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Simeon Panda Home Gym (Fitness Haven Revealed)

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: June 20, 2023

As a personal trainer and fitness lover, I always like taking a closer look at other people's garage gyms.

And once you get to the elite stage of bodybuilding like Simeon Panda, that kind of garage gym setup can become pretty epic.

As one of the most influential fitness influencers, Simeon revealed his entire gym on social media platforms and in a few interviews.

So we decided to spend a day researching how he approached it and what amateurs can learn from it.

Warning: we got some extreme fitness-related envy during this research.

Quick Summary

  • Simeon has become one of the most vocal fitness influencers on social media platforms, with over 8 million followers.
  • He designed his gym setup based on the Gym80 equipment, which you'll find in all the Gold's Gym franchises because of their durability.
  • His gym also includes custom machinery that you'll typically only find in gyms catering to professional athletes.

What Does Simeon Panda's Home Gym Look Like?

Simeon Panda at his home gym

Simeon's home gym looks a lot more like a Gold's Gym in a fancy home than what you would expect a garage gym to look like.

Half of it is in an outdoor space, and he also has equipment indoors.

He mainly sourced his equipment from Gym80, the company that supplies the Gold's Gym franchises with the Pure Kraft collection.

This included a lying leg curl machine, a standing calf raise machine, a belt squat machine, a plate-loaded leg extension machine, a shoulder press machine, and an abduction machine.

More on these shortly.

As a fitness lover and fanatic, I can see that he's paid a lot of attention to picking the right machines and placing them in a way that makes sense for his all-black gym.

With more machines come more training flexibility and variety that will have a big impact on your muscle growth [1].

The other thing you'll notice with Simeon's entire gym is that everything is extremely solid and commercial-grade equipment. And while that kind of all-black gym will cost a lot more, it's the kind of investment that will last for decades at home.

How Much Did He Spend?

A person holding a credit card

It's not entirely clear how much Simeon spent on his home gym, and he hasn't revealed the exact amount in any videos.

The man is a multi-millionaire and influencer, so he probably got a good deal on a lot of the equipment.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of the machines are not available for the public to buy, and some of them are even custom machinery, which would hugely impact the price tag.

My best guess is that it's significantly in excess of $250k for just the equipment alone, not to mention the amazing home it's in.

"The best thing about bodybuilding is, you only get out what you put in."

- Simeon Panda

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Simeon's Advanced Gym Equipment

A person doing workout at a home gym

If you're one of Simeon's more than eight million followers, then you've seen him regularly feature different machines in his videos.

And that's why he has become one of the top influencers in the bodybuilding and fitness space [2].

Here are some of the machines from the Pure Kraft collection you can see in his entire gym tour video:

As you can see, he's a big fan of complex machines in his outdoor space, and a lot of them are for different leg exercises.

That's mainly because he mentioned in his gym tour video that he loves leg workouts more than any others.

The other thing you'll find him talking about is his wide range of free weights, from dumbbells to Olympic plates. He'll certainly need a lot of plates as the majority of those machines he shows off are plate-loaded.


How Often Does Simeon Panda Workout?

Simeon Panda works out at least five days a week for up to four hours in his Gold's Gym at home. He varies his workouts a lot and avoids doing things in a repetitive way to avoid muscle memory and getting bored.

When Did Simeon Panda Start Training?

Simeon Panda started training when he was 16 years old. He said he was a skinny teenager, and he wanted to take steps to avoid being bullied in school. It didn't take long for him to become passionate about bodybuilding and fitness.

Find Inspiration For Your Own Garage Gym

If you also have some extreme fitness-related envy at this stage, then start to take a more serious approach to your home gym. It's not just about doing bench press workouts and a bit of cardio.

Follow the lead of one of the most influential fitness influencers and figure out what your favorite workouts are.

I would then suggest checking out the best home gym equipment we have researched, as they tend to give you the widest variety of workouts. Then gradually add more cardio and strength training machines as needed.


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