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Best Ways to Mix Your Protein Powder (4 Healthy Options)

Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: January 23, 2023
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Protein powder is essential, especially if you want to buff up your muscles fast. It repairs damaged muscles and helps in generating new muscle cells. As we all know, taking protein powder requires it to be mixed with a liquid. This is the point where most people are confused about the fluids to mix their protein powder.

As a fitness instructor,  I have seen many people get bored with their supplements because it doesn't have good taste. I have compiled a list of fluids you can mix your protein powder for an enhanced taste.

Quick Summary

  • Water has, for the longest time, been the easiest choice to mix protein powder. Mix and shake, and you are good to go.
  • Milk can be mixed with protein powder to create a creamier texture.
  • Protein powder can be mixed with smoothies and blended. There are different smoothie recipes to choose from.
  • Making protein bars using protein powder through baking is another of mixing this supplement for body intake.

How To Mix Your Protein Powder

1. Shaker Bottle

The first is to use a shaker bottle to mix protein powders. It looks like any other reusable bottle. However, it has one key feature. It contains a mixer that often looks like a whisk shaped into a ball. A shaker cup is a convenient way to mix your protein powder with liquids.

2. Blender

The second option is to use a blender for mixing protein powder. This is a much better option if you combine protein powder with solid ingredients like bananas or ice cubes. It helps you create delicious protein smoothies in no time.

What to Mix with Protein Powder?

Sometimes you need to experiment with new recipes to keep yourself from getting bored of even the best tasting protein powder drink.

Here are some ideas on what to mix protein powder with.

1. Water

Water is the easiest choice to mix protein powder with. Just put it to your shaker bottle and you are good to go. Despite its convenience, the taste can get boring even if you have the tastiest whey protein powder.

Coconut water may give your protein shake some flavor. Coconuts are high in unsaturated fat which may be something you want to consider if you are on a weight loss program. (1)

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2. Milk

Milk is another easy and convenient choice to add to your protein powder mix. Just like using cow's milk to make hot cocoa, it helps create a creamier texture. Options range from skim to 2% fat with the latter providing a creamier texture to your protein shake.

Unlike water, it can also add more protein and nutritional value to your diet. There are tons of ingredients you can experiment with when mixing protein powder with milk. You may also want to consider soy, oat, or nut milks.

They can contain more calories and sugars than cow’s milk though, so read the label to ensure that you are getting what you want after you mix protein powder.

My personal favorite option is almond milk, it creates a creamy texture and unsweetened almond milk doesn’t even have added sugars. Try it on your own and let me know in the comments section of your feedback!

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3. Smoothies

There are several protein shake smoothie recipes out in the world. Our favorite is the Orgain organic protein powder shake recipes. They provide a large variety, and it’s not hard to find something that you like even if you drink gluten-free protein powders.

Adding frozen fruits or vegetables can make your protein shake smoothie even more healthy. You can try banana, apple, and orange for starters. (2) It’s a nice way to put some variety to your morning protein intake.

4. Protein Bars

Did you think your love of baking had to go out the window when you started a healthier diet? Well, we have good news for you, there are plenty of delicious and healthy baking recipes out there.

One great idea is to start making your own protein bars. You may not know but there are many protein powder for baking.

It’s cost-effective and you can customize them to create a unique flavor that you enjoy eating. Grab your chocolate protein powder and go crazy.

Watch this video and learn how to make homemade protein bars using only 4 ingredients.

How to Make a Smooth Protein Shake

Even after you’ve chosen the perfect way to mix protein powder, there is still the risk of lumping it up.

Lumpy protein shakes aren’t, quite frankly, the worst thing ever, and so we have a few more tips on how you can prevent them.

One of these tips is to sift with a fork before mixing protein powder with a liquid. It ensures each grain of powder has a better chance of dissolving before it sticks together to form that inseparable goo.

If you are using a shaker cup, then another trick to ensure a smooth protein drink is to fill the bottle halfway and then add protein powder, shake it up, then fill it up with your chosen mixer.

Can I Mix Coffee with Protein Powder?

Protein powder in hot coffee can be a delicious combination. However, you need to be careful on you blend it.

Putting hot coffee in a shaker bottle creates steam that can cause it to open. So the best option is to slowly add protein powder to you drink while stirring constantly to prevent lumps.

You can put bananas, almond milk, cacao nibs, and cubed ice in your coffee protein shake. Sounds yummy!

Is It Better to Mix Protein with Milk or Water?

It depends on your personal preference. Water will add no calories, but it doesn’t add any taste or nutrition after you mix protein powder with it.

Milk will add a creamy taste and other necessary nutrition like calcium, and it adds extra protein and calories.

How Can I Make My Protein Shake Taste Better?

Some options include using a shaker cup and using milk as your preferred liquid. You could also get flavored protein powders like vanilla or chocolate.

Adding protein powder with fresh fruit, yogurt, or peanut butter to create a smoothie is another great idea.

There are tons of ingredients that you can add in your vanilla protein powder!

Try searching the web for famous recipes or you can create your own and experiment. Then, adjust the ingredients according to your taste.

How Many Scoops of Protein Should I Use?

Protein powder usually recommends one scoop as a typical serving size. However, brands have varying scoop sizes.

It’s important to read the label to determine how much protein content is in each scoop. Your daily protein needs depends on your age and physical activity level.

If you are unsure, you can also consult your physician to know the correct dosage.

It is still best to get an expert's opinion than deciding on your own.

The Best Ingredient to Mix with Protein Powder

This can vary from person to person. It can also depend on what kind of protein powder you are taking and what you decide to combine it with.

Whey protein is a popular protein powder and is often mixed with milk to create a creamier taste. You can experiment to decide which combination makes your taste buds happiest.

There are several ways to mix protein powder. A little creativity can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to try something new and see if you like it.

Always take into consideration what your body goals are and if what you are eating is helping you reach them.

If you want to skip this process, you might want to check out our list of best tasting protein powders.


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