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What’s the Best Ab Roller?
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Last updated: May 13, 2021

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for working on those six-pack core muscles.

It’s probably because it’s one area that I personally struggled with for a long time. And so many of my clients always ask how they can best work on that 6 or 8-pack.

Now, it does take the right combination of diet and exercise, but I have found the perfect exercise equipment to speed things up.

Unfortunately, I’ve ordered my fair share of crappy ab rollers that had me looking for my money back.

So, the Total Shape team got together, and we tested out over 30 different products to come up with this list of best ab rollers.

Our Top Ab Rollers

1 - SKLZ Core Wheels (Editor's Choice)

SKLZ Core Wheels

I believe that no home gym is complete without a SKLZ ab roller wheel.

You may gain a lot more flexibility by having one ab roller for each hand, as it should allow you more flexibility in choosing exercises that involve independent arm moves.

All of our clients also said that this product seemed to have the most comfortable handles among the best ab rollers we tried for this review.

Quick Facts:

  • 6-inch wheels
  • 225 lb capacity
  • Set of 2 may make it more suitable for plank style exercises
  • Foam handles seem to provide better grip and comfort
  • Wheels move together for added safety
  • Many positive reviews about the flexible use in many workouts
  • Some athletes prefer larger wheels for smoother motion

The only downside is that some of you might prefer the larger wheels you get on some other models.

2 - Fitnessery Ab Roller

Fitnessery Ab Roller

Next on our list of the best ab rollers is from Fitnessery.

If you tend to exercise on smooth surfaces like wooden floors or tiles, then this option might give you the right amount of traction from the rubber wheels.

You also receive a foam knee pad, which is something I highly recommend using. It’s just too easy for the pressure to damage your joints otherwise.

Quick Facts:

  • 7-inch wheel
  • 485 lb capacity
  • The tread on the ab wheel roller is designed for more traction and safety
  • Includes knee pads that should make exercising more comfortable
  • Comes with a bonus workout e-book to get you started
  • The single wheel design requires some practice with balance

Just keep in mind that you might need to focus more on balance with only one wheel during your ab workout.

3 - Sports Research Ab Wheel

Sports Research Ab Wheel

If you’re in any way concerned about the maximum weight limit of your ab roller wheel, then this Sports Research model might be one of the best ab wheels.

With an almost 500 pound limit, you’re unlikely to get into trouble, and the grip should also give you the confidence to securely complete each movement.

Quick Facts:

  • 7-inch wheel
  • 485 lb capacity
  • 3-inch wide wheel may make balancing a bit easier
  • Comes with comfortable knee pads to avoid injuries
  • Positive comments about the foam grips to make sure you have more stability
  • Some exercises may require a wider knee pad

We just found that the foam mat seemed to be a little bit narrow for some movements.

4 - N1Fit Ab Roller

N1Fit Ab Roller

Some folks might struggle with balance on a narrower wheel roller, making this N1 Fit product a good option.

We also liked the feel and grip of the handles, which allowed us to complete a much broader range of motions for core training without feeling that dreaded slip effect.

Quick Facts:

  • 8-inch wheel
  • Wide wheel may provide more stability for a wider range of motion
  • Uses heavy-duty stainless steel for a more durable design
  • Positive reviews about the EVA foam padding providing a good grip
  • Getting the grip on is a bit tricky

We thought that putting the ab wheel roller together was a bit tricky as the rubber grip didn’t slide on too easily.

5 - Epitomie Fitness Bio Core Roller Wheel

Epitomie Fitness Bio Core Roller Wheel

This is a good option if you like some flexibility with how wide the roller wheels are.

It’s easy to adjust the piece of equipment in a few seconds, which should make switching between moves for different abdominal muscles a lot easier.

Quick Facts:

  • 7-inch wheel
  • Allows for two different wheel settings to give you more flexible balance options
  • The handles seem to provide a good non-slip surface for an intense workout
  • Positive comments about the kneeling mat providing good support
  • Some folks have said they’d prefer more padding on the handles

The only thing we noticed in our research for this ab rollers list is that some athletes thought that the foam handles were a bit hard.

6 - Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel

Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel

This is one of the smaller fitness ab roller wheel options that might suit advanced athletes to get close to the ground.

It also seems to have the best rubber tread to avoid slipping on all types of surfaces. And with the wider wheel, it should make it easy to use even at the extreme end of a movement.

Quick Facts:

  • 6.29-inch wheel
  • Extra wide wheel design for better balance
  • The non-slip rubber handles seem to provide a comfortable and safe grip
  • The wheels seem to provide good grip on smooth surfaces
  • There appears to be a slight resistance in the wheel

Just keep in mind that there is a bit of resistance in the wheel for some reason, which might take some getting used to.

7 - Valeo Dual Ab Wheel

Valeo Dual Ab Wheel

The Valeo ab roller wheel has two wheels that should help you reduce the wobbling effect you might get when you first start out.

It also has a nice and smooth motion that may help you in both fast and slow speed exercises.

Quick Facts:

  • 7-inch wheel
  • The double wheel design should help with better balance
  • The wheels have a textured tread to avoid slipping on different surfaces
  • Positive comments about the smooth roll for more confidence in your motion
  • People with bigger hands have found the grips to be a bit small

If you have larger than average hands, this product might be a bit on the small side.

8 - Elite Sportz Ab Wheel

Elite Sportz Ab Wheel

This is another ab roller wheel with quite deep tire treads that might make it particularly suitable for hardwood floors.

We also liked that you get access to some instruction videos as a fitness guide so you can see what the correct movements should look like.

Quick Facts:

  • 7-inch wheel
  • The rubber wheel seems to have a good tread for fewer risks of slipping
  • Comes with foam hand grips that seem comfortable for all hand sizes
  • Provides some bonus video instructions to make sure you do your ab workout right
  • Some folks might require some more balance

I would say that it might be more suitable for intermediate to advanced athletes as you may require more balance.

9 - Kansoon Ab Roller Wheel

Kansoon Ab Roller Wheel

This power wheel roller consists of 3 wheels that may provide maximum stability. We’ve seen it recommended by physios helping athletes with sports injuries, but the stability might suit beginners too.

We also noticed quite a few comments about the rubber grips reducing hand fatigue. Your hands should get tired when you’re trying to sculpt your abs.

Quick Facts:

  • Multi-wheel design
  • 400 lbs capacity
  • Provides a unique 3-wheel construction for more stability
  • Many positive comments about the comfortable handles
  • Suitable for beginner and advanced athletes
  • Might not be most suitable for use on carpets

One thing to keep in mind is that the smaller wheels make it less suitable for carpets.

10 - Odoland 3-in-1 Ab Wheel

Odoland 3-in-1 Ab Wheel

This ab wheel roller kit is great if you want a complete exercise solution. It includes a resistance band set, and the training guide might give you more ideas on how to get rid of belly fat.

You can also switch out some of the wheels, which means you can adjust the device as you become more confident and balanced in your moves.

Quick Facts:

  • 6-inch wheel
  • Allows you to adjust from 1 to 3 wheels for beginners and advanced athletes
  • The foam handles seem comfortable and non-slippery
  • Comes with a resistance band set for more workout options
  • The included kneeling pad doesn’t seem soft enough

You might want to invest in better foam knee pads to avoid discomfort.

Buyer’s Guide

credit card and laptop

1. Stability

Unless you’re an advanced athlete with the balance of a gymnast, you’ll need an ab roller wheel that doesn’t tend to wobble.

In the early stages of your workout plan, your body can shake a little bit when your muscles contract.

On a slim wheel, that can cause a wobble that becomes uncontrollable. If you don’t already have some good core strength built up, I would suggest going for a wider or multi-wheel model.

2. Weight Limits

This will only be an issue if you weigh in at quite a large weight, typically over 300 lbs.

While some fitness equipment will max out below 200 lbs, a fitness ab carver will usually be safe for over 300 or 400 lbs. 

That should be more than enough and is much higher than a typical ab machine.

3. Grip Comfort

Ab Roller Grip

This is more important than you might think.

See, as you gain more strength, you’ll be able to do more reps and some more advanced moves.

If the grip isn’t comfortable, then this could become sore on your hands, as well as being a safety issue.

Always aim for superior quality foam or rubber as these tend to provide the right combination of comfort and non-slip surface.

4. Materials

Every ab wheel roller that made our list combines durable PVC, stainless steel, and non-slip rubber tread.

In our experience, that is the best combination to ensure you get something that is long-lasting and safe on any type of floor surface.

I would also recommend checking the online customer reviews to see what they say about the quality materials. You’d be surprised how often people report quality issues.

Every ab wheel roller that made our list combines durable PVC, stainless steel, and non-slip rubber tread.

In our experience, that is the best combination to ensure you get something that is long-lasting and safe on any type of floor surface.

I would also recommend checking the online customer reviews to see what they say about the quality materials. You’d be surprised how often people report quality issues.

5. Price Comparison

Price comparison

We all want to save money, but focusing just on a price range can get you a pretty poor quality abs roller.

To make a more accurate price comparison, check the material quality, design, money-back guarantee, and any additional accessories.

Some companies add in resistance bands or a jump rope, which might sweeten the deal for you.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Ab Roller

Here are a few quick tips that I give all my clients.

Quality Vs. Quantity

When you’re doing any upper-body workout or core routine, always focus on the quality of the movement rather than the number of reps [1].

Reps will gradually improve, but if you don’t do each one right, then the results could be quite mediocre. 

If you don’t have a personal trainer, try to practice in front of a mirror or have a friend or partner check for mistakes.

This alone might be the difference between a beer gut not transforming into a 6-pack.

Timing Ab Exercises

Timing Ab Exericises

An ab roller wheel is very convenient, and once you start seeing some results, you’ll possibly gain some more motivation.

But don’t let that drag you into doing an ab workout routine every single day.

You don’t train all other areas every day, so don’t do it for your core either [2].

Mix things up and give yourself time to recover. It’ll make your ab rollouts considerably more effective.

Targeting Specific Muscle Groups

Most folks just look at ab roller wheels as a way to shape their core. But you’ll be surprised how easy it might be to target lower back muscles and your shoulders.

“Isometric exercises are contractions of a particular muscle or group of muscles. During isometric exercises, the muscle doesn't noticeably change length and the affected joint doesn't move.”


- Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.

By varying the moves and even transforming them into isometric exercises [3] by holding a specific position, you may be able to achieve much better muscle growth.

Avoid Back Problems

Back Problems

One problem I often see is that folks start their ab roller work and immediately push their body as far as it will go.

You might succeed for one or two reps, but you could be doing a lot of damage.

See, unless you already have very good core strength, your body will still be adapting to new movements.

“The key mistake people make when they do ab wheel rollouts: They over focus on rolling out as far as possible when they first get started. That's a recipe for lower back pain, though.”


- Brett Williams, associate fitness editor at Men's Health.

And if your back isn't strong enough yet, then you could end up with pain and even injuries [4].

Approach your new workout routine gradually and let your strength and fitness level guide how far you should go.

Other equipment you may need:


Is an Ab Wheel Better Than Sit-Ups?

Yes, an ab wheel is better than sit-ups as it may provide a broader effect on your core. Ab wheels may also reduce the risk of injury as they tend to keep your spine straight, which puts less pressure on discs.

Should You Use an Ab Roller Every Day?

No, you shouldn’t use an ab roller every day. Your core muscles need to recover from a workout, and it would be much more beneficial to alternate with a fat-burning workout to improve your fitness levels as well.

What Muscles Does an Ab Wheel Work?

An ab wheel works your core muscles as well as those in your lower back. You can even strengthen your upper back and shoulders by holding a position in an isometric style.

Can an Ab Wheel Hurt Your Back?

Yes, an ab wheel can hurt your back. If you push yourself too far when you first start these workouts, then your body may not be strong enough to protect your spine and joints. Take it easy with a roller wheel, and you’ll achieve much better results.

What Is The Best Ab Roller?

Most of our clients said they thought the SKLZ Core Wheels was the best ab roller as it seems to provide the most flexibility.

I love that I can use it to spice up some push-ups, and I can target specific areas on each side of my core.

It’s an inexpensive home gym equipment that could probably provide the biggest bang for your buck.

Order yours today, and then let us know how well it worked out for you.

Our #1 Recommendation

SKLZ Core Wheels

SKLZ Core Wheels
Weight Capacity
225 lbs
Overall Score 4.8
  • Set of 2 may make it more suitable for plank style exercises
  • Foam handles seem to provide better grip and comfort
  • Wheels move together for added safety
  • Many positive reviews about the flexible use in many workouts
  • Some athletes prefer larger wheels for smoother motion


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