is simple.

The more information you have throughout the day about how well you’re sticking to the food you eat and your overall diet, the more likely you are to succeed with your health and nutrition goals [1].

One of the main benefits is that you could set up the app to many of the more common diets, including paleo, keto, and the Mediterranean diet, to name a few.

This gives you easy feedback on your daily nutritional intake to avoid loading up on the wrong foods.

Other recommended food and nutrition apps:

How Does Fooducate Work?

Fooducate works by allowing you to search for different food products. You could also scan the barcode on a product, which accesses a huge food database to pull in the macros and calories per serving.

You then enter the amount of food you’re consuming, and the app automatically calculates how many calories, protein, carbs, and fat you have eaten.

What people also like about the pro version of the app is that it may help you find healthier products that are more suitable for your dietary goals.

But even the free version has enough features to make this a pretty decent diet journaling app.

“For the dieting newbie, meal planning by counting macros is a good way to get a handle on portion control.”

-Elena Donovan Mauer, Health and Diet Writer.

Pros And Cons

pros and cons

We went through a few hundred reviews to confirm these pros and cons.

The premium features sound pretty good, but once you start using them, you’ll likely hit limitations.

We also found some comments about the scan feature not working on all phones, and the subscription also seems to lack some more direct coaching.

  • An easy database search feature that brings up great results and new products
  • Many people say they like the quick feedback about macros to make better choices
  • The free version seems to lack info on micronutrients
  • Some reports of the barcode scanner not working on certain Samsung models
  • The coaching and community features are pretty limited

How Much Does the App Cost?

The Fooducate app itself is free, but you could choose to pay for some of the premium functions.

Like other nutrition apps, this is based on a monthly or annual payment.

If you want to set up a monthly rolling service, then it’s $3.99 for the basic pro plan. Adding the gluten and allergen info would cost another $4.99 per month.

Overall, that isn’t the cheapest option, and you can find better diet tracker apps. This is based on current pricing, and it may change in the future.


How do you cancel Fooducate?

You cancel Fooducate by going either into your iOS App Store or Google Play settings and turning off the automatic renewal. You could do this at any time, as there is no minimum term.

Does Fooducate work with other wearable technology?

No, Fooducate doesn’t currently sync up with other wearable technology like Fitbit or smartwatches. This is one of the limiting things that we think need to be addressed.

Do We Recommend Fooducate?

Overall, we found that the basic free functionality is pretty good. It’s limited, but you should get enough info to make some better decisions.

However, we have found the Noom app to be a much better fit for all of our clients.

The paid service is also a lot more helpful when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals.

With a personal coach and nutritional expert assigned to you, Noom is the best solution for our team. Check out our full review here.

Our #1 Recommendation


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4 thoughts on “Fooducate Review: Does This Nutrition App Get Our Approval?

  1. I just tried it out, and it was able to scan a few items I happened to have in my room, and I was astonished at how easily and well it scanned them. I appreciate the notion; I hope it develops further or that a community supports it.

  2. The concept is great, which is why I purchased a one-year membership, but you have to either cook all of your meals (which I frequently do on weekdays) or buy a meal at a very unhealthy store like McDonald’s or Taco Bell or a packaged frozen dinner (which is very unhealthy and they acknowledge it) for them to figure out your calorie intake. Their grocery list is also somewhat limited; most of the healthier brands are not represented in their database. So I’d have to either manually enter my calorie intake or buy a mass-produced substitute listed in their database, neither of which sounds enticing.

    1. Hi Hana, thanks for your feedback! Your review will definitely help people decide if they will continue with this app or not.

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