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How to Use Dianabol Tablets? (3 Steps From a Nutritionist)

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: September 22, 2023
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As a fitness trainer, I often hear clients and other gym goers tempted to fast-track their gains by using anabolic steroids like Dianabol.

Dianabol or other anabolic steroids present a considerable risk that some people don’t consider because the reward is so appealing.

One of the critical roles of a fitness trainer is to provide the clients with all they need to make informed decisions. Hence, I consulted a nutritionist and medical professional to learn all I could about how to use Dianabol tablets.

Read on to learn more.

Quick Summary

  • Dianabol tablets can be used either through stacking, or by cycling.
  • It is recommended to take Dianabol before a workout as it enhances performance, endurance, and stamina.
  • Dianabol takes roughly 4 weeks for results to start being visible.

What are Dianabol Tablets?

Close up shot of pink tablets

Dianabol tablets are the brand name for the anabolic steroid methandienone, a controlled substance commonly known as Dbol.

Oral steroids, like Dianabol tablets, provide ease of use over injectable steroids while providing the same benefits in muscle gains and strength.

Anabolic steroids like Dianabol enhance or restore the body’s natural production of testosterone, resulting in increased muscle mass and strength gains, but side effects can be severe [1].

There are, however, legitimate uses for anabolic steroids like Dianabol, including treating hormonal problems in puberty or muscle tissue loss from cancer or AIDS [2].

Dianabol is a steroid that is not legal without a valid prescription in the United States.

While Dianabol is one of the best steroids for beginners, it may be legal in other parts of the world that are readily available.

It is not advisable to order from unknown sources or places where substances are not regulated because you don’t know the product's legitimacy and safety.

“Steroid use is dangerous for several reasons, including the high risk of infection, their illegal status in most places, and potential for mental addiction. Frequent blood work is essential to monitor potential negative health effects.”

- Daniel Preiato, RD, CSCS

How to Use Dianabol Tablets

A doctor holding a bottle of pills

You can use Dianabol tablets by doing cycles, stacking, or both.

Originally anabolic steroids were only available in an injectable form. Still, as research developed, the introduction of oral steroid options, like Dianabol, gained popularity because users prefer oral tablets over needles and syringes.

It is important to remember a diet high in protein is essential to support the gains brought on by steroid use.

There are a few ways to reap Dianabol benefits, including using Dianabol on its own or stacking it with other steroids.

Dianabol Only Cycle

Dianabol, on its own, usually consists of a cycle of four to six weeks with a daily dose of 10-50 mg. You should take Dianabol with a meal, as an empty stomach can cause nausea.

Because of its short half-life of four to six hours, it is best to split the dose throughout the day to maintain optimal blood concentration levels [3].

A first cycle may look like this:

  • Week 1: 10mg/day
  • Week 2: 10mg/day
  • Week 3: 15mg/day
  • Week 4: 15mg/day
  • Week 5: 20mg/day

A cycle for more experienced users:

  • Week 1: 20mg/day
  • Week 2: 20mg/day
  • Week 3: 25mg/day
  • Week 4: 25mg/day
  • Week 5: 25mg/day
  • Week 6: 25mg/day

Additionally, users may opt for a higher dose of 30+mg/day after a few cycles to continue making gains.

It is not unheard of for professional bodybuilders, familiar with taking steroids and looking to pack on as much muscle as possible, to take as much as 50mg/day for as many as eight weeks, a considerable amount and duration that brings significant health risks.

Stacking Dianabol

A woman holding pink tablets

The following are some standard go-to stacks:

Stacking can allow users to lengthen the cycle by kick-starting with one steroid followed by Dianabol, significantly boosting athletic performance and potentially adverse effects.

A beginner cycle of Deca stack may look like this:

  • Week 1: Deca-Durabolin (200mg/week)
  • Week 2: Deca-Durabolin (200mg/week)
  • Week 3: Deca-Durabolin (200mg/week), Dianabol (10mg/day)
  • Week 4: Deca-Durabolin (200mg/week), Dianabol (10mg/day)
  • Week 5: Deca-Durabolin (300mg/week), Dianabol (20mg/day)
  • Week 6: Deca-Durabolin (300mg/week), Dianabol (15mg/day)
  • Week 7: Deca-Durabolin (300mg/week), Dianabol (15mg/day)
  • Week 8: Deca-Durabolin (300mg/week), Dianabol (15mg/day)

Advanced steroid users may opt to increase to 500mg/week of Deca and 20mg/day of Dianabol.

A stacking cycle with testosterone may look like this:

  • Week 1: Testosterone (200mg/day)
  • Week 2: Testosterone (400mg/day)
  • Week 3: Testosterone (400mg/day), Dianabol (10mg/day)
  • Week 4: Testosterone (400mg/day), Dianabol (10mg/day)
  • Week 5: Testosterone (400mg/day), Dianabol (20mg/day)
  • Week 6: Testosterone (500mg/day), Dianabol (20mg/day)
  • Week 7: Testosterone (500mg/day), Dianabol (20mg/day)
  • Week 8: Testosterone (500mg/day), Dianabol (20mg/day)
  • Week 9: Testosterone (500mg/day), Dianabol (20mg/day)
  • Week 10: Testosterone (200mg/day), Dianabol (20mg/day)

Any Dianabol tablet cycle increases liver toxicity, so it is advisable to add liver support supplements like milk thistle, Liv-52, or alpha-lipoic acid to your lineup because these can ease the effects of Dianabol on your liver [4].

Side Effects

A doctor checking a patient's blood pressure

Along with strength-enhancing effects come significant risks. Short or long-term side effects of taking Dianabol range from mild to severe.

Here are the most common ones:

  • High blood pressure and heart disease
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Liver damage and liver disease
  • Aggression
  • Reduction of the body’s testosterone production (hypogonadism)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Blood clots
  • Severe mood swings
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Oily skin
  • Severe acne
  • Fluid retention
  • Increased risk of prostate cancer

Side effects specific to women include the following:

  • Deepening of voice
  • Decreased breast size
  • Coarse skin
  • Excessive body hair growth

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Do You Take Dianabol Before or After a Workout?

Dianabol should be taken before a workout as it can improve stamina, endurance, and performance during training sessions.

Increasing the body’s testosterone levels can promote protein synthesis and muscle growth, nitrogen retention, and increase body weight [6].

How Long Does Dianabol Take to Show Results?

It may take up to four weeks for the results of a Dianabol steroid cycle to show.

The results can vary from person to person and are affected by genetics, age, diet, fitness level, and training frequency and intensity.

Final Thoughts on Dianabol Tablets

I never promote taking Dianabol or any other anabolic steroid to my clients. Instead, I direct them toward much safer health supplement options to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Many highly effective bulking steroids safely create an anabolic environment without the severe risks and side effects.

We have done the homework for you and tested dozens of products to find the best ones. Check out our link above to find out what is our top pick and which one would suit your needs the most.


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