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10 Best Exercises for Back Fat (From a Personal Trainer)

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
Last updated: April 8, 2023

The practice of physical training dates back to Ancient Greece.

Over time, the approach to fitness has evolved from throwing stones, employment of fitness machinery to spot reduction, which remains a popular myth today.

That being the case, we reviewed some of the back exercises or what others call "bra bulge back workout" to see how effective they are for burning fat. Let's figure it out.

Quick Summary

  • The back exercises for burning fat are lat pulldowns, dumbbell upright rows, reverse flys, pull-ups, lateral leg raises, sperman, bridges, and seated resistance band rows.
  • Upper back fat, lower back fat, and mid-back fat are the types of back fat.
  • Being physically active, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough rest are the lifestyles that can help burn fat.

Can Exercise For Back Fat Reduce Body Fat?

man holding up a scale with a measuring tape on his shoulders thinking

Yes, exercise for stubborn back fat can reduce body fat.

It's a myth that you can spot on just one part of your body to reduce weight.

But, the good news is, doing back exercises together with a variety of workouts like cardio and lifting weights can be an excellent approach to decrease overall fat and shape your back muscles [1].

Is It Hard To Get Rid Of Back Fat?

woman squeezing both sides of her back fat

Getting rid of back fat can be challenging. However, focusing on working the muscles that surround your back may help.

It may depend on whether your goal is for bodybuilding or strictly for weight loss. According to Rich Hashimashi, a NASM-certified personal trainer, the best way to lose back fat if you’re into bodybuilding is doing deadlifts.

When it comes to getting rid of back fat and overall body fat, he says that deadlifts combined with the right nutrition program are hard to beat.

Also, shedding fat depends on several factors. Understanding what causes them might cut the deal.

Natural factors like age, genetics, and hormonal issues cause fat retention [2]. We might not be able to work this out entirely.

But there are factors like inactivity, poor diet, and lifestyle, and other chronic diseases and medical treatments that, if appropriately managed, can help you deal with the stubborn fat in your back more simply.

Types Of Back Fat

  • Upper Back Fat - These are extra fat that bulges on the sides of the bra strap.
  • Mid-Back Fat - These are excess fat that folds just above the back of the waistline.
  • Lower Back Fat (Love handles) - These are extra fat accumulating on the back of your waistline and spills over on top of your jeans.

What Are The Exercises That Get Rid Of Back Fat And Aid Body Fat Loss?

There are exercises for the back that aids body fat loss.

Here are some of the best back exercises:

1. Lat Pulldown

shirtless man using a lat pulldown machine

The lat pulldown is a powerful workout that targets the latissimus dorsi or the "lats" of the back muscles. It also exercises the lower trapezius muscles and rhomboid muscles to promote good posture and spinal stability.

Steps To Get It Done

Start by grabbing the bar with a wide overhand grip, and slowly pull the bar down as you sit. Secure your feet and legs in the lower and top pads.

Make sure you feel pressure on top of your legs with feet stable in the ground.

Keep your back straight and chest up. Start pulling down the bar toward chest level while squeezing the shoulder blades together. Hold shortly, then raise the bar back up gradually.

Repeat wide grip lat pulldown.

2. Dumbbell Upright Rows

woman lifting dumbbells in both arms

An upright row is a proven exercise that works on your shoulders and upper back. It conditions the upper body while building muscle mass and strength.

Pulling weights towards you enables you to target the backside muscles of your body.

Steps To Get It Done

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbell in each hand, in front of your body. Keep palms facing your body.

Lift your hands straight up until your hands are under your chin, then lower down the weights slowly while keeping your core tight and shoulders back.


3. Reverse Fly

woman in a reverse fly position

The reverse fly is an excellent back workout targeting the rhomboids, lats, trapezius, or "traps" in your back. It is a perfect routine to strengthen your shoulders and upper back to improve posture and balance.

Steps To Get It Done

Here's how to do a reverse fly, according to Cathy Dean, founder of Avocadu and expert on low carb diets:

Position by standing with your feet shoulder-distance apart, legs slightly bent.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Next, lean your upper body forward, and let your arms hang straight forward.

Start by raising your arms to the sides until they are parallel to the ground. Let the weights hang towards the floor, palms facing each other. Keep your abs tight, back straight, knees slightly bent.

Then, lower them back to the starting position.


4. Pull-Ups

man using a pull up bar in a gym

Pull up is an upper body exercise that primarily works on your lats. It also engages the lower traps in your back to improve body strength.

Steps To Get It Done

Start by dangling on a pull-up bar with your palms facing forward, with your entire body extended. Pull your body up and stop until the bar is over your chin.

Then, lower yourself down slowly and pull back up.


5. Lateral Leg Raises

back view of a woman doing side leg raises with a band

The lateral leg raise is a powerful exercise that works on the hip abductors to strengthen the hips and lower back. It helps support your balance and good posture.

Steps To Get It Done

Stand with your toes pointing forward, feet hip-width apart. Place your hands on your hips. Next, flex your right foot and lift your right leg out to the side.

Shift your weight into your left foot. Then, slowly bring your right leg back down.

Repeat and switch to work your left leg.

6. Sperman

man in a superman position

The superman exercise is an excellent exercise that works your lower back. It strengthens muscles that support the spine to promote good posture.

Steps To Get It Done

Position by lying flat on your stomach, arms and legs extended, and keeping a neutral spine. Start by raising both your arms and legs off the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds.

Return to the starting position and repeat.

7. Bridges

shirtless man in a bridge position on a yoga mat

The bridge exercise is a perfect low-impact workout that targets your lower back. It helps to stabilize the back and improves hip mobility.

Steps To Get It Done

Start by lying flat on your back, knees bent to make a 90-degree angle, and feet flat on the ground. Next, lift your buttocks to form a straight line.

Hold the position briefly, then slowly lower your body to the ground.


8. Seated Resistance Band Row

woman using a resistance band seated on the floor

The Seated Resistance Band Row is a safe exercise for people with lower back problems. It targets the rhomboids and lats and helps define the upper and middle back to promote good posture.

Steps To Get It Done

Position by sitting down on the floor, legs extended forward. Loop your resistance band around your feet, keeping them straight and flexed.

Next, grab on the other end of the band, with arms straight, and pull it towards your ribcage.

Squeeze your shoulder blades behind you as you flex your back muscles, then straighten back your arms in a controlled manner.


9. T.Y.I. Exercise

man flat on his stomach on a yoga mat

T.Y.I. exercise is a fun and creative back exercise that works your upper and lower back muscles. It utilizes hand movements to shape the letters T.Y. and I. and aims to firm and slim your back.

Steps To Get It Done

Position by lying flat on your stomach with your arms bent close to your body. Extend them to your sides so that your body will look like a letter "T."

Raise your chest and hold the position for a few seconds. Next, lower your body and move your arms to form a "Y." Lift your chest and sustain briefly.

Then, lower them down and move them to shape an "I." Lift your chest, hold for a few seconds.

Return to the starting position and repeat.

10. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

man in a gym using a dumbbell

Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows is a great exercise that works primarily on your lats. It also engages your rhomboids and traps to strengthen your back and upper body.

Steps To Get It Done

Position by bending over to place your left knee and left hand on a bench and holding the dumbbell with your right hand close to your body.

Next, extend your right arm towards the floor to lower down the weights. Keep your body stable and your back as level as possible.

Then, pull the dumbbell to your armpit and continue by lowering down and pulling up the weights.

Switch to the other side and repeat.

Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight

man in a tank top giving a thumbs up while holding a dumbbell

Health experts agree that adding small efforts to your daily routine can spark significant changes that can make weight loss goals more viable.

Here are some lifestyle shifts you can try to burn fat:

  • Be physically active. Lack of exercise may result in muscle atrophy which causes fat build-up. Simply walking to buy groceries instead of driving might do the trick. You may also include weights in your back exercises and be consistent with your workout routine.
  • Plan your diet. If you're complementing those workouts with high-calorie foods, there's no way you can break off with excess body fat. It's vital to get low-calorie foods high in nutrition and a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.
  • Rest and Relax. Overthinking promotes a stressful environment. When you're stressed, your hormones slow down your metabolism and impair your digestion.  Taking weekly getaways may help to recharge your mind and body [3].

Can Back Exercise Boost Overall Body Fat Loss?

Exercises for the fat can boost overall fat loss by mixing them with other weight loss workouts like cardio and strength training.

This approach somehow reasserts that fitness is constantly evolving. And you are privileged to make it your own by knowing what works for you.

To top it off, consuming fewer calories than those you burn and adding daily efforts towards a better lifestyle can help you shake off that extra body fat.

Also, taking a daily dose of supplements and consistent physical training may take these weight loss tips and efforts to maximum results.

You can start today. If you get these right, you might be just a step away from becoming the best version you've always wanted.


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