6 Couples Workout to Try with Your Sweetie at Home or at the Gym

6 Couples Workouts To Try With Your Sweetie
Written by Tracy

When you love working out or you’re just looking to make exercise a regular part of your day, it helps to have someone doing it with you. It’s even better when you do it as a couple.

Having a partner for your workout is super helpful and practical in that one of you can take breaks while the other performs a set, and you can encourage each other to push on when you’re tired and just want to give up.

Working out together is more than a romantic walk on the beach, though. Here are 6 couple workout exercises you and your significant other can tackle together. You can do these anywhere you like, at home or at the gym.

1. Reverse Lunge With Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are ideal for partner workouts since you can pass them back and forth. This exercise is simple. Instead of lunging forward as you usually do, lunge backwards with one leg.

Two girlfriends during workout

This is a great exercise because it forces you to try to keep up with each other.

When you push back to stand again, throw the ball to your partner who will then do the same thing.

2. Passing Sit-Up

This one’s similar to the reverse lunge. Face your partner in sit-up position with your feet touching and knees bent.

Cute couple during workout

Workout is even better when your sweetheart is by your side.

Extend the medicine ball to the ground behind your head, and move up into a sit-up with it. While you’re up, pass the ball to your partner who then repeats the process. You’re getting the extra resistance with the medicine ball, but a brief break thanks to your partner.

3. Weight-Cardio Interval

For your entire workout, one way to get the best bang for your buck is the weight-cardio interval. For example, while he’s doing shoulder presses, you get to do jumping jacks.

Couple kissing during workout

Good workout and a kiss is all I need.

Switch, take a break, repeat. Your bodies get a break from weights with cardio, and from cardio with weights. It’s an ideal set design with very little time wasted.

4. Shoulder Tap Plank

Get into plank position facing one another. Instead of staying still and counting down for a minute, challenge each other to push it a little further.

Couple doing plank together

Always encourage each other!

Alternate tapping one another’s shoulders. This requires more core strength, control, and balance. Try to keep your body as streamlined as possible, without rotating your hips.

5. Lying Leg Throw-Down

This one’s a real challenge for your abs and legs, and it’s also a fun way to get playful. Lay with your back on the floor, your head between your partner’s feet. Hold your partner’s ankles or calves and raise your legs towards them.

Then, let your partner push them down as hard as he or she wants to, challenging you to pop back up without letting your heels hit the ground. Don’t get too tough on each other… but don’t be too easy on each other, easy. You’ll be feeling the burn after these.

6. Wall-Sits

After your workout, sit against the wall as if you’re sitting in a chair, thighs parallel to the ground, with your chests facing opposite directions. Challenge each other to stay in this position for as long as possible. Distract each other with sweet nothings, hold hands, do whatever.

Wall sits for couples.

Shared experiences are precious beyond measure.

When you’re finished, you can collapse on the ground together and walk out worn out and well-exercised. Or, if you wanna push each other more, you guys collapse and do some push ups to develop your chest and arms. Speaking of chest... check out our guide here:

Did we miss any Couples Exercises?

Whether you’ve been together forever or you’re just beginning to feel the spark, working out with a significant other is an awesome way to get in shape and closer. You want a partner who’s healthy and active and enjoys spending time with you.

One great way to vet a date is to see if he or she will be up for this couples workout. Nothing screams sexy when you go to the gym and see that fitness couple getting a sweat on together. 

Have you worked out with a significant other? Considering giving it a try? Share your story with us below.

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