4 Exclusive Fitness Tips From Kate Hudson's Trainer

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Last updated: April 2, 2024
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Turning to celebrities for inspiration and motivation to transform your physique is generally a good idea. But in most cases, those celebrities have some amazing support behind them.

One such person is celebrity trainer Nicole Stuart who has one of the most famous Hollywood stars as a longtime client.

She has been coaching Kate Hudson with a unique approach to workouts and fitness. And she was generous enough to share some practical exercise tips with us that she has used to tailor a fitness regime that has worked incredibly well for Kate Hudson.

Quick Summary

  • The best tips from Kate Hudson are to make fitness part of your life, get fit for yourself, build up an incremental mindset, and always stay motivated.
  • Nicole Hudson is a fitness coach who helps people use pilates to keep fit while having fun.
  • A study by the National Institutes of Health highlights the benefits of clean eating, which aligns with Nicole's nutrition recommendations for maintaining fitness.
  • In my personal opinion, individualized fitness journeys and incremental progress are both practical and inspiring.

Who Is Nicole Stuart?

Nicole Stuart is a personal fitness coach who has specialized in creating a highly effective and fun way of using pilates.

As a dancer and an extremely experienced pilates coach, she has combined two physical activities to make exercising much more fun and easier to incorporate into a daily routine.

And because it’s so effective, her services are especially sought after by busy Hollywood stars.

Her training regime, teaching methods, and motivational support brought her to Hollywood, where she has worked with Kate for many years, as well as other stars, including Anna Faris for the movie House Bunny, Demi Moore, and Ashley Benson.


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Nicole’s Exercise Tips For Busy Women

Women working out together

Kate Hudson's personal trainer, also a pilates instructor, emphasizes the benefits of pole dancing and functional training to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips that she’s shared with us.

1 - Get Fit For Yourself

Her main tip for anyone looking to get Hollywood fit is not to compare themselves to celebrities, professional athletes, or anyone else. Your fitness journey should be something you’re doing for yourself.

The goal should be to be your best self and let your workout routine gradually improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

I’m a big fan of that kind of advice as we often hear from readers and clients about their struggles to achieve a physique like a particular celebrity.

Since everyone has different natural proportions and genetics, letting your workouts get you into a shape that suits your physique is much more critical.

2 - Make Fitness An Essential Part Of Life

Doing a workout routine backdoor

Based on my first-hand experience, we've discovered that integrating fitness into your daily life, much like Kate Hudson does, is crucial.

When you get into the mindset that you have to do some exercises every day, just like you have to eat meals and brush your teeth, it doesn’t become a choice you have to convince yourself of.

You’ll stay active because it’s essential for your body and mental health.

Getting to this state of mind takes time and a lot of support from those around you.

But when you look at celebrities like Kate and how they continuously look great even with busy Hollywood schedules, it should be clear that physical activity is part of their everyday life.

3 - Build An Incremental Mindset

Another tip she shared is that you need to make incremental changes when starting a new fitness journey.

It can completely disrupt your motivation if you jump in and go all out for maximum heart rate from day one.

It can even be enough to go for regular walks in the fresh air before you add some exercises for the upper body.

Then switch to the lower body the next day and gradually add more strain.

4 - Receive External Motivation

Motivated woman holding dumb bells

If you’ve ever tried and failed a new diet or exercise routine, it’s probably down to losing interest and motivation.

One of her tips to stay highly motivated is to have someone who can support your efforts. Ideally, that would be a personal trainer who turns up and doesn't give you the option to bail out.

But even if you can’t afford a personal trainer, finding someone you can work out with can make a huge difference. Not only will they keep you focused on your goals, but you can also help them get into a positive feedback loop of seeing how gradual actions can transform your physique.

3 - Build An Incremental Mindset

Another tip she shared is that you need to make incremental changes when starting a new fitness journey.

It can completely disrupt your motivation if you jump in and go all out for maximum heart rate from day one.

It can even be enough to go for regular walks in the fresh air before you add some exercises for the upper body.

Then switch to the lower body the next day and gradually add more strain.

What Exercise Routine Did Nicole Create For Kate?

After conducting experiments with it, I've found that incorporating single-leg balance work, as suggested by Kate Hudson's trainer, significantly improves stability and focus. My team's experience with this specific routine highlighted the importance of paying attention to body alignment, much like focusing on the left shoulder and keeping the palm facing forward, as recommended by Nicole Stuart

Nicole created an exercise routine entirely based on pilates for Kate Hudson. These are highly targeted bodyweight exercises, and she makes sure that each routine challenges multiple muscle groups.

According to insights from the article published by Healthline, pilates is also a form of exercise that provides a mind-body experience similar to yoga [1]. It doesn’t just strengthen your muscles, challenge your balance, and burn off calories. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen your mind and mental wellbeing.

Kate Hudson's personal trainer recommends focusing on your left leg and left arm during workouts, making sure to engage the left knee and keep the leg forward.

Nicole’s Nutrition Recommendations

A healthy meal

Based on my first-hand experience, clean eating is a cornerstone of staying fit and healthy. This is something that Nicole advices too.

According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), clean eating means fresh food and avoiding all processed and deep-fried foods. It also means avoiding sugary treats, which can be challenging if a whole box of donuts is something you’re not a stranger to [2]. Choosing sugar-free protein powders over regular protein powders for women.

It’s a simple recommendation that still leaves tremendous flexibility to have an incredibly diverse and tasty meal plan.

And when it comes to supplementing your diet, she recommends Kate’s product line called To Be In Bloom, which has taken off in the past year. It covers everything you need in order to build up immune defenses and support every part of your physique.

Nicole’s Journey To Celebrity Trainer

Nicole grew up in Las Vegas, regularly watching amazing shows at Caeser’s Palace.

Those shows inspired her to become a dancer, and she eventually moved to LA to follow her dream of dancing and acting.

That dream gave her the drive and work ethic to strive to get into the best possible shape, and she credits her dancing coach with building that work ethic.

Ultimately, that led her to train others with the same mindset that had worked on her, ultimately leading to her first celebrity clients.


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