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Tim Ferriss Supplements: How To Think and Focus Like a Boss

Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: January 12, 2023
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Who Is Tim Ferriss?

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss is a lifestyle guru. He always pays a lot of attention to how he looks, the food he eats, and his workout routine. This is why people are always curious about what Tim Ferriss takes to maintain his body shape and great fitness.

Fitness, exercise and healthy nutrition for body and mind are very popular topics he covers, and I have gained a lot of insights from his media appearances as well.

In an interview with Men’s Health from 2016, he provided a ton of information regarding the supplements he uses.

These did include some psychedelics, which we will obviously not cover here, but there is no doubt that the man has come up with a stack of supplements. Let us dive in and find out what he recommends.

Quick Summary

  • Tim Ferriss takes curcumin capsules which have anti-inflammatory properties for joints and muscles.
  • Ferriss also takes L-Glutamine supplement crucial for repairing damaged muscle tissues.
  • Tim uses BPI sports protein, which helps him build up new lean mass.
  • Testosterone booster supplements improve Tim's endurance and strength during workouts.
  • Tim Ferriss loves Optimum nutrition, zinc, and magnesium, which improves his sleeping pattern.
  • Nature's life Policosanol is another supplement that Tim takes and it lowers his cholesterol levels.

What Supplements Does Tim Ferriss Take?

To come up with this list of Tim Ferriss supplements I have listened to countless interviews and podcasts, as well as read all the blog posts that covered everything from energy boosters to cognitive function and even cancer.

While some of them are aimed at boosting fat loss, you will notice that he takes a more holistic view of dietary supplements.

1. Optimal Health Bridge Pure Berberine

Optimal-Health Bridge Pure Berberine

Naturally found in many herbs, berberine has long been a traditional Chinese medicine.

One of its main benefits is that it helps lower blood glucose levels, which makes it an ideal supplement for people who have diabetes. (1)

Tim has referred to it as one of the supplements for longevity that he always takes after eating meals.

It also has proven anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that make it a great option especially during cold and flu season.

While I wasn’t able to find which exact product Tim uses, I have personally used Optimal Health Bridge Pure Berberine, which I like because it contains nothing but the active ingredient.

2. Metformin

Metformin and Rapamycin are both drugs used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, so this is not something you can just pick up in your pharmacy.

You will need to talk to your doctor in order to get a prescription, but if you explain the health benefits you’re targeting, then this may be possible.

Metformin is a prescription drug that has been shown in clinical tests to reduce the markers of aging in cells. (2)

It is precisely for this counter aging effect that Tim recommends it and with recent FDA approval, there are some rumors that it will become available without a prescription.

3. Swanson Lithium Orotate

Tim has commented in a few podcasts that he takes 5mg of Lithium Orotate on a daily basis to fend off the effects of stress and anxiety.

Ultimately, it can help prevent depression especially if you lead a very busy and stressful life.

One of the significant advantages reported in studies is that there are no known side effects from taking this supplement on a daily basis. (3)

If you have suffered from anxiety or depression, then this is a good and inexpensive product to add to your daily supplement list.

You can also watch this video to learn more about the benefits of Lithium Orotate.

4. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is one of those products that is completely underestimated, and Tim has regularly referred to it in social media. Apparently, he takes it twice a day for several reasons.

First of all, it can help reduce acid reflux, so if you’re eating big meals then just take a spoon of it after. But it also helps lower cholesterol levels, help with weight loss efforts and stabilize blood sugar levels. This means you can cure existing issues and prevent long-term problems with just a spoonful or two per day.

Even the organic Braggs product that Tim recommends is cheap enough to buy on a regular basis.

Check out our article on the best Apple Cider Vinegar gummies.

5. Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids

This is an Omega 3 supplement with a bit of a difference. Rather than just using fish oil for a healthy digestion and heart, phospholipids have been proven to have a significant impact on brain health. (4)

This was done through placebo-controlled clinical trials, so there is real science behind this product.

Nordic Naturals sources its ingredients from anchovies, sardines, and herring roe which are all wild-caught rather than farmed. The result is a really high natural quality that you can take twice a day for maximum results.

If you want to read more on the topic, check out this article: Best Omega 3 Supplements for You.

6. Curcumin Capsules

Curcumin Capsules

Curcumin is probably something you haven’t heard much about, and the medical industry is somewhat silent about it.

It’s a supplement that can easily be extracted from turmeric and has anti-inflammatory properties.

While inflammation can play a vital role in healing processes, chronic inflammation of joints, muscles and digestive tracts can cause serious health problems.

NutriExtract has created a very popular supplement, and taking just one of these per day can reduce many inflammation problems.

7. Quest MCT Oil Powder

Given how much time Tim spends working on blog posts, social media, interviews and podcasts, it’s no surprise that he needs to maximize his brain function.

A study from 2017 showed a direct link between brain metabolism and the level of ketones. (5)

While this isn’t a shortcut to full ketosis, adding MCT oil to your diet will bring about very similar results. And Quest has created a product that can be easily added to your daily food intake.

Simply add a serving to your breakfast or morning coffee, and you can set yourself up for a very productive day.

Simply add a serving to your breakfast or morning coffee, and you can set yourself up for a very productive day.

8. Now Sports L-Glutamine

If you’re into high-performance sports or bodybuilding, then L-Glutamine is not going to be a new term to you.

It’s a specific amino acid that is important for your body in order to repair damaged muscle tissue.

Tim generally recommends taking high doses after workouts that really bring on the burn.

There are some protein supplements that have this already added in, but if you just want to add some extra to your diet, then Now Sports has a good capsule-based one.

You really only need to take this after a long run or trip to the gym, as there won’t be a huge benefit from this on your rest days.

9. BPI Sports Protein

Tim has stated in several interviews that he takes a two-step approach to boost his protein needs before and after a heavy workout session.

Most people will be familiar with whey protein, which is one of the most common. However, adding BCAA as a supplement will further enhance your body’s ability to repair damaged muscle fibers and build up new lean mass.

This will be especially important during any bulking phase for bodybuilders, and one of the most positively reviewed options are available from BPI Sports.

10. Testosterone Booster


When people hear testosterone boosters, they normally think of illegal performance-enhancing drugs that are banned from sporting events. However, there are several products available that will legally and naturally boost this vital hormone.

The main aim would be to improve strength and endurance during training, so taking it as a pre-workout supplement is a good idea. But you should also consider it post-workout to increase your natural levels of human growth hormone.

This will increase your ability to build more muscle tissue, and Testogen have a powder supplement that you can easily add to a shake.

This will increase your ability to build more muscle tissue, and Testogen have a powder supplement that you can easily add to a shake.

11. Optimum Nutrition Zinc and Magnesium


One of the reasons Tim takes a zinc and magnesium supplement is to help him get a more restful sleep.

This is where magnesium helps out by providing muscles with the nutrients to fully repair themselves.

If you suffer from restless legs or twitching at night, then magnesium deficiency is probably the culprit. And zinc helps to boost your immune system which is very active at nighttime to flush out unwanted stuff.

Optimum Nutrition has developed a ZMA product that also includes Vitamin B6 as an added bonus. Take these once a day before going to bed.

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12. Nature’s Life Policosanol

Policosanol is a type of alcohol that is derived from sugar cane that has been extensively tested through clinical trials.

These have shown significant results in lowering cholesterol and the risk of blood clotting.

Simply take it once a day, ideally with your evening meal or snack.

Taking higher doses has not shown to have positive effects, so it’s not a recommended option.

13. Life Extension Green Tea Flavanols

Green tea is one of the most potent options for taking in antioxidants to help with detoxing your body. However, if you’re like me, then the taste is just going to put you off drinking enough to get all the benefits.

Another option is to take green tea extract supplements, and Life Extension is one of the favored options.

It’s inexpensive, and you can take two of these per day to maximize the effects.

Beyond the antioxidant properties, it’s also known to boost your immune system and healthy LDL cholesterol.

14. Nature's Bounty Garlic Extract

The final recommendation on this list of Tim Ferriss supplements is garlic extract.

Some people love eating garlic, but for others, the smell and bowel disruptions are just not worth it.

It is known to provide benefits for preventing several forms of cancer as well as reducing plaque buildup in arteries.

Plaque buildup is a major contributor to heart attacks, and this cheap supplement can significantly prevent it.

Taking one or two of these a day with your food is the best option, and it’s something that Tim has mentioned in several interviews as a way to avoid the bad breath of real garlic.

You may also want to check ​another article about Vegan-friendly multivitamins, where another product from Nature's is featured.

15. Nova Nutrition Alpha-Lipoic Acid

This is a supplement that Tim has mentioned on occasion and it claims to help prevent heart and liver disease as well as neurological issues that are common during the natural aging process.

You have to be careful with the dosage though, as the maximum daily recommendation is 1200mg.

The capsules are available in 200, 300 and 600 mg and Tim has mentioned that he takes 4 of these per day.

I would still aim to stick to 1200 mg, so it may be that he was referring to the 300 mg products available.

Top three supplements, I would say omega-3 phospholipids, curcumin, that’s generally thought of as turmeric plus black pepper for bioavailability. Then anything that has a high composition of medium-chain triglycerides.


- Tim Ferris, Author and Entrepreneur

Tim Ferriss Supplements stack Final Words

One thing is for sure: This list of Tim Ferriss supplements is specifically designed to maximize your mental health and reduce the effects of natural aging.

Until such time that a magic pill is invented to reduce the common symptoms of aging, then this is a very good stack to consider for your own daily life.

By adding in some regular fitness routines, you will increase your chances of staying physically in shape and mentally fit.

There is a bit of a lack of vitamins on this list, but that’s mainly down to the fact that he’s focusing on the brain functions.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a vitamin supplement, and you can check out some of our recommendations in our blog.

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