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CT Fletcher Armed Warfare (The Ultimate Arms Workout)

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers
Last updated: May 7, 2023

As a personal fitness and strength coach for 8 years, I’ve always admired CT Flether’s physique, and I learned about his “armed warfare” workout routine a few years ago.

I’ve also seen a few bodybuilders implementing this routine and successfully building monstrous biceps and triceps. But there is a trick to getting this arms workout routine right without sacrificing form.

One thing he has talked about in interviews is focusing on good form over trying to lift the biggest weights.

So, I decided to get some gym colleagues to help out with some research into how to put together neatly structured workouts.

Quick Summary

  • CT Fletcher’s armed warfare is an arms workout routine that he designed using nine different exercises, including unique biceps curls and triceps extensions.
  • The key is to imagine a drill sergeant screaming in your ears to go through relentless training and achieve gargantuan arms.
  • We watched the arms training video he released on social media and have laid out the full approach for you to follow easily.

CT Fletcher Stats

  • Born: June 8, 1959
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 220lbs

CT Fletcher’s Training Style And Arm Workout Routine 

CT Fletcher is working out his arms in the gym

You're looking at CT Fletcher's Workout Routine—these 9 excruciating exercises with heavy ass weights ahead.

Here’s what’s involved after completing a simple warm-up:

  • Skull Crushers (3 sets of 6-8 reps). Adding these is a great way to get started, but you might want a workout partner to spot you. Pick heavy dumbbells and make sure you struggle with the last two.
  • Triceps Cable Pulldown (3 sets of 6-8 reps). Keep the intensity up and start working on the triceps ropes. But make sure to use different attachments on different days for slight variation.
  • Biceps Cable Curl (3 sets of 6-8 reps). While you’re at the cable machine, reverse the setup and slow down these biceps curls so each rep takes five or more seconds for an increased time under tension [1].
  • Preacher Curl (3 sets of 6-8 reps). I generally recommend doing these with an EZ-Bar, but you can use dumbbells as well to turn these into a kind of concentration curl on the preacher curl bench.
  • Dumbbell Kickback (3 sets of 6-8 reps). Kickbacks are another great variation of triceps extension, but you have to slow down the movement for the best results.
  • Chin-Ups (3 sets of 6-8 reps). Here’s a great compound exercise that will also help shape your shoulders and back [2].
  • French Curl (3 sets of 6-8 reps). This is a variation of the overhead extension, where you grab one dumbbell with both hands and extend it over your head.
  • T-Curl (3 sets of 6-8 reps). Here’s another great variation to the regular biceps curl, but you do these with your forearms curling laterally to your body. You will feel the extreme intensity of these.
  • Triceps Gauntlet (5 sets of 20 reps). These are going to be the armed warfare grand finale, and you’re back to skull crushers. Pick five different sets of dumbbells and start off with 20 reps on the heaviest one. Then do another 20 with each of the other sets until you complete 100 reps in total.

What’s His Diet Plan?

Close up shot of food with protein and carbs

CT Fletcher’s diet plan revolves around carefully controlling his macros.

His ideal macro balance is 50% protein, 40% carbs, and 10% fat.

As far as portion sizes, he eats as much as he needs to get the calories in to support his training phase.

That means there could be fluctuations in calories, and you need to work these out for your own goals and body size.

Overall, CT’s diet hasn’t changed much, even after he underwent open heart surgery in 2005.

Does He Take Supplements?

Yes, CT often talks about different supplements he takes, and there are two that you want to consider if you take up this routine.

First of all, you’ll need help with your recovery, as your arms will feel like jelly.

That will require a high-quality protein powder to deliver all the amino acids you need.

My general recommendation is whey protein, but there are vegan options as well.

The second thing you want to consider is boosting your strength and endurance during training.

With a pre-workout supplement, you can get to a stage where you’re able to lift slightly heavier loads for each set, and that adds up over the months ahead.

“May I have more please? May I have more pain? May I have more torture? Because I know this sh*t gonna make me grow!”
- CT Fletcher


Did CT Fletcher Train Arms Every Day?

Yes, CT Fletcher trains his arms every day at the gym. He picks a couple of specific exercises each day and then trains to exhaustion in order to maintain arms that are bigger than most people’s legs.

How Did CT Fletcher Get So Big?

CT Fletcher got so big by making bodybuilding and time at the gym his life. He also transitioned into powerlifting for a while to gain more strength, but it was always a dedication to working as hard as possible.

Transform Your Physique With This Arms Growth Formula

Armed warfare is not for people who are going to take a half-hearted approach. This is a serious routine, but it will deliver results. I would also suggest doing it just twice a week when starting out, just to get used to the strain.

And to get even more out of this workout, I would also recommend taking a top-quality pre-workout:

These won’t turn you into CT overnight, but the added strength for lifting will quickly add up over the weeks.


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