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10 Best Inversion Tables (2021 Updated) For Back Pain

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
Fact checked by Donald Christman, BHSc FACT CHECKED
Last updated: May 10, 2021

The first time I heard about inversion therapy, I thought it was some sort of medieval torture method.

But after a minor back injury in college, my coaches insisted I try it out.

And it didn't take long to convince me.

But I’ve heard some horror stories from clients who could have done a lot more harm to their degenerative disc disease because there are some pretty dodgy inversion tables out there.

So we got together with some physiotherapists to check out the best inversion tables on the market.

Our Top Inversion Tables

1 - Ironman Gravity Inversion Table (Editor's Choice)


Most people we talked to all agreed that the Ironman Gravity was the best inversion table because it seems to strike a good balance between lumbar support, angles, and easy to use balance system.

It’s also a high-capacity inversion table pushing the limit to 350 pounds.

  • Dimensions: 49"L x 26"W x 65"H
  • 350 lbs capacity
  • Many positive comments about the comfortable ankle holders
  • A removable lumbar pad may help you better target lower back pain points
  • The rubber floor stabilizers may give you more confidence that it won’t slip
  • Allows for gradual inversion up to 180 degrees
  • No adjustable headrest

The only thing we were missing is a headrest pad that allows you to adjust the angle.

2 - Innova ITX Inversion Table

innova itx

What we liked about the Innova model is that there are a lot of online comments about the comfortable ratchet ankle locking system.

It may be more secure than others without compromising on comfort.

It accommodates users up to 350 lbs, and even the lumbar pillow seems to withstand the pressure of that weight.

  • Dimensions: 46"L x 28"W x 63"H
  • 350 lbs capacity
  • May provide added comfort through an adjustable headrest
  • High-quality steel frame means it doesn’t tend to wobble
  • Positive reviews about the soft foam padding to avoid pressure points
  • The assembly instructions were a bit of a challenge

I just found the assembly process a bit challenging, but I also wouldn’t be the most skilled DIY enthusiast.

3 - Innova ITM4800 Therapeutic Inversion Table

innova itm4800

If you tend to suffer some muscle aches along with pain in your spine, then a heat and massage inversion table might be your answer.

It might be a great way to relieve some added pressure on your back.

Users also like that the angle positions easily adjust from 60 degrees all the way up to 180 degrees.

  • Dimensions: 46"L x 28"W x 63"H
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • May provide advanced heat and massage inversion
  • Seems to be easy to adjust to 6 different positions
  • People like how well it’s balanced, which may help you get into position easier
  • You might notice some pressure form the ankle safety lock pin system

It might just be me, but I didn’t find the ankle system to be one of the most comfortable ones.

4 - Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table

exerpeutic 975sl

The Exerpeutic 975SL stood out for us, as it seems to have the densest memory foam padding on the ankle locking system.

As a result, you might be able to invert for a longer time without feeling discomfort in your feet.

  • Dimensions: 58"L x 31"W x 75"H
  • 350 lbs capacity
  • Allows for up to vertical inversion
  • Memory foam backrest may provide added comfort for longer inversion
  • Seems to have the softest ankle holding system
  • The handle on the ankle holding system seems a bit short

One downside we found is the short release handle for the ankle system, which may mean you need to bend down a bit.

5 - Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table

health gear

The Health Gear ITM5500 is another model that may provide added inversion therapy through heat and massaging features.

Users have reported it may relieve back pain more efficiently because the heated backrest pad runs along the spine.

  • Dimensions: 48"L x 30"W x 70"H
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • Comes with an extra-long locking arm for easier reach
  • Allows for advanced heat and massage inversion along the entire back
  • Has one of the thickest foam paddings we found
  • The massage function could be a bit more intense

One thing we’d like to see improved is the massage function could be a bit more intense than a vibration.

6 - Harison Heavy Duty Inversion Table

harison heavy duty

This is an inversion table that may allow you to get into the different angle positions with less effort as it seems to be a very well balanced device.

And we liked that the backrest design is almost like a massage pad that you would find on a foam roller.

  • Dimensions: 55"L x 28"W x 75"H
  • 300 pounds capacity
  • Easily get into a fully vertical and comfortable positions
  • Adjusting the height is fast and secure with a pin slot system
  • Unique backrest foam design may provide a massage-like effect
  • It’s one of the heavier inversion tables, making it more difficult to move

7 - Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table

teeter ep 560

We compared this one to the Teeter Fitspine and would agree with customer reviews that highlight the acupressure nodes may make quite a difference.

By applying pressure in certain parts of the body, it claims to release more tension that could be causing problems for the spine.

  • Dimensions: 84"L x 29"W x 86"H
  • 300 pounds capacity
  • The unique surface claims to help with better decompression
  • May allow for a free-hanging position to fully relieve pressure on the spine
  • Positive comments about the acupressure nodes releasing muscle tension
  • It’s one of the largest inversion tables, which may not be easy to store

Just keep in mind that this is possibly the largest inversion table we saw, so make sure you have enough space.

8 - Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

health mark pro max

This is the highest weight capacity inversion table we found, which accommodates users up to 600 lbs.

But what might be even more unique is the design of the headrest.

I would allow you to invert face up or face down without making any significant changes to the setup.

  • Dimensions: 45"L x 28"W x 58"H
  • 600 pounds capacity
  • Headrest design allows for face up or down position
  • Easy to switch into the five different angles
  • Positive comments that this heavy-duty inversion table doesn’t wobble under heavier weights
  • It’s quite a pricey option

Because it’s such a heavy duty inversion table, you’ll be paying quite a bit extra.

9 - Invertio Inversion Table


This model stood out for us because it may provide you with more angles than any other table we found.

And the eight different angles may only take a few seconds to get set up.

If you’re stuck for space, then you might like that this Invertio product folds up quite nicely for easy storage.

  • Dimensions: 48"L x 27"W x 55"H
  • 300 pounds capacity
  • With eight angle settings, it might offer more flexibility
  • Positive feedback about comfortable ankle support
  • It’s easy to fold down, which may make it more suitable for smaller spaces
  • Assembly is a bit tricky as instructions are sometimes unclear

We just noted a few online reviews were mentioning that they struggled a bit with some of the assembly instructions.

10 - Yoleo Gravity Inversion Table


The final one of our best inversion tables is one that we liked because it looks like it would fold up into an easy to store package.

This might be suitable for people with limited space who may not intend to use it every day.

  • Dimensions: 49"L x 32"W x 55"H
  • 300 pounds capacity
  • The lumbar pillow may help with a more effective decompression
  • Seems to fold up easily to make it easier to store
  • Users have commented about the positive blood pressure effects
  • The three angle positions make it a bit limited

Just keep in mind that you would only have three angles to choose from, which may not be enough to deal with all types of back pain.

Buyer’s Guide

credit card and laptop

We focused on six areas during our research, and these should be what you use to make your buying decision.

1. User Weight Capacity

All of our recommendations above come with minimum weight support to handle a 300-pound person.

If you weigh in significantly under that, then weight limits shouldn’t be an issue for you.

But if you weigh close to this range, then I would suggest investing in an inversion therapy table that doesn’t just about cover your weight.

It’s always best not to push these devices to the limit.

2. High-Quality Safety Features

I have had one or two scary incidences with inversion equipment, mainly down to lack of safety features [1].

Let me give you some examples.

I’ve had a heat and massage pad get too hot, and by the time I managed to get upright again, I had a bit of a burn on my back.

On another occasion, the balance was off, and I actually had to pull myself up with force, which ended up adding to my neck pain.

“The safety strap prevents you from leaning back too far and getting into a position that makes it hard or painful to turn yourself upright.”


- Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Always check for the safety features to make sure these things don’t happen to you.

3. Angle Adjustments

When you’re using an inversion table, you’ll need to gradually change the angle to better deal with certain parts of your body.

For example, you might not need to fully invert to deal with neck pain.

But lower back pain from a pinched nerve might relieve only when you’re in an upside-down position [2].

“Unlike antigravity boots used with an inversion rack, an adjustable inversion table offers the flexibility to choose the most comfortable angle.”


- Lali Sekhon, MD.

The more angles you have to choose from, the more flexibility you might have to better deal with your back pain.

4. Size And Dimensions

I’ve said this many times in other equipment reviews but always measure twice.

Some of these inversion therapy tables can be very large, and we did see a few comments online where people ended up having some trouble.

In one case, a user couldn’t fully invert because his feet would hit the ceiling.

So, check the dimensions we listed above, add a few extra inches, and measure the area you plan to set it up.

woman on inversion table

5. Suitable Uses

To use inversion tables for back pain relief properly, you need to figure out the inversion position you’ll need for your specific problem.

The best thing to do is check with a physiotherapist or chiropractor, but the lower down the pain is, the more you may want to invert.

With a more vertical position, you might be in a better position to decompress your spine and reduce the pressure you feel in certain areas [3].

But it’s always best to get some professional advice before you get started.

You can also build up some back muscles without weights using these resistance band exercises.

6. Price And Warranty

Setting a price range is always a good idea, as you might quickly get distracted with fancy features that cost a lot of money but may not help your back pain as much.

Warranties are also important, and you’ll find some variations between companies.

Some of the best inversion tables we found provided a 1-year warranty, and along with a sturdy frame, those might be the models to shortlist for your choice.


Do inversion tables really work?

Yes, inversion tables really do work to help decompress your spine. By taking the pressure off an injury or weak point, you might notice a reasonably fast relief from back pain. They may also help to correct your posture if you tend to sit at a desk all day.

How many times a week should you use an inversion table?

You should aim to use an inversion table at least 4 to 5 times a week to get some consistent results. Some people with more severe issues might consider using it multiple times a day or at the end of every day to reduce pressure on weak parts of the spine.

Who should not use an inversion table?

People with high blood pressure or other underlying diseases should not use an inversion table. An inversion therapy table might also not be suitable for serious back injuries, in which case you should consult with a medical professional before using one.

How long does it take for an inversion table to work?

It might take anywhere from a few minutes to many weeks for an inversion table to work. Back pain relief is not an exact science, and it may largely depend on how serious and where the problem exists.

Will an inversion table help a pinched nerve?

Yes, an inversion table may help a pinched nerve. By reducing the spine’s pressure and disk on the nerve, you should notice relief from the pain. How long this may last will depend on the severity of the nerve problem.

Does inversion help neck pain?

Yes, inversion may help neck pain as it could help correctly align the disks and reduce pressure. With some added heat and massage functions, you might also be able to get pain relief from neck muscle spasms at the same time.

Which Inversion Table Do We Favor?

The one model we kept going back to after trying it out was the Ironman Gravity. It has a decent weight limit and is easy to use without needing someone to help you.

The Ironman inversion table reviews online are also positive about the effectiveness on all types of back pain.

It’s also not an overly bulky device, so you might not need to struggle with constantly folding it away.

Order yours today and let us know how well it worked for your back issues.

Our #1 Recommendation

Ironman Gravity Inversion Table

Weight Capacity
350 lbs
Overall Score 5.0
  • Many positive comments about the comfortable ankle holders
  • A removable lumbar pad may help you better target lower back pain points
  • The rubber floor stabilizers may give you more confidence that it won’t slip
  • Allows for gradual inversion up to 180 degrees
  • No adjustable headrest

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