Chris Evans Workout Routine & Diet Plan in Captain America

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There are two things we are going to dissect as we look into Captain America's marvelous physique, namely his diet and his workout routines. This will set up the platform for what you should do to attain a marvelous physique like his within a reasonable time.

Everyone notices Chris Evans in every movie he stars in. However, most people don't know the determination he put into attaining such a perfect body. It all starts with eating the right kinds of foods. Remember, your body needs enough nutrients to attain the desired body shape.

Let's get into it and understand how Captain America attained his toned muscles.

How Did Chris Evans Achieve His Physique For Captain America?

As a fitness coach and Marvel fan, I've closely followed Chris Evans' interviews about his transformation into Captain America. His secret?

A disciplined regimen, far from the joked-about pizza and YouTube videos.

It's about a meticulously planned diet and exercise routine.

My experience with clients echoes this: consistent, hard work is key to achieving a physique like Evans' iconic Captain America.

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1. Workout With A Trainer

As personal trainers, we provide more than just instruction on workout and cardio techniques for weight management.

We play a crucial role in managing the mental challenges of intense training, offering motivation and support to help clients overcome stress and mental barriers.

Incorrect exercise techniques, like those in Chris Evans' routine, can lead to ineffectiveness or even injury.

Very Well Fit underscores the importance of a coach's motivation, especially after achieving significant goals, such as a broader chest [1].

While training with top-tier coaches like Simon Waterson might not be feasible for everyone, working with available trainers at a local gym can still effectively lead to your desired physique.

2. Lift Heavier Than Everyone Else

Greg Plitt's philosophy of being the hardest worker resonates in my training approach, much like Simon Waterson's with Chris Evans.

Waterson's strategy involved high-intensity interval training, heavier weights, and fewer reps, mirroring the muscle hypertrophy principles I apply with my clients.

This method, focusing on heavier lifting and reduced repetitions, is scientifically proven to enhance muscle growth and strength.

It's a technique I've successfully implemented to maximize workout effectiveness for diverse client goals.

This was different. I’d walk out and I’d be like, ‘I need to vomit. I hate this trainer. I hate this movie. I want to go to sleep for a week.
- Chris Evans

If you want to become a lot leaner and muscular as well, then add on those weights during the Captain America workout and cardio. It’s the only thing that will maximize growth.

3. Become The Low Cardio Guy

While warm-ups are technically cardio, Chris Evans' Captain America regimen prioritized muscle-building over extensive cardio.

He concentrated on lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy weights, optimizing energy use for muscle growth in a limited timeframe.

In my experience as a personal trainer, it's crucial to recognize the role of genetics in training responses.

Each person's unique genetic profile affects muscle growth, fat loss, and body composition, shaping individual training outcomes.

4. Do Gymnastics And Plyometrics

Plyometrics and gymnastics are excellent ways to keep your heart rate up when you’re doing a low-rep, high-weight workout during training.

I also did some plyometrics, stuff like squat-to-box-jumps. The aim was to keep my heart rate high throughout the workouts, and that helped with my general wellbeing and especially during filming when I had long days and was running around or doing fight scenes.
- Chris Evans

5. Bulk Up With The Correct Portions Of Food

Close up shot of healthy bulk food

You might think that the correct portion is nice and small snacks multiple times a day, with some healthy salads thrown in, then think again.

While that may be the best approach if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, when it comes to creating a ripped physique, it’s all about lean protein — and lots of it.

For multiple sessions in the gym a day, you could be looking at several chicken breasts for every single meal, starting first thing in the morning.

Working out sucked, eating sucked more. You get to a point where you just can’t even look at another piece of chicken. You’re just so bloated, but you just have to keep consuming protein, so that was tricky.
- Chris Evans

Be sure to check out this video if you want to see more ...


Chris Evans’ Sample Weekly Workout Routine

Chris Evans' Captain America workout is no walk in the park. It's a full-on, sweat-inducing routine, not for the fitness newbie.

If you're more couch potato than a gym rat, start with the basics first. This regimen isn't just arm curls; it's a total-body transformation, focusing on compound lifts like squats and deadlifts.

These exercises work for multiple muscle groups, boosting growth hormones for quicker, more significant muscle gains. It's a smart, all-in-one approach to getting ripped, Captain America style.


Chris Evans Diet

Diet And Nutrition

People who come to me for advice are always surprised when I tell them they also need to spend some time with a dietician.

In order to achieve your fitness goals, you have to look at it as a 70-30 split.

70% of your success will come from your diet, and 30% from your work at the gym.

Chris hasn’t actually revealed exact details about every meal and the Chris Evans diet, but in an interview with the Huffington Post, he said, “You get to a point where you just can’t even look at another piece of chicken.”

Nutrition is absolutely vital to make sure you have all the energy to work hard, as well as a whole lot of nutrients to repair, recover and bulk up.

So, I sat down with a close friend of mine who is a nutritionist for professional triathletes, and she gave me a sample of what she imagined Chris would have to take in during weight training. It would mean incorporating a lot of lean protein.

Breakfast (Captain’s Porridge)

  • 2 servings of oatmeal
  • Coconut or almond milk
  • ½ cup of almonds
  • 1 cup of low-fat yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of mixed berries and fruits


Lunch (Chicken Pita)

  • 4 x 6-ounce skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 head of lettuce
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 4 x whole wheat pitas
  • 2 cups low-fat yogurt
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of mustard
  • 2 tablespoons anchovy paste
  • 2 sliced or crushed garlic cloves

Dinner (Stir-Fried Chicken and Rice)

  • 4 x 6-ounce skinless chicken breast
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 1/2 cups uncooked brown rice
  • 2 large red peppers
  • 1 medium yellow pepper
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 1 tbsp salt and pepper

A Cocktail Of Supplements

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that they got into shape like him without taking a ton of supplements. Between the exercise routine and your protein needs, you’ll struggle to get all the energy, macros, and nutrition you need.

Simon Waterson (Chris’ personal trainer) talked in a interview about a stack of products he generally sets up for his clients.

Here are some details:

1. Natural Testosterone Booster


Using a natural testosterone booster like Testogen, based on our study, he was able to increase his testosterone easily and safely.

See, testosterone can help you increase strength and stamina, which will lead to improved muscle size.

With this product, rest assured that everything's done safely and naturally.

2. A Mountain Of Protein Powder

Transparent Labs Whey Protein

Through protein shakes and powder added to smoothies or porridge, Chris was taking in 180 grams of protein powder per day.

A lot of this would come at night time to help provide as many branched-chain amino acids as possible to repair and build muscle tissue, so consider slow-release protein overnight.

Here are some of our favorite whey protein shake powders.

3. Fish Oil Supplement

Transparent Labs Krill Oil

These are excellent for the immune and vascular systems. As your body becomes accustomed to a regular supply of healthy fats, it is going to be far more likely to release any bad fats, especially around the heart.

This also helps you balance your body's pH levels, protects you from diseases, and boosts your wellbeing with micronutrients.

4. BCAAs To Avoid Muscle Wasting


This supplement is vital in the bulking phase, as it will help to avoid burning muscle tissue.

As you go through different stages of intensity and rest periods, you don’t want your body to reduce any of that hard work to achieve muscle mass.

Here are some of our favorite BCAA supplements.

5. Glutamine To Help Your Gut

Nutricost L-Glutamine Powder

There’s a bit of debate over how important this supplement is, but in my opinion, it provides two benefits.

First of all, it helps your stomach and digestion.

Secondly, according to Medical News Today, it can help with a cutting phase where you want to remove as much fat as possible [2].

The good news is that you won’t have to take 4 different supplements in huge doses. The first three items listed are often available in high-grade products in the right amounts.

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Captain America staring at the camera at the bedroom

1. How long did Chris Evans workout for Captain America?

Chris Evans went through a 3-month workout phase to prepare for Captain America. He has talked about the grueling Chris Evans training and diet routine in TV interviews, describing that he regularly wanted to just pack it all in.

2. Who trained Chris Evans for Captain America?

Simon Waterson trained Chris Evans for Captain America. Simon is a former British Royal Marine, and he has a team of fitness and diet coaches that have trained actors for many high profile movies including James Bond.

3. How much does Chris Evans weigh for Captain America?

Chris Evans weighs about 180 pounds at 6 feet tall for the Captain America movie. He reportedly put on 30 pounds of lean muscle weight and reduced his body fat to 10%, which is quite an achievement.

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