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Can Protein Shakes Make Your Butt Bigger?

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 2, 2023
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I know this might sound like a crazy question, but for many of my female and male clients, this is a definite goal for their butt muscles.

And to get a bigger butt or any other muscle group, you need to focus on both exercise and diet. But before you just start adding protein powder to every meal and smoothie you have, let me first give you some background details that I got from my dietitian.

As a personal fitness and strength coach, this is the same advice I now give all my clients. Otherwise, you might just gain weight all over, and your butt muscles will disappear under layers of fat.

Quick Summary

  • Protein shakes can make your bum grow faster, but you should also perform some workouts to gain some muscles.
  • Workouts will help you get bigger butts that aren't saggy or flabby.
  • Whey protein is the recommended supplement for bigger butts as it contains a variety of amino acids.

Can A Protein Shake Help You Get A Bigger Bum?

man looking at his workout tumbler

Yes, a protein supplement shake may help you get bigger buttocks, and you can achieve this either through a protein-rich diet or with supplements. But it's important to understand how this "weight gain" will develop.

First of all, muscle building will increase the weight you put on the scales, so don't be worried about this as long as your BMI goes down [1].

“Muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue, which means it takes up less space at the same weight.” - Emily Abbate, Writer at

With the right exercises and 20 to 30 grams of protein in a shake after training, you can trigger your body's muscle protein synthesis more effectively. And that will bring about glute growth for a bigger and rounder butt.

Muscle Mass Gain VS Fat Gain In Your Butt

woman doing squats

One thing people tend to get wrong is that a big butt is a big butt. Only when you increase muscle mass in the gluteus maximus will you achieve that perfectly shaped backside.

Let me explain.

Muscle Gain

This is the only true way you should be aiming for some more butt volume. The glutes are the largest muscles in the body, making them one of the best to target for growth.

And there are athletic benefits to bigger glutes.

Many football and basketball talent scouts will look at college players' butts as an indication of how strong and fast they are [2]. So, if you're looking for some lower body power, get in that extra protein shake, and don't avoid the squats.

Fat Gain

Unfortunately, for many people, this is what happens. They eat more calories and get less physical activity, and that calorie surplus goes to the belly and booty.

The problem is that a fatty butt is saggy and flabby, and it certainly won't give you any plus points for an athletic physique. The worst part is that if the butt rapidly gains fat, it could result in unsightly stretch marks that could further hurt your aesthetics.

This means that you need to approach a bigger booty with the right nutritious foods and a few different protein supplements, PLUS the right training routine.

What Types Of Protein Should You Consider?

powder and spoon

So, we've established that you need to approach a bigger booty from the perspective of muscle growth. And the best supplement you can get for that is whey protein.

It has an ideal amino acid combination to build muscle as long as you go through some intense weight training routines as well.

Another option that might be a good choice for vegan athletes is hemp protein.

It's a relatively new kind of supplement, but similar to whey, it has the ideal combination of amino acids.

And for dosage, I would recommend aiming for 20 to 30 grams per training day, immediately after a workout to boost your recovery and muscle-building time.

More importantly, though, you need to track your daily protein intake and get at least 1 gram per pound of body weight from all food and supplement sources.

And taking it on non-training days may help with weight loss if you need to get rid of some flabby stuff as well.

Will You Need To Exercise For A Bigger Butt?

Yes, you absolutely will need to exercise to get a bigger booty that isn't flabby and saggy. If you start eating more or taking weight gainers without the right glute exercises, it's just going to result in general body weight gain.

We've covered the fact that you'll need a healthy diet with certain nutrients like protein. Next, you need to carefully plan out your leg days.

Most people tend to use gym machines that isolate the hamstring, quads, and calves. And then they just do a few squats to target glute muscles.

My suggestion is to add some glute bridge exercises and at least two forms of squats. You'll be keeping your glutes more engaged to make your butt bigger.

Dieting And Training Your Way To Butt Growth

The worst thing you can go for is just general weight gain to aim for a bigger booty. Most of the weight will likely go to your belly and thighs, and your butt will just be a flabby mess.

Drinking protein shakes daily may significantly help with managing your weight, but you'll also need to do some targeted weight exercises to round out your backside. It's especially important when you're using protein supplements with stimulant content. That way, you won't end up destroying your sleep with the excess energy.

Try the above tips for a few weeks and consider buying a high-quality whey protein powder to help you along the way.


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