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Who Are the Hottest Female Bodybuilders In the World?

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
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Last updated: October 27, 2021

You don’t have to be a bodybuilding fan to admire the competitive fitness levels that women in this sport can achieve.

I coach quite a few female bodybuilders, and it’s great to see a huge fan base for these athletes.

It took us just two weeks to be flooded with votes from our readers with their favorite women in the bodybuilding and fitness world.

And we encountered quite a few surprises on this list.

Summary of the Key Findings

  • Women bodybuilders have gained a lot higher standing in the world of physical training and sports. 
  • We asked our readers to vote on their favorite females in the bodybuilding world, so our team’s personal biases don’t mess up the rankings. 
  • Oksana Grishina and Cory Everson made it to the top of the list for our readers, but there are few surprises as well.

Our Top 15 Hottest Women Bodybuilders

1 - Oksana Grishina

Oksana is a popular Russian beauty, and she entered the professional arena with her IFBB pro card in 2007.

She’s one of those female bodybuilders who live for bodybuilding and has achieved a degree in physical training and sports science.

As a young girl, she was also involved in competitive gymnastics, but she later decided to transition from a professional gymnast to a female bodybuilding competition and was instantly hooked.

She is one professional bodybuilder to keep an eye on in future events.

2 - Cory Everson

Cory Everson is the oldest woman on this list, but the fact that she’s still on here recognizes both her physical achievements and incredible looks.

She was the first woman to be recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 Arnold Classic [1].

I have followed her career for many years, and I think I have all of her books sitting on the shelf in the office.

She’s a true champion of bodybuilding competitions.

3 - Pauline Nordin

Next on our list of hot female bodybuilders comes 39-year-old Pauline Nordin. She entered the bodybuilding world at age 17, which is quite late.

But by the time she turned 20, Pauline was a highly competitive female bodybuilder.

In recent years, she has become the trainer and diet coach for the Swedish version of The Biggest Loser, and she has helped countless people turn their lives around.

4 - Debi Laszewski

Here’s my personal favorite because I think she is one of the sexiest female bodybuilders in the world.

She started weight training at 20 and within four years was taking part in bodybuilding competitions.

Her achievements include a second-place finish at the 2012 Ms.

Olympia contest, and she’s also done some work as a fitness model for different sports brands. She definitely has a great balance of muscle and a sexy physique.

5 - Wendy Lindquist

Portrait image of Wendy Lindquist

Wendy is one of the strongest female bodybuilders in the world, and she started her professional career in British Columbia, Canada.

These days, she’s not involved in that many competitive bodybuilding events anymore as she has refocused on her fitness model career.

But she did dominate many bodybuilding competitions over the years, and you just need to look at her biceps to understand how she did so well as a professional bodybuilder.

6 - Jennifer Rish

Portrait image of Jennifer Rish

Jennifer Rish is from Southern California and has made a career as a professional bodybuilder after spending many years as a kick-boxer.

Yes, this lady is not just incredibly strong but could likely take the head off anyone who got on the wrong side of her.

And if you follow her social media feeds, then you’ll get a glimpse into how Jennifer Rish is doing as a fitness model as well.

7 - Sharon Bruneau

What’s interesting about Sharon is that she started off as a fashion model and then switched things around to bring her attractive physique into the bodybuilding world.

It just goes to show that hard-working fitness models can compete with the toughest athletes.

At first, all the weight lifting resulted in too much weight to continue modeling, but that seems like it has changed a bit in recent years.

8 - Jennifer Broomfield

Portrait image of Jennifer Bloomfield

Jennifer is one of those female bodybuilders who grew up in a family that was into sports and fitness.

And from an early age, she decided that she wanted to lift weights to bulk up and become more athletic.

She has taken weight lifting so seriously that she lives and breathes it every day as a personal trainer.

9 - Brooke Holladay

Brooke Holladay started as a dancer and gymnast but quickly realized that she was able to gain a lot of muscle mass.

She instantly dominated many competitions, including Ms. Olympia.

Out of all the attractive female bodybuilders we had submitted, she might have the most striking looks that combine a good physique with a cute face and smile [2].

10 - Larissa Reis

Larissa modeled as a college student and probably could have had a great career in the fashion industry.

But she wasn't satisfied with being just another beautiful woman. So, she started training with weights and quickly figured that it was a hidden passion of hers.

She also gained sponsorship from a supplement company early on in her career. And you just need to follow her Instagram feed to admire her attractive physique and the effort she puts in at the gym.

11 - Nikki Fuller

Next on our list of hot female bodybuilders is Nikki, who should be a household name for anyone that follows bodybuilding.

She had featured in many magazines, especially during the 90s when she was competing for Ms. Olympia.

Before becoming a professional bodybuilder, Nikki was into many different sports and even competed in the water polo state championship during her college years.

She was also one of the early women who successfully transitioned from female bodybuilder to fitness model.

12 - Sarah Backman

Sarah is one of the female bodybuilders who transitioned from a professional wrestling career to bodybuilding.

The former wrestler was known for arm wrestling many people to the ground, and her strength allowed her to compete effectively from her first competition.

And in recent years, she has transitioned to becoming a real estate broker.

13 - Erica Cordie

Erica had an interesting start to bodybuilding as she started strength training at 17 after injuring her knee in a skiing accident.

Because of her involvement in sports from a young age, she didn’t give up and decided to become a female bodybuilder and fitness model.

She also has a charming personality that shines in interviews. And you definitely want to check her out in her favorite superhero outfit as a Wonder Woman.

14 - Eva Andressa

Here is a dark-haired beauty and the first from Brazil on this list of female bodybuilders.

Some argue she has the most striking looks of all the female bodybuilders in the world, and I would tend to agree.

You just need to browse some popular brand names in the bodybuilding world to see her face regularly pop up.

15 - Heidi Vuorela

And finally, we have Heidi Vuorela, one of the most successful female bodybuilders from Finland.

Her interest in the sport came at just 12 years old, and she got her IFBB Fitness Pro Card at the age of 29.

You’ll often see her in the top 10 results of competitive events, and there are rumors that she might be looking at an acting career as well.

Who Is Your Favorite Female Bodybuilder?

We’ve probably missed many other women and could have grown this list to more than 30 amazing women.

As a personal trainer, I find it difficult to judge attractive female bodybuilders because I know how much work they put in.

But with the help of our readers, clients, and subscribers, we have created a great list of athletes, even including the first woman in the IFBB Hall of Fame.



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