Dwayne Johnson Supplements: His Shocking Stack Revealed

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: June 19, 2024
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WWE legend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, known for movies like Rampage and Jumanji, is renowned for his impressive physique.

What supplements fuel his strength and stamina, and could they hold the key to your own fitness transformation?

As a health and fitness coach, I appreciate how dietary supplements complement a workout regimen to optimize strength and general physical health.

Keep reading and uncover the all-natural supplement regimen that powers The Rock's impressive figure, offering both health and muscle growth.

What Exact Supplements Does The Rock Take?

One of my ex-clients tried to emulate The Rock's Herculean strength but quickly realized that achieving biceps the size of bowling balls and chiseled abs required more than his weekly treadmill sessions and occasional protein shakes.


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It's because Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson likely dedicates several hours to weightlifting and cardio, complemented by substantial meals.

However, optimal muscle growth often requires the right supplements.

​In the case of Dwayne Johnson supplements are a huge part of his regimen. From pre- to post-workout, and with a strong focus on recovery drinks, there is a large range of products in his diet.

And Dwayne Johnson has been open about the supplements he takes, emphasizing the importance of genuine products for achieving his physique.

So here is Dwayne's go-to supplement stack.


1. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Having used Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy myself, I can vouch for its energy-boosting properties. It's packed with amino acids, and I felt a noticeable difference in my workouts.

And looking at all the online reviews, it’s pretty clear to say that it’s a good pre-workout supplement.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has mentioned it in interviews, saying he uses it several times a day for physical and mental energy.

Take it first thing in the morning and immediately before a training session for maximum results.


2. Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey Protein

When I tested Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey, I was drawn to its rich amino acid content, especially the 9 grams of Leucine and Isoleucine.

The makers claim this whey protein significantly helps to increase muscle mass and growth, and The Rock seems to agree. It can be taken as a whey protein pre-workout before cardio or to help with recovery after particularly heavy fitness training.

Apart from being very affordable, the whey protein also tastes great. It comes in several flavors, so there's a bit of variety in there. With this range of flavors, you won't end up getting bored of the taste and stopping proper protein intake.


3. Glucosamine As Natural Pain Relief

Glucosamine As Natural Pain Relief

Another product that is vital during the bodybuilding phases is glucosamine.

From personal experience, while chasing muscle gains, I overlooked joint health until I started feeling the strain. That's when I really realized the importance of glucosamine for natural pain relief.

You sometimes find it in products along with chondroitin, and both of these are vital to joint health. What they do is help replenish the fluid around joints, thereby reducing friction.

They also make up the cartilage between joints, and making sure you have a steady supply is very important when you’re lifting a lot of weights [1].


4. Glutamine For Immune And Digestive Health

Glutamine For Immune And Digestive Health

Some people assume that because glutamine is a protein, it will help with bulking. Both of these will be under quite a lot of strain from all the food you eat, so helping your gut out is important.

I generally advise taking these before your main meals to ensure proper nutrient absorption.

However, the main benefit to your health comes from the fact that glutamine will help boost your immune and digestive systems [2].

You can learn more about glutamine by watching this short video:




5. Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Powder

The good news is that it’s contained within item 2 above, and you won’t have to invest in yet another product to help you build muscle faster. The only ingredient added to this supplement is valine.

These amino acids should generally be taken after exercise, as they will help your muscles process protein and build new tissue.

While the name sounds very fancy, all it refers to is the chemical structure of the proteins. It’s always a good idea to make sure you get enough of them daily.

Here are some of our recommended BCAA supplements for men.


6. Casein For Diversity

Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Powder

While whey is one of the most common types of protein, you will be able to achieve better results for muscle building by adding nutrients from a few more sources.

Casein is very similar to whey and is also isolated from milk. However, its chemical structure is slightly different, and this can help to provide a bit more amino acid diversity.

It’s also healthy for your metabolism to have to work on extracting different sources rather than becoming reliant on just one. Here are some of the best casein powders that we recommend.


7. Fish Oil

Transparent Labs Krill Oil

Initially, most of my clients focus solely on muscle-building supplements.  Yet, after I recommend fish oil, they usually report improved cardiovascular health and access to essential micronutrients.

While you can buy multivitamins as small pills, they often contain synthetic vitamins.

It’s far better to get them in natural form, and that’s where fish oil plays a vital role. They also provide tons of omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for cardiovascular health [3].

I recommend taking fish oil supplements at least once a day.


Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness,’ it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.

- Dwayne Johnson


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  1. People constantly say he’s on steroids. But, I believe he’s natural. It’s only supplements Dwayne Johnson takes. I’ll try them gradually and hope I develop a body like him.

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