Brian Shaw Home Gym (An In-Depth Look at His Equipment)

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Last updated: January 6, 2024
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As a certified fitness instructor, I enjoy researching topics that involve strong athletes.

I've been following Brian Shaw for quite some time. He is a professional strongman, not just in dollars but also in passion for the sport.

During my study of his workout routine, I discovered he had created a full gym with all the equipment required for his exercises.

In this article, we'll look deeper at Brian Shaw's gym and the equipment he employs to shape his body into the ultimate machine.

Quick Summary

  • To train like a professional strongman, Brian Shaw has created a comprehensive home gym with specialized equipment tailored to his rigorous workout routines.
  • Shaw's gym features customized equipment, including modified machines for increased weight capacity and size accommodations.
  • According to Fitness Volt, Brian Shaw's home gym boasts an investment of over $500,000 in equipment, making it one of the best-equipped personal gyms in the world.
  • As a fitness professional, I find Brian Shaw's commitment to assembling a home gym with such specialized and high-value equipment incredibly motivating, showcasing the importance of tailoring one's training environment to their specific fitness goals.

Strongman Brian Shaw

Strongman Brian Shaw working out in his home gym

Brian Shaw is one of only five men who have won the World's Strongest Man (WSM) competition at least four times.

Not only has he won four Worlds Strongest Man championships (one fewer than the all-time great Mariusz Pudzianowski), but he also holds several world records in almost every lift category conceivable.

Shaw has updated his gym numerous times after making his World's Strongest Man debut in 2008, reaching the sport's peak four times and being in the mix for the WSM summit for 14 straight WSM events.

Shaw took to his YouTube channel on July 8, 2022, to take his fans on a tour of his upgraded gym in Colorado.

Watching Shaw's YouTube tour of his upgraded gym, I was struck by the level of dedication and detail he puts into his training space, which motivates me to think more creatively about my own gym setup.

Brian Shaw's Garage Gym

Top view of the garage gym of Brian Shaw

His gym has been in the works for months, and the current revelation demonstrates why it has taken so long to finish.

His gym is enormous and full of machines that will help Shaw train for his upcoming challenge to the best of his ability.

I've dedicated my time to testing many home gym equipment and made many guides, such as the best compact home gym machines, that can help you start building your own "Brian Shaw's" gym.

Since his home gym contains $500k worth of devices, some items that stand out immediately are the Rogue "Donkey," Rogue 203-pound monster kettlebell, Circus Dumbbells Powerlifting Monolift, and dumbbell full-stack rack.

He also contains plates upon plates of varying size, weight, and functionality, accompanied by a slew of barbells.

Let's look at some of the tools available in Brain Shaw's home gym.

Brian Shaw's Gym Tour

Brian Shaw posing inside a gym

Shaw claimed that nearly nothing in his gym is normal after showing off his initial two pieces of equipment, the Reverse Back Extension and a Back Attack.

He adjusted various machines so that he could either fit inside them or put on additional weight.

"Anything may be adjusted and strengthened. That is what I have to go through with a lot of equipment. Just because I crush it up."

- Brian Shaw, American Strongman

1. Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates

Like any powerlifting-style Garage Gym, Shaw Strength contains a lot of black iron.

But I'm seeing Shaw use Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates ever more, and it makes sense. They are not just among the best-calibrated plates available but also among the most affordable.

Before Rogue began producing calibrated plates, there were a few other choices that were far too expensive.

Rogue has now used its manufacturing skills and knowledge of supply chain and pricing to create a high-quality calibrated steel power plate that looks good and works well.

2. Specialty Bars and Barbells

Close up shot of specialty bars and barbells on the gym floor

Shaw has many barbells. Instead of going through them, I will list them and detail a few of the most interesting ones.

  • Farmers Walk Handles
  • Crepinsek Safety Squat Bar
  • Axle Bars, featuring an Ironmind Apollon's Axle
  • Rogue Tb-1 Trap Bar
  • EliteFTS Cambered Spider Bar
  • Bandbell StrongMAXX Bar
  • Deadlift Bars, a Crain's Okie Deadlift Bar
  • Slater's True Log Bar
  • Bamboo Bandbell Bars
  • Rogue 12" Log Bar
  • Multi-Grip EliteFTS Bar

There are a lot of straight bars. Possibly several Texas Power Bars and a variety of Rogue Bars.

Bamboo Bandbell Bars

This is the most distinctive bar at Shaw Strength. Utilizing chaos training enables the user to do exercises such as yoke walks and deadlifts.

Rogue Tb-1 Trap Bar

Rogue unquestionably manufactures the most excellent home gym trap bars on the market.

Because of the additional handles, I own and frequently use the TB-1 Trap Bar. You may load these bars with whatever weight you choose and pull, push, or carry them.

According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, a Trap Bar provides a lot of versatility, which is probably why Shaw has one [1].

Crepinsek Safety Squat Bar

The Crepinsek Safety Squat Bar is widely regarded as one of the most significant safety squat bars available.

That being said, the EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar has excellent padding and handles.

3. Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack

Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack inside a gym

The high-quality power rack is the focal point of every garage gym.

This is where most of the Brian Shaw workout routine is done, and if you're as huge as Shaw, you'll need a large rack.

As a result, Shaw has the sturdiest squat rack I could imagine, the Rogue Fitness RM-6 Monster Rack.

It is a six-post power rack made of 3x3 11-gauge steel tubing, oversized 1′′ gear, and a bolt-together construction for easy transport and adjustment on the floor.

The Rogue RM-6 was among the first power racks that provided customized colors and configurations.

Shaw's rack is built not just with 108-inch uprights but also with every attachment imaginable, such as an endless rope trainer.

4. Legend Fitness Smith's Machine

In every video I've watched, they're nearly always utilized solely for overhead training, allowing the strongman to throw in greater volume. According to a PubMed study, this also emphasizes shoulder strength more than free weights alone can [2].

"For some reason, people believe that Smith machines are dumb. However, I have used a Smith machine since I began adding more equipment. Many powerful men exercise on them."

- Brian Shaw, American Strongman

5. Reverse Hyper

Reverse Hyper workout equipment

One of the first Westside Barbell models was Brian Shaw's Reverse Hyper.

Looking at old Westside clips, you'll notice Louie using the identical model.

Rogue Fitness later rebuilt and enhanced it.

The enhancements are minor in terms of design but significant in terms of functionality.

6. Cold Tub

Contrast treatment for recovery is gaining popularity among strength athletes and trainees.

Jumping into an icy cold tub can do wonders for your recovery and mental health. Shaw owns one of the world's largest Cold Tubs.

7. Concept 2 Rower

Can you fathom how much power Brian Shaw can generate on the erg?

It's amazing to see Strongman training employ a gadget commonly used by CrossFitters for conditioning.

This may be another explanation for why Brian Shaw is a champion.

8. Various Training Equipment

Close up shot of various strongman training equipment

Even though I included several of Brian Shaw's home gym's larger pieces of machinery, he also owns a lot of other items.

Chains, Wraps, and Straps

Mark Bell sponsors Brian Shaw and utilizes various products, including the Strong Sleeves, slingshots, shin shavers, and more.

Shaw, in addition to the supporting equipment, employs a large number of chains to accommodate resistance.

Shaw is also seen utilizing EliteFTS's EZ Chain Loaders and the smaller model for the deadlift platform.


Shaw has every dumbbell conceivable, including a complete set of pre-loaded dumbbells.

I was amazed by his collection of every dumbbell conceivable, including a complete set of pre-loaded dumbbells. This experience opened my eyes to the importance of having a diverse range of weights at hand for a comprehensive strength training program.

He also has several Rogue plate-loadable dumbbells and Rogue Monster Bells.

9. Innovative Equipment in Brian Shaw's Home Gym

Here's a glimpse into the unique gear that sets Shaw's gym apart:

  • Customized Strongman Implements: Shaw's gym boasts custom-made strongman implements, such as atlas stones, log presses, and yokes, designed to accommodate his massive size and strength. These pieces are not only larger and heavier than standard equipment but also tailored to his specific training needs.
  • Advanced resistance machines: Unlike typical gyms, Shaw's space includes advanced resistance machines that offer variable resistance levels. These machines are crucial for targeted muscle development and allow Shaw to fine-tune his strength training with precision.
  • Specialized grip strength tools: Recognizing the importance of grip strength in strongman competitions, Shaw's gym is equipped with specialized grip strength tools. These include various types of grip trainers and thick-handled dumbbells and barbells, essential for developing a vice-like grip.
  • High-capacity power racks: The power racks in Shaw's gym are custom-built to withstand enormous weights. These high-capacity racks are essential for safely performing ultra-heavy squats, bench presses, and deadlifts, which are staples in Shaw's training routine.
  • Recovery and mobility stations: This includes foam rollers, massage tools, and stretching mats, which are crucial for maintaining flexibility and preventing injuries.

Implementation of the Strongman Event

Strongman competition inside a gym

More equipment is helpful while training to be a strongman.

At least, Shaw believes this, and it appears to be effective for him.

Shaw has almost every tool that might be employed, in addition to all the standard gym equipment.

This includes the following:

  • Fingal Fingers
  • Hercules' Hold
  • Atlas Stones Loading Platform
  • Yoke
  • Keg Toss
  • Throwing Bags
  • Frame Carry

And possibly a slew more that I'm missing.

Brian Shaw has also hung posters and mirrors to make the gym feel like a home.

It's astonishing to imagine that he began training in his parent's basement and has now established one of the world's best gyms among all gyms.


Does Brian Shaw Have a Gym?

Yes, Brian Shaw has his own updated gym in Colorado.

How Much Can Brian Shaw Bench Press?

Brian Shaw can bench press 535 pounds. He begins his workout warm-up progression with 135-pound bench presses, then progresses to 235-pound, then 315-pound bench presses.

How Much Can Brian Shaw Deadlift?

Brian Shaw can deadlift up to 1,140 pounds.


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