15 Most Jacked UFC Fighters (2024) Chiseled & Ripped Pics

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
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Last updated: July 10, 2024
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In UFC history and MMA history, there were plenty of fighters we would describe as absolutely jacked.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I was impressed by their remarkable physique and strength in combat matches. After researching social media platforms and the internet, I have singled out the 15 most jacked UFC fighters.

Aside from their fighting skills and muscular body, what sets these fighters apart?

Read on and find out. You'd be surprised by their incredible achievements.

1. Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem is a German professional kickboxer and heavyweight mixed martial artist.

Unlike many UFC fighters in his fighting category who have higher body fat percentages, Overeem follows a strict diet rich in protein and essential nutrients, tailored to enhance muscle definition and optimize performance; something I always encourage my bodybuilding clients to follow.

Alistar has gained over 50 pounds only because he wanted to compete in the heavyweight division, which shows his devotion to this sport.


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2. Cheick Kongo

Cheick Kongo is a French heavyweight mixed martial artist and a former kickboxer. Cheick is known for preferring push-ups instead of bench presses.

He is also famous for competing in the UFC and his incredible career accomplishments, like winning third place in the Bellator heavyweight division.

His professional career started in 2001 when he entered the competition of mixed martial arts. Cheick was named "The darkness" because of his ability to stay on his feet at all costs.

3. Sean Sherk

One of the most significant and most exclusive fighters in the UFC lightweight division is Sean Sherk.

His story as a fighter began when he was just seven years old. Sherk started wrestling and weightlifting a long time ago, but now he has over 400 matches behind him.

Even though Sherk is only 5'6″, he is a formidable opponent because of his 155 lbs.


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4. Melvin Guillard

One of the most ripped UFC fighters is Melvin Guillard. Melvin is 5'9″ and weighs 155 lbs, but he can bench press 315 lbs for ten reps.

As a fitness trainer, I can attest that this is indeed an incredible feat to achieve for someone who is not a bodybuilder.

It's not enough to say that Melvin is an athlete in enviable shape, he is also persistent and dedicated in his fights.


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5. Kyle Kingsbury

Kyle Loren Kingsbury was a professional competitor from 2006 to 2014 when he retired after losing to Patrick Cummins.

Kingsbury was also a cast member of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir on Spike TV.

Kyle's MMA record (11-6-0) shows us that his strength is no joke.

6. Thiago Alves

The sixth place on our list of the most jacked UFC fighters is held by a professional boxer and a striking coach in the American Top Team.

Thiago Alves, competing in the welterweight class at 171 lbs as shown by UFC records, exemplifies the impact of weight classes on physical conditioning.

His training and diet are meticulously adjusted to maintain muscle mass while achieving the required weight, showcasing a balance between strength and agility that is critical in his weight category.

Alves competed from 2005 to 2019 and earned big titles such as: "Greatest MMA Striker of All Time," "Top Fan Favourite MMA Fighter," "Current Best MMA Welterweight Fighter," and many more.

7. Papy Abedi

Papy Abedi is a Congolese-Swedish former UFC fighter whose last competition was in 2017.

Papy's professional career started in 2006, and as of now, he's 9-3-0 as per UFC records.

You can watch Papy fight in multiple middleweight and welterweight categories.

He is known by the nickname "Makambo," which translates from Lingala as "trouble." Out of 14 matches, he managed to win ten, of which six by knockout.

8. Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre is a Canadian professional MMA champion famous for winning in two different divisions (welterweight and middleweight) in the UFC.

George's nickname "Rush" defines his style- explosive and rapid.

After Georges learned he had ulcerative colitis, he retired in 2019, although he remained under a contract he signed for the UFC.

"The truth is that I didn't start as a winner. When I was a kid, I was just another reject. I started at the bottom. I think all winners do."

- George St. Pierre, Canadian UFC champion 

In addition to being under contract with the UFC, George also collaborates with well-known brands such as Coca-Cola and Under Armor.


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9. Rousimar Palhares

Unlike other UFC players who became famous after winning the belt, Rousimar’s name is linked to losing his black belt.

Palhares lost his belt because he refused to let go of his opponent even when he started tapping. The ref tried to pull him off, but Rousimar got carried away.

Both in the octagon and gym, he barely recognizes the limits. So, it's difficult for him to find partners to practice with.

10. Yoel Romero

Romero was a UFC champion who fought both in the middleweight and light-heavyweight classes. He has an enviable athletic ability even though he is 42 years old.

Also Known as 'The Soldier of God,' Yoel Romero not only impresses with his physique but also with his mental fortitude.

His mindset training is something I always advocate to my clients; focusing on resilience and psychological preparedness has been a key factor in his ability to maintain peak performance in the octagon, reflecting the crucial role of mental health in the world of MMA.

Yoel Romero is a beast with absolute knockout power and a terrifying fighting style. His rivals have good reason to fear him.

According to BJJ World, Romero is from Cuba, and we all know how strict the Cuban wrestling program is. Yoel's opponents can never guess his next move because he can end the fight with just one surprising kick.


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11. Paulo Costa

Paulo Henrique Costa is a Brazilian professional MMA player who still holds the record of 13 wins (11 by knockout) and not a single loss.

When you watch him fight, you can see how determined he is to defeat the opponent.

While we could say that his style can sometimes tire him out too soon, he persistently proves us wrong.

He recently beat Romero, who, at that time, held first place.


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12. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is known as a wrestler, professional MMA fighter, and professional football player.

By the age of 44, this guy has achieved a lot, and his name is associated with many titles.

Brock Lesnar managed to maintain battling along with his personal life. He is married to Rena Marlette Lesnar, who is better known as Sable. Rena is also a wrestler.

This guy is ripped and maintains his muscle mass very well. His fights and boxing games are never certain; he keeps you on edge until the last moment.

13. Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley is a former welterweight champion known for his explosiveness and a one-punch knockout power in his right hand.

Tyron started as a wrestler, but like many other wrestlers, he eventually joined MMA fighters.

He made terrible injuries on some of his rivals, and "The Chosen One" is remembered for his match with Robbie Lawler. He has an impressive physique and stunning muscles.

This athlete was quite successful in the past; he managed to defend his title four times.


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14. Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold is a former middleweight UFC Champion and a photography model.

Recently, Luke had his first debut in the higher division- 195 to 205 lbs.

Unfortunately, Luke had shoulder surgery. Although the injury was not severe, he stated that he was not interested in fights anymore and announced his retirement.

Although we may not have the opportunity to watch Luke fight again, we will undoubtedly have the opportunity to watch his stunning physique in the model industry.


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15. Alain Ngalani

Alain Ngalani is fighting for One championship in the heavyweight category.

He also managed to win a four-time Muay Thai world championship and many titles in various divisions.

Although his name may not be so popular in the UFC, like Jon Jones or Conor McGregor, he deserves admiration for his achievements.

He's showing his stunning physique and skin complexion in many of his Instagram posts.


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