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8 Best Home Gym Paint Colors (Hand-Picked by Experts)

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers
Last updated: January 31, 2023

One of the best ways to spruce up your home gym is by choosing the perfect paint color.

The right color can create a calming atmosphere that motivates you during tough workouts.

My colleagues and I discussed some color options available for creating the perfect look in your home gym.

From light pastels to bold hues, I've rounded up some of the best paint colors to inspire you and make working in your home gym enjoyable.

Let’s dive in.

Quick Summary

  • From pastels to vibrant colors, the wall colors you choose for your workout space depend on the atmosphere you are trying to create.
  • Putting the right colors together, like beige or gray accented with blue, green, or red, can make your space aesthetically pleasing.
  • Blue is a color that, depending on the shade you choose, evokes a wide range of emotions.

8 Best Paint Color For a Home Gym

A person painting a home gym with white paint

Different colors evoke various emotional responses, so let's take a closer look at colors you should consider for your home gym.

1. Red

Red is a classic and energetic color that adds vitality to any room, and the home gym is no exception.

A bold red paint is a motivating color that can create a vibrant atmosphere to help you feel energized, keeping you in the zone for tough workouts.

When selecting a shade of red, it's essential to choose one that won't be too overpowering or distracting.

Finding a good balance between bold and subtle is key.

Red is a powerful color associated with determination and strength, a perfect color scheme for any home gym.

2. Orange

Orange is a vibrant and energizing color for painting your workout room.

It gives the space an upbeat atmosphere and high energy that can help you push through strenuous exercise.

Not only does orange bring a sense of excitement and stimulation, but it is also a warm color that can make the space more inviting and less intimidating for anyone working out there.

Orange is one of the bright colors that stands out against neutral walls like white or gray, making it a perfect accent wall color.

Popular paint colors for workout spaces include ones with complementary red and orange hues.

3. White

Close up shot of white paint

White is a classic color that can give gyms a brilliant and clean look.

White walls will reflect more light making any small space feel bigger and brighter, mainly basement gyms that usually lack a lot of natural light.

White walls will also make darker workout equipment stand out even more.

If you choose white as part of your color scheme, make sure to pick a true white, not off-white, with tints of other colors, the effect will not be the same.

4. Green

Green is calming, invokes a sense of nature within a fitness room's walls, and stimulates creativity, balance, focus, and harmony; all things that help you get the most out of your workout.

A lighter, earthy shade of green works well for home gyms that may double as playrooms or home offices.

It is a neutral color that is still lively and pairs well with other softer colors and eco-friendly decor.

5. Blue

Close up shot of blue paint

When painting your home gym with blue, it's essential to choose the right shade to create the mood you want in the space.

Darker blues evoke feelings of power and strength, while lighter blues offer an aura of calmness and relaxation.

Bright blues may be too distracting for a yoga room where you want a more serene, focused, and meditative atmosphere.

Teal is another shade that adds energy and cheerfulness without being overwhelming.

"In the world of interior paint, color therapy is simply used by selecting a wall color that speaks to you personally, crafting a mood you're wanting to achieve for the space."

- Sue Kim, Color marketing manager

6. Yellow

Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that instantly brings energy and light to any fitness room. Yellow paint can provide the perfect backdrop for any exercise and make the room look larger than it is.

When choosing a shade of yellow, there are some factors to consider.

The intensity of the shade is important; lighter hues will give your space a soft glow, while darker ones will add drama and depth. Additionally, certain shades can appear differently under different lighting.

A yellow-green color brings energy and excitement, much like the combination of orange and red I mentioned earlier.

7. Purple

Close up shot of purple paint

Lavender is an uplifting, optimistic, and inspiring color.

If you meditate or do yoga, lavender can be the best color to evoke calming, positive, and focused emotions.

8. Dry-Erase

A dry-erase wall or section is perfect for tracking workouts and performance goals and writing motivational messages.

Well-known paint brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams offer dry-erase paint options.

Use multiple coats for optimal results, and follow all instructions carefully.

Doing so will ensure you have an easy-to-clean and exciting visual element that works with countless paint schemes.

How to Choose the Right Color?

Close up shot of three paint buckets with yellow, blue and red

When you begin to think of paint colors for your home gym, there are a few reasons that some colors are more attractive to you than others, so personal preference is an important consideration.

Choosing the paint color appropriate for the size of the gym is also essential.

Lighter shades make small home gyms seem larger, while darker hues make a large room feel cozier and inviting.

Beyond personal preference and functionality, consider how the paint coordinates with decor pieces like mats and wall hangings.

Finally, painting isn't limited to walls; consider mixing different colors on furniture like benches or mats.

A bright orange bench or yoga mat against white walls will add visual interest to your home gym while providing the energizing boost from the warm colors you want in your gym room.

If you know what color to pick, check out our home gym ideas that can help you improve the look of your gym.


What color are most gyms?

Most gyms are painted the color green because, according to color psychology, it symbolizes nature, relaxing the body while simultaneously providing energy, harmony, and balance [1].

What Home Gym Paint Color Is the Most Energizing?

The home gym paint color that is the most energizing is red. Surprisingly, pink is also a high-energy color.

What Color Will You Pick for Your Home Gym?

When deciding on the perfect color for your home gym, you want something that will inspire you to stay motivated and energized while you spend time working out.

Bold colors, calming colors, or a mix of the two will make your space uniquely yours.

However, choosing proper workout equipment is even more important than choosing the right color scheme, as that will ultimately determine your success.

Once you have decided what kind of atmosphere you want to create for working out, you can check out these excellent crossfit home gym equipment options that we extensively tested over the years.


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