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Who Are The Hottest Women Football Players?

Isaac Robertson
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Last updated: October 26, 2021

With millions of fans keeping their eyes on more than just the ball, a soccer game truly lives up to its reputation as a spectator sport - especially when it comes to women’s soccer.

Besides just winning games, these beautiful female soccer players have also won the hearts of their raving fans and proven that there’s more to them to admire than just their raw talent and skill.

Here’s our list of the top 10 hottest female footballers in the world.

Summary of the Key Findings

  • In order from #1 to #10: Alex Morgan, Lauren Sesselmann, Amy Rodrigeuz, Sydney Leroux, Natalie Vinti, Shelina Zadorsky, Laisa Andrioli, Hope Solo, Julia Simic, Christine Sinclair
  • More than just beauty and brawn, hotties like Amy Rodriguez and Alex Morgan showcase their strategic intellect on the field as university graduates.
  • Goals and assists aren't the only factor to keep track of - Shelina Zadorsky proves this with a phenomenal performance when it comes to defense.

Who’s Among Our Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players

1. Alex Morgan

Alexandra Morgan Carrasco (July 2, 1989) plays for the National Women’s Soccer League and the U.S. National Women’s Team as their co-captain. Besides being a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley,

Morgan is also an author with a number of books under her belt.

Alex Morgan is widely credited for being one of the hottest female soccer players in the world, which is why she’s #1 on our list.

She’s also racked up some very credible achievements - as the youngest footballer on the United States roster, Morgan scored against France in the semi-finals and Japan in the finals of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Morgan has also posed numerous times in various magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Time, and Vogue.[1]


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2. Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann (August 14, 1983) is an American-born Canadian soccer player who presently plays for the Santa Clarita Blue Heat.

Her previous teams include the Houston Dash and Chicago Red Stars.

As an Olympic bronze medalist and a former forward, Sesselmann has played for the Canadian team between 2011 and 2015 and the 2015 FIFA World Cup on a national level.

Presently, she is a soccer trainer who also hosts and produces various fitness programs.

Apart from Sesselmann’s success in women's professional soccer, she is also a graduate of Purdue University and film producer.

3. Amy Rodriguez

Amy Rodriguez Shilling (February 17, 1987) is an American soccer player who currently plays for the North Carolina Courage.[2]

She was also a former forward for the U.S Women’s National soccer team and was a world soccer champion in 2015.

Rodriguez began playing soccer in 2009, where she has played with FC Kansas City, the Boston Breakers, Utah Royals FC, and Philadelphia Independence.

The footballer has scored 45 goals and earned 16 assists across 146 games in her entire football career.


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4. Sydney Leroux

Sydney Rae Leroux (May 7, 1990) is a celebrated Olympic gold medalist in the National Women’s Soccer Team for Orlando Pride.

Leroux was born in Canada to an American father and a Canadian mother. The Olympic gold medal winner was a Canadian professional soccer player until 2008, when she chose to play for the U.S. Senior team.

In 2014, Leroux was traded to the Seattle Reign FC as a forward.

A few years later, in 2018, the female soccer player played in 20 matches for the Pride and scored six goals, with an equal number of goals while playing for FC Kansas City across twenty-three games.

5. Natalie Vinti

Portrait image of Natalie Vinti

Natalie Vinti Nuno (January 2, 1988) is an American soccer player and one of the hottest female football players on the football pitch.

The Mexican footballer is popular because despite being born in the U.S, she has decided to play for the Mexican national team, where she led the San Diego Toreros to an NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Championship.

As a versatile player, the Mexican beauty mainly plays center back but can also be a midfielder and a defender.

Across Nunu’s football career, she has scored six goals - all in FIFA World Cup Matches.

6. Shelina Zadorsky

Shelina Zadorsky (24 October 1992) is a professional Canadian footballer who plays as a defender for Tottenham Hotspur Women and also the Canadian National team.

Zadorsky has played in 20 matches in the last season of the FA Women’s Super League, where she racked up 1800 minutes of playtime.

On average, Zadorsky has conceded 1.95 goals for every 90 minutes she is on the pitch, with a Clean Sheet Ratio of 15%.

These figures show that Zadorsky has built a Clean Sheet in three out of twenty matches that she has appeared in - one of the highest of any player.

7. Laisa Andrioli

Portrait image of Laisa Andrioli

Laisa Andrioli (March 10, 1987) is a famous and highly talented Brazilian footballer. Many people believe that she is one of the world’s hottest female soccer players, rivaling Alex Morgan.

Judging by her numerous appearances in men’s sports magazines, Andrioli is one of the world’s sexiest female soccer players.

The soccer star is a midfielder who has represented several football clubs such as International (Porto Alegre), the Youth SC, and UCS (Caxias do Suli).

Besides just her looks, Andrioli has also earned the title ‘Champion Gaucho’ and ‘Gaucho Champion Selection,’ which is a testament to only those of the greatest skill and talent.

8. Hope Solo

Solo (July 30, 1981) was a former American soccer goalkeeper for the United States Women’s national team from 2000 to 2016. Solo is rightly considered one of the hottest female goalkeepers of all time for her looks and success in the game.

Additionally, the professional soccer player holds the American record for career Clean Sheets.

As the starting goalkeeper for most of the 2007 FIFA Women’s Cup, Solo led the U.S. national team to the soccer semifinals. Throughout the tournament, she only conceded two goals across four games, which included three consecutive shootouts.

The much-celebrated soccer champion began with 14 matches in which she had 1.35 goals on average. In these 14 matches, Solo has tallied 1,260 minutes in goal and made 81 saves.

9. Julia Simic

Simic (May 14, 1989) is a German soccer player who has played four matches in this season’s Serie A. Currently, she is retired.

Simic signed a contract in 2015 with Women’s Bundesliga champion Wolfsburg until 2017. In 2018, Simic transferred to West Ham United and would later on play soccer for Milan in 2020.

Simic has also played for the German national team and endorsed Puma, earning herself a luxurious lifestyle.

Additionally, the German footballer is widely touted as one of the hottest female football players and has posed for German playboy alongside her fellow teammates.

10. Christine Sinclair

Last on our list of the hottest female football players is Christine Sinclair.

Sinclair is a forward who mainly plays as an attacking midfielder, and is a big name in women’s football as the Portland Thorns and Canada Women’s National team captain.

Sinclair also has an impressive goal score record, with 187 goals across 304 games for Canada.

In January 2020, she set a new international goal scoring record when she scored her 184th and 185th goals against St. Kitts and Nevis during the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Championship.

The professional footballer is also an Olympic bronze medalist, has played soccer in 2003, 2007, and 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cups, and has won the “Canada Player of the Year’ award eleven times.

There’s More To Football Than Just Scoring Goals

With so much running required, playing football is one of the best ways to get toned and in shape.

As a result, it’s no wonder so many female players are revered as some of the most beautiful soccer players in the world.

Besides just drawing attention on the pitch, they’ve also found their place as fashion models and inspired millions of women everywhere.

We hope at least one of the female players you find the most attractive has made it to our list.



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