Flex Lewis' Arms Workout Routine (The Road to Bigger Guns)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Flex Lewis, renowned for his impressive leg muscles, initially faced challenges in arm development.

Through dedication, he transformed this weakness into one of his most notable strengths.

Intrigued by his journey, our team analyzed his social media and interviews for insights into his arm workout strategies, and further validated these routines with our clients over several weeks.

Flex Lewis Stats

  • Born: November 15, 1983
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Waist: 31"
  • Chest: 54"

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Flex Lewis' Arm Workout Routine

Here are six exercises to reshape your arms.

What you need to do is set up three sets of bars or dumbbells with increasing weights.


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You start by doing a set with the lightest weight and doing 15 reps.

Then you do 15 on the medium weight and another 15 on the heaviest load.

And beware; this will cause massive burning sensations.

Flex Lewis's transformation of his arms from a weakness to one of his most lauded strengths can be largely attributed to his deep focus on the mind-to-muscle connection. This technique, often overlooked, involves concentrating intensely on the muscle during exercises to maximize engagement and growth.

EZ-Bar Curl

photo of a man doing bicep curls using the EZ bar

What I love about the EZ bar is that it allows you to adjust your hand and grip position easily without struggling with keeping the bar balanced.

Plan to switch from close to wide grip on different training days, but stick with one position for the sets you do in one session.

Using the EZ bar has personally helped me adjust grip positions for enhanced arm strength, crucial in my MMA training.


Hammer Curl

The hammer curl is a great way to engage your full biceps and also add some strain to your forearms.

Hold the dumbbells beside your body as if you had a hammer in your hand.

As you curl up, you can also twist your forearm so that your palms face your body at the top of the movement.

In my experience, hammer curls are effective for engaging the biceps and forearms, enhancing my grappling strength in MMA.

Concentration Curl

photo of a man doing Concentration curls in gym which is of Flex Lewis's arms workout

There is some scientific evidence behind focusing intently on muscle activation during training, according to the Sports [1].

By sitting on a bench and resting your elbow on your knee, you're in a great position to focus on your biceps and imagine you're flexing them as much as possible.

As an MMA fighter, concentration curls have helped me focus on bicep strength, crucial for clinch work.

Overhead Triceps Extension

From my MMA perspective, overhead triceps extensions are a favorite for building punch power.

By lifting the dumbbell over your head, you ensure that the full weight pushes down on the triceps, and you'll get to failure a lot faster.

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Triceps Kickbacks

Doing triceps kickbacks

Another great variation for triceps extensions is to lean forward and focus on keeping your upper arm aligned with your torso.

The slower you extend your arm backward, the more resistance you will feel.

Triceps kickbacks have been part of my regimen, contributing to stronger arm locks in my MMA fights.


And finally, you simply can't underestimate the benefits of good old-fashioned chin-ups.

This compound exercise will also help to round out your shoulders and upper back to keep you in better proportion [2].

Incorporating chin-ups has been essential for my overall upper body strength in MMA training.

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What's His Diet Plan?

Lewis's dietary regimen plays a crucial role in his fitness routine, featuring low-carb meals and specific timing for nutrient intake, coupled with a strong belief in the benefits of supplements like creatine, which he considers essential for any athlete's gym bag.

Like Lewis, diet is key in my MMA training, focusing on high protein for muscle recovery and performance.

Flex Lewis' diet plan basically revolves around eating as many meals a day as possible, with a goal of 5,000 calories during his bulking phases.

He hasn't spoken specifically about his macro balance, but looking at some of his meals, they're clearly heavy on protein.

There are large piles of chicken breast and meat, along with complex carbs from lots of healthy vegetables.

"Every set is mapped out long before the bar is touched. It's a deep and mindful journey. A vision is created."
James "Flex" Lewis

Does He Take Supplements?

Yes, Flex Lewis takes quite a few supplements each day, and they mainly focus on muscle repair and performance.

That specifically means that he likes taking pre-workout supplements to ensure that every single minute at the gym delivers maximum results.

Similarly, in my MMA training, I also rely on supplements for muscle repair and improved performance.


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These aren't magic pills to bulk you up overnight. But small boosts each day add up to great results.

And considering how many calories he needs to get from protein powder each day, it's no surprise that he drinks multiple protein shakes each day.

But it all comes down to choosing a top-quality product, so don't just go for the cheapest option.


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