Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
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Last updated: March 29, 2024
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Do you want to learn the secrets behind Floyd Mayweather's exceptional endurance and strength that made him a boxing legend?

As a Certified Professional Trainer, I've delved into Floyd's intense training regimen and dietary choices to uncover how he maintained peak performance throughout his career.

Step into the shoes of Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest athletes of our time, and see if his workout routine aligns with your fitness goals.

Stats and Achievements

floyd mayweather looking at the camera shirtless

Born in 1977, Mayweather Jr. is considered to be one of the best fighters of his generation.

So far, the boxer has won major world titles, including the WBD super featherweight, WBC lightweight, IBF welterweight, WBC light middleweight, WBA super welterweight, and WBO welterweight.

Mayweather Jr. also won the national Golden Gloves in 1993, '96, and '98, competed in the 1996 Olympics, and won the bronze in featherweight [1].

He’s the son of Mayweather Sr. — a former welterweight contender.

In addition to all his incredible titles and awards, Mayweather also holds 3 Guinness World Records and appeared on Dancing With the Stars.

Floyd Mayweather's Workout Routine

A man doing one arm standing dumbbell press

His training routine includes a heavy bag, speed bag, sparring, floor work, pads, core exercises, neck training, bodysuit work, and a 5–8-mile run.

Some would say you'd need a superhuman strength for this typical Floyd Mayweather training.

Having tried some of Mayweather's old-school training routines myself, I can vouch for their intensity. Just like him, I've learned the importance of self-motivation over external pep talks.

He likes to stay grounded and remind himself of the old days, so sometimes he varies his cardio and core training like Rocky Balboa — by using an ax to chop some wood.

However, he also likes to be futuristic, so you can also spot him using a Cryosauna.  It’s basically an ice bath that goes as cold as -175℉ and helps accelerate the recovery [2].

I once attempted a scaled-down version of Mayweather's extreme workout. Trust me, even the toned-down routine was grueling! It truly embodies the "go big or go home" spirit.

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man using a punching bag, man working out with a jump rope

If you’d like to train like Floyd Mayweather, you’ll need:

  • 3, 5, and 8-lb hand weights
  • Jump rope
  • Ankle weights
  • Neck harness
  • Ab-roll wheel
  • Wraps
  • Boxing gloves
  • Heavy bag
  • Dody bag
  • Hand pads
  • Speed bag

Here are all the 40 rounds of the impressive Floyd Mayweather’s workout routine:

Round 1–3: Shadow Boxing

Floyd Mayweather practices footwork, punching, movement, stance, speed, and technique as a warmup.

He then spends at least two rounds just practicing form. Very often, he adds weights after round two.

Rounds 4–7: Hand Pads

Floyd then spends 10–15 minutes hitting hand pads with his trainer. This helps him work on combinations and speed.

A man doing leg exercise and stretches in a gym

Rounds 8–10: Body Pad

Here’s when Mayweather needs a partner. He works on right hands, hooks, short jabs, and uppercuts for at least ten minutes.

Rounds 11–14: Heavy Bag

The champion uses a 160-lb bag to practice various combinations. He mainly focuses on speed and technique.

Rounds 15–18: Hand Pads Again

Another 15 minutes of slips and weaves with a partner.

Rounds 19–21: Going back to the Body Pad

At this point, Mayweather reverses places with his partner for another round of body pads. But, if you don’t have a partner, you can use the heavy bag instead.

A man wearing sando preparing to box a bag in a gym

Rounds 22–23: Another Round of Heavy Bag

Mayweather does about ten 1–2s in a row, which he follows by ten left-right hooks, and ten left-right uppercuts. He takes a breath then repeats all.

Rounds 24–26: Hand Pads

Mayweather does another round of hand pads with his trainer, focusing on speed rather than strength.

Rounds 27–29: Speed Bag

He follows it with three rounds of speed bag — gloves off.

Rounds 30–31: Jump rope

Typical for boxers, Mayweather does three rounds of jump rope. He does all kinds of steps: double jumps, criss-cross, etc.

If you’re doing this round, my advice would be to jump until you sweat.

A man wearing blue shirt doing left hook on a punching bag

Rounds 33–35: Weighted Shadow Boxing

Floyd alternates between 3, 5, and 8-pound weights. He usually does 1–2s, hooks, uppercuts, and shoulder presses.

He starts with the 8s, goes until he can’t take it anymore, then switches to the 5s, going down to 3s when he gets too tired.

Rounds 36–37: Abs

After shadow boxing, Mayweather does 50 ab roll-outs followed by 200 sit-ups. He repeats both the ab-rollouts and sit-ups.

Rounds 38–39: Weighted Neck

Mayweather usually attaches a harness and does up and down neck raises with 25lbs, repeating the exercise 50 times, doing 3–6 sets, since boxers need neck strength.

Round 40: Push-ups

50 push-ups

Other training routines:

Injury Prevention and Recovery

Floyd Mayweather's remarkable longevity in boxing is undoubtedly attributed to his comprehensive approach to injury prevention and rapid recovery.

He places a strong emphasis on physiotherapy routines, which include targeted exercises to strengthen vulnerable areas and improve flexibility. These routines aid in injury prevention by enhancing the overall resilience of his body.

Mayweather also utilizes an array of recovery tools, including cryotherapy, which involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Diet Plan

Different healthy fruits and vegetables

Mayweather enjoys indulgent foods occasionally but primarily consumes clean, organic meals.

With his intense training, he has hearty breakfasts and relies on a private chef for fresh preparations. Floyd also loves eating broccoli or drinking it in fresh juices.

However, since he's burning so much energy, he doesn't stay away from carbs. His lunches often include baked chicken with rice or spaghetti bolognese.

The boxing champion recommends eating:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Low-fat meat: turkey sausage, etc.
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Fresh-pressed juice (mixed fruit and veg)
  • Water
  • Wild fish

However, Floyd avoids food such as:

  • Pork
  • Sugar
  • Refined foods
  • Processed foods
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Soft drinks
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Artificial additives

What Supplements Does He Use?

Floyd doesn’t use any workout supplements. He only uses vitamins but has never revealed which ones.


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